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Friday, July 11, 2014

Sontong Tutok.

The cuttlefish is beaten with a hammer to make it soft and tender. 

For Malaysian people, Ramadan is the month that has always been awaited on every year. There will be lot of food vendors lined up on every evening along the way. The food that is most often used as Berbuka or breaking the fast menu is of course the dates,syrup and cakes. However, especially for people who live in Sarawak they have their own unique food that becomes an identical of Ramadan, which is called Sotong Tutok (Hammered Cuttlefish). The food is one of the Sarawak typical snacks that are only sold during the fasting month of Ramadan.
However, for those who are not the residents of Sarawak, perhaps the name Sotong Tutok sounds strange and makes you wonder exactly what kind of food is this. Sotong Tutok is the term for dried squid snacks after being burned or grilled. In the process of making, the cuttlefish is beaten with a hammer to make it soft and tender.
The local community even said that fasting without the dish of Sotong Tutok would be tasteless. Therefore, it is not strange that almost on every house of Muslims found Sotong Tutok to make their iftar of suhoor become more complete. The restaurants and food stalls in Kuching city also make this food as one of their menus.

Sontong Tutok can be used as a side dish or snack in leisure times. This food is made of dried cuttlefish. The way of making is also very simple.The dried cuttlefish is grilled over coals or over a flame in small fire to make it not overcooked. At the roasting process, there will be a very seductive scent for anyone around it. Once cooked, the cuttlefish is then hammered on the wood until the meat flat and the fiber out intended to make it soft. If you are interested in hammering your own cuttlefish, the seller will be happy to hand over his hammer to you.

SotongTutok becomes more delicious when equipped with peanut sauce or sweet spicy sauce. Sometimes, there will be vendors who serve it with pickled cucumber. This seafood is a bit salty and savory but when smeared with peanut sauce or spicy sauce, it becomes delicious with a little sour and spicy.
The way to eat is also unique. First, the cuttlefish is dipped into the sauce, and then we absorb until the flavor of the sauce is lessening. After that, it is dipped into the sauce for the second time, and then absorbed again. This is done repeatedly. Afterwards, the cuttlefish is the eaten. Therefore, enjoying one piece of Sotong Tutok could spend a long time. Therefore, for those who claim to seafood lovers do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this Sarawak typical food when visiting into the city.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The Month Of Ramadan and Ramadan Bazaar In Sarawak.

Ramadan is the month for rebuilding our spiritual strength. It falls on the the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which all Muslims must fast during the daylight hours. Indulgence of any sort is forbidden during the fast.
"Anyone who fasts during this month with purity of belief and with expectation of a good reward (from his Creator), will have his previous sins forgiven," said Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam. "Anyone who stands in prayers during its nights with purity of belief and expectation of a reward, will have his previous sins forgiven." The rewards for good deeds are multiplied manifold during Ramadan.
In Malaysia, the Ramadhan month is observed within the muslim communities. Food Bazaars are becoming increasingly popular. Usually, the open air temporary stalls are set up in designated places. Sometimes, streets are closed for the duration of the bazaar hours which is from 4.30pm until 7.45pm. Many leaving work in the evenings will buy food home from these bazaars to break fast with their families. 
 Bazaar Ramadan in Desa Ilmu ,Kota Samarahan.
I hope every Muslim have a Blessed Ramadan,
RAMADAN KAREEM !! (noble or generous Ramadan).

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eating Sarawak : Kuching.

AirAsia, the world’s best low cost airline further enhances connectivity from East Malaysia, particularly Sarawak with the announcement of its 3x weekly direct flights from Kuching to Kota Bharu, which will commence from 22 March 2014 onwards.This new route will be AirAsia’s eighth domestic route from Kuching, and AirAsia will be the sole airline to connect Kuching directly to the East Coast of Semenanjung Malaysia.
To celebrate the announcement of this new route, AirAsia will be giving away free seats which are available for booking online at from 20th January until 2nd February 2014. Guests will only need to pay for the applicable taxes and fees from RM29 one way. The travel period for these free seats will be from the commencement of the inaugural flight on 22nd March 2014 until 31st January 2015.
I welcome tourist from KotaBahru to visit Kuching.
Kuching officially the City of Kuching is the capital and the most populous city in the states of Sarawak. The city covers an area of 431 km² and has a population about 165,642 on the north, while 159,490 on the south. If mixed, the total of the population are 325,132.
Kuching is one of the two subsets of the Kuching Proper subdistrict, the other subset being part of the Padawan municipality. Kuching Proper is one of the three subdistricts in the Kuching District, which is one of the three districts in the Kuching Division.
Sarawak  Tourist Attraction & Hotel guide HERE
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Visit Sarawak Year 2014 ..Selamat Datang ke-Sarawak.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah.

