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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Media Visit for Pesta Babulang (Lumba Kerbau) Limbang. Part2.

Before I write about Pesta Babulang in Batu Danau in Limbang .I thought it is better for me to insert the photograph that I shoot during our trip to Merarap Hotspring in Lawas & my experience traveling off-road journey with gravel, riverbeds, mud, rocks, and other natural terrain.Our guide and experience off road driver is Chong Teah Lim (Mr Lim) from Borneo Touch Ecotour and Encik Amirul (Paul) from Sarawak Tourism Board base in Miri.
Upon arriving Lawas, Sarawak, we drove another 15 mins to the entrance of the forest. The journey to get into this hot-spring took us another 2 hours. Partly because it was an off-road journey with gravel, riverbeds, mud, rocks, and other natural terrain as you can see from this album. One mistake you could be in disaster. Only experienced 4WD drivers dare get in (for now). Along the journey, I learned a couple off-road driving communication signs especially to oncoming trucks and 4WD. Since its deep rainforest, phone lines are yet developed. Whether you’re Maxis,Tune Talk,Celcom or whatever telco..all zero.
Actualy from Lawas to Merarap our journey started late evening after Magrib prayer and dinner & the photograph that I share here is shoot during our return trip from Merarap.We arrive quite late in the evening and almost midnight as Mr Lim could not drive faster due logging truck activity also active during the night.We arrived safely. From the entrance of the Lodge, I heard water rushing loudly. Curious me.I saw a huge muddy river with powerful water that brushes over stones. From my judgement the width of the river is at least 100ft wide. It rushes from left to right. Its already very late and we are tired so everyone say goodnight.When I woke up next day !! I see such a beautiful scenery this place is blessed with various attractions.. from diverse flora and fauna. Nevertheless, it is still largely unknown to the rest of the world, even to most people of Sarawak or Malaysia.More effort need to be made to promote this region. It's world class.. we should be proud of it..

Encik Amirul enjoy the hotspring spa.

  • Get closer to nature.
  • Enjoy the surrounding at the same time enjoy the nice cold weather.
  • Enjoy beautiful scenery along the long and winding road on a 4 wheel drive from Bakelalan to Merarap Hot Spring.
  • Take a dip in the lukewarm water in the pools.
  • A great place to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Do bring along your reading material; here you can rest and read comfortably at the common area while listening to the sound of the stream nearby. 
End of part2 & next part3: On our way back to Lawas from Merarap Hot Spring we stop by Tagang Long Lidung Eco-Tourism.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Media Visit for Pesta Babulang,Limbang .. Part 1.

So I was happy indeed when Sarawak Tourism Board  invited me as a blogger to be one of the representative of Sarawak Blogger Community for media visit for Pesta Babulang in Limbang from 6th to 9th June,2013.It;s largely to-do with Bisaya Community cultures from Limbang and Lawas in Sarawak.
So I look forward to telling you more and sharing the photograph of the event that I shoot during my trip.First of all I would like to Thanks and Thank You very much to my host Sarawak Tourism Board..
About Sarawak Tourism Board:
VISION - Making Sarawak the naturally preferred tourism destination.
MISSION- Positioning and promoting Sarawak as a safe and friendly Eco-tourism destination.
                   Be the catalyst for tourism growth.
                   Providing networking and synergy among the official gencies and tourism promotion partner.
                   Increasing awareness among Sarawakian on the benefit and importance of tourism industry.
                   Enhancing performance though motivation and teamwork.
My itinerary on the 6th June is flying to Miri by MAS and Miri to Limbang by MASwings.I reached Miri almost 3PM and Limbang almost 4:30PM.In Miri airport I meet Mr Amirul (Paul)the officer from STB Visitors Center Miri and in Limbang airport Amirul introduce me with Mr Lim from Borneo Touch Eco Tour  who arrange our trip to Merarap Hotspring Lodge in Lawas.
Merarap Hot Springs :: Lodge is in Lawas division and Mr Lim drive us all the way from Limbang airport straight to Lawas via the Malaysian border town of Limbang in Sarawak and Temburong District in Brunei.To cross the border we use ferry, the ferry services are operated by two companies on a rotation basis, each ferry has a maximum load of 10 for saloon cars and six to eight for bigger vehicles, and takes approximately five minutes to transport vehicles across the river.The bridge over Pandaruan River is scheduled for completion in August 2013 three months before the 2013 ASEAN Summit which will be hosted by Brunei.With the increase in cross-border traffic for various purposes, the bridge will facilitate connectivity, increase transport and logistics activities and create a spin-off for the both Limbang and Temburong especially in social-economic and tourism activities.
We reached Lawas town almost dark and from Lawas we heading straight for Merarap .
About Merarap Hotspring Lodge:Located on a 5-acres in Ba'kelalan Highlands, Lawas District, Limbang Division, Sarawak..its a good place to seek rest and recreation. Merarap Hot Spring Lodge is a private/family owned business..How to get to the lodge)  because its' quite remote into the jungle, you have to get-into a four wheel drive (4WD) and it takes 1 1/2 - 2 hours journey (approx 68km) from Lawas town. rm600 -max 10 person in 1 car (to & fro) - current fares.
You have to get into a 4WD .
Merarap Hot Spring Lodge.
Crossing the border...
More on part2 & will updated soon.
Thank You.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Councils to recycle used cooking oil.

