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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eating Sarawak : Kuching.

AirAsia, the world’s best low cost airline further enhances connectivity from East Malaysia, particularly Sarawak with the announcement of its 3x weekly direct flights from Kuching to Kota Bharu, which will commence from 22 March 2014 onwards.This new route will be AirAsia’s eighth domestic route from Kuching, and AirAsia will be the sole airline to connect Kuching directly to the East Coast of Semenanjung Malaysia.
To celebrate the announcement of this new route, AirAsia will be giving away free seats which are available for booking online at from 20th January until 2nd February 2014. Guests will only need to pay for the applicable taxes and fees from RM29 one way. The travel period for these free seats will be from the commencement of the inaugural flight on 22nd March 2014 until 31st January 2015.
I welcome tourist from KotaBahru to visit Kuching.
Kuching officially the City of Kuching is the capital and the most populous city in the states of Sarawak. The city covers an area of 431 km² and has a population about 165,642 on the north, while 159,490 on the south. If mixed, the total of the population are 325,132.
Kuching is one of the two subsets of the Kuching Proper subdistrict, the other subset being part of the Padawan municipality. Kuching Proper is one of the three subdistricts in the Kuching District, which is one of the three districts in the Kuching Division.
Sarawak  Tourist Attraction & Hotel guide HERE
Freelance Food & Travel Writer in Kuching HERE
Blogger trip to Kuching HERE

Visit Sarawak Year 2014 ..Selamat Datang ke-Sarawak.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Air Asia Kuching to Kota Bahru.

Air Asia Promo
Air Asia Berhad will introduce thrice weekly direct flight from Kuching to Kota Bahru effective March 22nd this year 2014. The introduction of  the route Kuching to Kota Bahru  in congunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and Visit Sarawak Year 2014.
Air Asia was offering FREE seat that can be book on line through their website from to-day until Feb the 2nd.
The tourist from Kota Bahru (Kelantan) who wish to visit Sarawak kindly visit this website Sarawak Tourism Board  and for those from Sarawak who wish to visit Kota Bahru  can visit this website for information Malaysia Toursim Visit Kelantan

AirAsia Bhd will introduce thrice-weekly direct flights from Kuching to Kota Baharu effective March 22 this year - See more at:

AirAsia Bhd will introduce thrice-weekly direct flights from Kuching to Kota Baharu effective March 22 this year - See more at:
AirAsia Bhd will introduce thrice-weekly direct flights from Kuching to Kota Baharu effective March 22 this year - See more at:
AirAsia Bhd will introduce thrice-weekly direct flights from Kuching to Kota Baharu effective March 22 this year - See more at:

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jungle Tracking or Jungle Trekking.

Jungle trekking in Sarawak also more commonly known as tracking; is a Scouting activity which involves following a trail laid by others.
 Photo by David Red  Bamboo bridge in Semban Village.   Photo Credit to Mr David Red.
You can read more about my jungle trekking to Semban Village .

Trip to Semban Village

photo by Awang
 Get away from the concrete jungle and take some time off to explore the lush tropical rainforest of Kuching. Discover nature at its best. Fly to Kuching from RM78 and enjoy additional service at no additional charge when you fly Malindo air. Book now at

Thursday, March 21, 2013

MASwings offers up to 70 pct off prevailing market fares in Borneo

The ‘MASwings Virtual Fair Promotion’ in support of the Matta Fair this month will offer from March 14 to March 31 this year a total of 150,000 seats with one-way all-in fares from as low as RM99.
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 Book from 14 March - 31 March for this special deal at MASwings

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Boatman or "Pak Tambang" of Kuching.

The sampans or "water taxis" have been in existence for as long as I can remember. Its primary role is to ferry people across the Sungai Sarawak. "Sungai" means river in the Malay language. Though not as romantic as the gondola of Venice (the boatman doesn't serenade) it is nevertheless a great experience to take a sampan ride and should be on the must do list of every visitor to Kuching. A "one way ticket" on the sampan cost 60 sen and it takes about 5 minutes to cross the Sungai Sarawak.
This image shoot with film camera loaded with kodak gold 200.
 The boatman or "pak tambang" starts work early in the morning and doesn't clock out until evening. The work is long and hard but the "pak tambang" takes it all in his stride and is always ready to greet his passengers with a smile. To supplement their income most of the boatmen have allowed big companies like Astro, Celcom and Digi to place advertisements on the sampan.
This image shoot with film camera loaded with film kodak gold 200.
 Almost all of the "pak tambang" are in their "twilight" years and if the younger generation don't take over from them, these icons of Kuching will disappear in the not too distant future.

This blog is a tribute to all "pak tambang". in Sarawak.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Usual Crowd on Last Day of Sunday Market in Kuching

The usual crowd of weekend shoppers thronged the  Satok Wet and Weekend Market popularly known as the Sunday market here yesterday but it was not business as usual for the traders there. “Why are there so many reporters here today? Something big going on?” I'm just a man with camera and anxious to record the end of an age.One of the petty traders  remarked to me "Its has been almost 30 years I do business here. Sad but happy because I have new place to do my usual business in the new location,there were many memories made here in the Sunday Market.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Colourful Satok Market-The Last Day.