Nasi Kukus is Steamed Rice.
Ayam Goreng Berempah is Deep Fried Chicken (merinated with spices).
Yes,it is that good if only they use fragrant rice (beras wangi),Fragrant steamed rice is not too hard and not too soft ,just nice & walla !!! quite different from the usual rice that cook in rice cooker.The well marinated deep fried chicken with spices was a great combination to nasi kukus and adding cucumber with tasty sambal cili.
This street vendor selling nasi kukus ayam berempah in Desa Ilmu in Kota Samarahan open at 3pm t0 7pm every day.
This is it. A full healthy meal with meat, vege and rice. For one packet only cost me Rm5.00
 The stall started around 4PM & this is another in Desa Ilmu Kota Samarahan.
The four basic ingredients for the nasi kukus. 2 types of curry chili sauce, 1 cabbage salad and also cucumber. They manage to cut the price by operating from small stall and provide simple dishes. However, the fried chicken is very crispy and the sauce on the rice is very spicy but very nice. Come give it a try if you somewhere around Desa Ilmu commercial center in Kota Samarahan.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ramadan Bazaar 2012 @ Desa Ilmu,Kota Samarahan.

The holy month of Ramadan is upon us again and during this time, Ramadan Bazaars are set up in various locations offering buka puasa (breaking of fast) fare.The Ramadan Bazaars  start their business at 3pm. It is indeed lovely walking around, soaking up the smells and sight of local, traditional Malaysian food. I remember the previous years, I would flock to these bazaars but not this year cos I find that the food there is pretty steep and to be absolutely honest, doesn't really help with my strict running diet these days.Actually, the price of food is pretty steep everywhere, not just at these bazaars but even at your everyday 'Nasi Campur ' or fast food  stalls. And what is even worse, I believe the prices are still going to go up and up and up in the near future. Eating home cooked food these days is probably the best option.
Here some photoshot @ Pasar Ramadan Desa Ilmu.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Street vendor grilled sweet corn/Jagung Bakar.

 Jagung bakar,it's grilled , greasy and its tasty.The flavor, oh!! just right to my liking, salted and spicy--classic but still very expensive for me..Why ??? its cost me Rm4.00 just for one big size jagung bakar.
To me jagung bakar is an interesting snack, the snack that always makes me appetizing .It was noon when I photographed the vendor of jagung bakar at Desa Ilmu Commercial  area.Not many people yet but I'm not sure of people keen for this yummy and scrumptious jagung bakar, just look at the size and the prize is Rm4.00 for one grilled sweet corn..
Why not just take one bundle with 4 sweet corns at price of Rm3.00 and do it yourself (grilled) at home..It's simple anyway.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food Stall.


Indonesian food stall Serikin Border Market in Bau,Sarawak.The menu is Bakso  etc.etc..


They sell Bakso Sapi and Ayam Panggang.

This food stall in Serikin Town and talking about street food, eat it but don't be surprised if you get sick... just take a look at their facilities and I suggest you go to local coffee shop for foods and drinks.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Revisited Serikin.

I have been to Serikin a couple of time but never bother to buy things.This time I went with purpose to take pictures .


I also want to see for myself about the gossip I heard from mouth to mouth about preserved seafood such as dried shrimps,dried squids and dried salted fish is believed that this product were preserved using EMBALMING chemical to keep it long lasting.My curiosity about this gossip so I stood in front of the stall selling this product for about half half an hour.To my astonishment not a single fly or insect did infest these sea foods.


There are also merchandise for sale in Serikin that many young girls love to buy such as the item in the above photo.


The cinnamon stick and other spices & herbs that we can buy at a very low price in Serikin .

All the above picture was edited with LR3  presets that I download for free from the web.Credit to the author or creator ,Thanks.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Keripik Bandung,Pisang & Keladi.


This Keripik Ubi,Pisang & Keladi is just like sweet potatoes ........