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, is famous for its laid-back atmosphere, friendly inhabitants and historical buildings. One place you should go to in Kuching is the amazing Satok Market that offers a variety of goods on sale that will absolutely thrill you to no end.
Satok Market in Kuching, or known as Pasar Satok in the local Malay language, is at Jalan Satok. Satok Market in Kuching has long been a part of this city’s urban and social landscape for decades. A good number of Kuching residents would visit this delightful Satok Market as part of their weekend activities. The Satok Market in Kuching starts every Saturday at 2pm and goes on until Sunday noontime. The Satok Market in Kuching is not far from the town centre. You could even walk to Satok Market from the town centre or you could take a short taxi ride from the Kuching Waterfront.
It was sad indeed to-day (Sunday 30-12-2012) is the last day we shop for local product in here.I have a chance having photography walk about here this morning.I saw many photographers and perhaps they just  like me taking photo for the last day in Satok, for our record and history for our future generation .The vendor in here say 'It has been over 30  years I sell my jungle product here,very sad'....
 Notice of removal from the City Hall.

The new location for Sunday Market 'The Medan Niaga Satok'.
 The old Sunday Market Satok.
 Satok Street.
 The Satok Street.
 The Old Sunday Market.

below article written by the Star Journalist ' YU JI '
KUCHING: Tourism Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg has made an impassioned plea to traders and hawkers of Satok market for them to move to the newly-built Medan Niaga Satok, adjacent to Kubah Ria, here.
Addressing locals on Friday at the opening of the sixth annual Satok Fest — the first official use of Medan Niaga Satok — Johari acknowledged the trepidation felt by hawkers from the existing market about the relocation.
“Yes, there has been a lot of worries. In every big move, there is always fear — the fear of the unknown. People move house, they worry too. But we are going to promote this place heavily. People will come. The crowd will be here,” Johari said.

The minister was the prime mover of the Medan Niaga Satok.
He said it was he who first presented the idea to the Federal Government.
He said hawkers of the weekend market came from as far as Serian, Padawan and Lundu, and that they deserved a better business venue, where “they don’t have to sleep on the road”.
Johari said the existing site at Satok was “just a car park that does not even have enough toilets for the traders and hawkers”.
“I know the history of the market very well. It began at Market Street, just in front of Electra House, then it moved to near the Kuching Division Mosque, then to Satok.
“Each temporary place was larger than the last. The number of traders and hawkers always increased. But a car park is not supposed to be a dry or a wet market.
“There is no permanent electricity and water supply. Waste management is not good. When there are thunderstorms, it is unsafe. These traders who come from afar bring their families when they trade, so their children end up sleeping on the floor with them. These are the reasons why we need Medan Niaga Satok,” said the Satok assemblyman.
“This is the best permanent site for them. We in the Government will promote this place. Locals and tourists will come, all because this place is better.”
Medan Niaga Satok is situated on a 12.3-acre site on the north bank of the Sarawak River.
Built at a cost of over RM40mil, the market comprises five blocks, including administration, wet market, dry section, food court and open space.
The Satok market, which is a weekend market, has been at its old site along the car parks of shophouses for more than two decades.
It is a local favourite spot, which is listed in tourism guide books.
The government’s relocation of the market has been talked about since the news of the Medan Niaga was first announced.
Traders and hawkers have appeared resistant to the move.
Some have complained about small trading areas while others said the lack of parking spaces would pose a problem.
Johari told the crowd at the Satok Fest opening that what had been built to date at the area was only at its Phase One stage.
The Medan Niaga is adjacent to Kubah Ria, which is funded by the state government.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Where Is The Best Shopping Centre in Kuching City.

Kuching a city with fast in development of shopping centres,In the begining we had Electra house near the open air market in power street and very close to India street pedestrian mall.To name  a few the old player Kuching plaza,Wisma Hopoh,Tun Jugah.The new player the biggest so far is The Spring and The Boulevard.Very soon (April 2013) we have to go away from the city 'The Summer' in Kota Samarahan that is about 25 mins drive from city .
To-day we see new mall 'The Plaza Merdeka' which is just open to public few days ago. See my picture below:)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Selamat Tinggal to Satok Sunday market in Kuching.

The old Satok Market will be moving to it's new place sometime at the end of this month. Thought it would be nice to have our own records of the old market before its gone. . I love how this old style market is always full of vibrant colours!!! Definitely a characteristic soon to be miss once they move to a new and slightly modern location.* Traders at Satok are expected to move to Medan Niaga Satok, next to Kubah Ria, in Matang Road very soon. Medan Niaga Satok situated just beside the new Kubah Ria in PetraJaya. would have five main complexes.

Lets browse through this old.....vanishing Satok Sunday Market.....