If you want to make your own Keripik Ubi,Pisang and Keladi  it's very easy ;)

First you need to peel off the  skin then rinse the Ubi,Pisang and Keladi with clean water, cut it into thin slices, deep fry it in to hot oil until it becomes golden, drain it then sprinkle with salt.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramadan-It's not about food .

ramadan food

The food sale at Ramadan Bazaar..

P8117965 P8117973

Few hours before breaking fast..a lot of people stampede the bazaar......


The magical moment of Ramadan in Malaysia are those market stalls selling a variety of foods and some are only available during Ramadan. Seeing people of all races and religions shopping and buying these foods are images that will forever be etched in one's mind. Ramadan is also that time of the year where family members make an effort to be home for the breaking of fast and be together as a family to enjoy and share those wonderful spread. Ramadan brings the family closer. Of course eating in moderation and eating healthy foods are key to a longer, happier and prosperous family lives.However, in Malaysia, the month itself has been tainted with the extreme gluttony during the entire month of fasting. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, I don’t mean I am good Muslim then any other Muslim brother but the gluttony among most Muslims in Malaysia can be seen in the Ramadan Bazaar. A few hours before breaking fast, a lot of people will stampede the bazaar in order to buy loads of food for the breaking fast.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Malaysia-Ramadan Bazaar.

Malaysian Muslim celebrate Ramadan, towns and cities throughout Malaysia hold a Ramadan Bazaar. Each bazaar has its own distinctive flavour that comes to life after dusk with a series of stalls and vendors pedaling their wares. They are a great place for visitors to sample traditional Malay cuisine which is freshly prepared and cooked on open coals while you wait.


Stutong Ramadan Bazaar....Kuching


Kota Samarahan Remadan Bazaar-Desa Ilmu Commercial centre

P8117962 P8117955


Comes Ramadan Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to food no matter they are Muslim or non-Muslim.  In Ramadan there are plenty of temporary stalls selling food at the place gazetted by the local council for the whole month of Ramadan.  Malaysians will flock the market normally after coming back from work and it spares them the hassle of cooking their meal for breaking of fast especially for both working parents

Just see for yourself how colourful and busy the market is.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jalan TAR & Jalan Masjid India-Kuala Lumpur.


If we talk about hunting for carpet,textile,fabrics and hijab(tundung in Malay),I always talk about this street of Jalan TAR(Tuanku Abdul Rahman).In fact ,Tuanku Abdul Rahman is the name of the first Yang di-Pertua Agong(His Highness or King) of Malaysia.However there is another area near little India(or Jalan Masjid India) that you can find many textile store and fabric outlets.

P7287524 P7247370

Normally this place will be crowded when festive season are around "Hari Raya".We can see many new street vendors.For women Jalan TAR & Jalan Masjid India is a place to seek matching hijab(Tudung in Malay) and spending the whole day checking & hunting every store for the perfect colours.

P7247366  P7247388


On saturday and as expected the crowd begin for a night market(Pasar Malam) hunting and bargaining for their goods from the street vendors.



Beside many textile,clothing,carpet and fabric store I also notice there are many budget hotel around Jalan TAR and Jalan Masjid India.Most budget hotel around this district offer very competitive discount & more discount if we book online.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Local Delicacy.


Hey everyone,I'm back !!.You probably noticed that I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday.So what,the picture to-day.You want to know about the picture?'s just a seafood of clam family.This is some sort of clam or snail that requires a toothpick to dig out the meat or flesh.The flesh taste good dipped in chilli sauces.


Another local delicacy and this one they chop one end of for sucking ,then counter suck from the other end to get the flesh out.

All this perhaps belong to clams family,It's just like eating clams,mussels or stuff like that.Same texture but different size and same taste .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Cendol Pulut.


My friend told me if you go to Seremban in West Malaysia do drop by Haji Shariff's Cendol,the famous from a push cart street vendor now operate to a big and more space shop.They say Hj Shariff serves several cendol recipes such as cendol kacang,jagung,bandung and very popular cendol pulut.Back to my place Kota Samarahan (picture above),I saw this small street vendor selling cendol pulut.Cendol pulut is just a glutinous rice(pulut) with cendol and thick creamy santan,gula malaka & small ice cube.If you are in Kota Samarahan drop me a note,I'll give you a cendol pulut treat.