WITHOUT proper handling methods, used cooking oil can contribute to environmental hazards and Sibu councils in Sarawak have come out with a brilliant solution – recycle the oil.
 Do you know what happen to your used cooking oil when you disposed it? Is it following the local authority and the Environmental Department guidelines? Does your current used cooking oil collector has a valid license from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board and endorsed by the Environment Department?If answered YES for all of the above, then Congratulations, you are playing an active role to contribute in creating a healthy and a Less Polluted Environment. You have also avoided your used cooking oil from been recycled and re-sale again as cooking oil in the market by irresponsible traders.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Engine Oil or Motor Oil..

Photo taken with Panasonic Lumix LX3 and edited with photoscape......
Talking about my small I buy her motor insurance and renew her roadtax. and she need new energy too...

What is the function of Engine Oil ?

The principal function of the engine oil lubricant is to extend the life of automotive that operates under different conditions like speed, temperature and pressure.
Sufficient lubricant in auto motives reduces friction and removes heat from the engine. At low temperature to maintain the performance of the engine, where at higher temperature to keep the engine apart to minimize engine wear. Regular oil changes have a variety of benefits: they should give your vehicle a longer life, make you engine run smoother, improve your MPG and reduce emissions. So, in the long run this should mean more money in your pocket as your car’s day to day functioning is improved and its life time is extended. It should cut the cost of servicing and maintenance. So, just by using sufficient engine oil you should make your car healthier and happier.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kuching Down Town.

This morning I took the opportunity to walk around Gambier Road in old part of Kuching City.Well,just to see what changed.I must say I decided to take some picture around this area and I figured it would be cool to have personnel pictorial record of the city's development.
"Demolish the market and make it into an explanade? I do admit having that market there does cause traffic problems,but I rely disagree in demolishing it.It is after all one of the oldest buildings there!It should be preserved as one of Kuching's historical buildings. The government really should have come up with other solutions if it's because of the traffic problem and the cleanliness.But not replace it with an esplanade! Certain rules on the "loading and unloading" as well as the traffic could be enforced"
More info if you read this blog by Angelina Chong on Wednesday,17 June in the year 2009.  

Below is the picture of to-day Gambier Road taken on Sunday,12 June in the year 2011.
 The new look of Gambier Road...not the shop houses.
 Picture taken this morning Sunday 12 June, 2011.
 Solve the cleanliness of the area but the problem still with the traffic but the road is wide enough for two cars but the driver should know that this is not a waiting area for the cars....


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making Barely RM10 a Day as a Trishaw Rider..

He almost lives hand to mouth, making barely RM10 a day as a trishaw rider in Sibu Town.While pushing his old age trishaw near to Sibu Town express boat jetty  and waiting for customers.He told me that he got an average of three customer a day and on bad days I have no passengers at all.
'Most of my customers are Senior Citizens who use my service to go home after buying daily necessities at the wet market', he added each journey was less than 3km so the fare was just a little.He reckoned that,at his age,he would not be able to handle a longer trip even if the customers wanted it.
He start work at 07:30am everyday and finish when there are no more passengers.He usually park in Channel Road,wet market and express boat jetty to wait for business.
He belived that trishaws would disappear from Sibu street soon,when he and the other rider retired,as they were all advancing in age.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fake or Look Alike iPhone


Do you guy know who is Mr Steve Jobs.

"Whether this was fake or not, the important takeaway here is that some users are genuinely frustrated with their iPhone 4 experiences and they feel jilted by Steve Jobs, who hasn’t helped the situation at all with his brief, unsatisfying responses. At this point, Jobs and Apple are really beginning to test our patience by simply telling us to “stay tuned.”."

Now let us look at the above comment from the Original iPhone user........


There are lots of fake iPhone or simply call it 99.9% look alike iPhone in China and now we can buy online in Malaysia.I have one of the device and I they look similar to Apple's iPhone.This people are probably the King of Fake iPhone producer.It look awesome and 99.9% look alike that I almost could not tell it is fake at first sight or love at first sight.


Craziest camera of the day...

This fake iPhone other than imitating the appearance of the original  the knock off makers have brought the device to the next level by including preloaded with both hardware and software that is nearly identical to the real device.

They works just like the real.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Firefly opens latest sales counter in KLIA offering lowest fares.

Background on Firefly

Firefly began its operations in 2007 and operates a fleet of seven ATR 72-500 turboprop aircraft, which in 2011 will increase to a total of 10 aircraft. It currently flies to 19 cities and operates 24 routes within Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Firefly recently announced the next chapter of its growth with the introduction of its jet aircraft operations with a new fleet of Boeing 737-800 which will operate from the Main Terminal Building of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) starting Jan 2011.

Firefly won the “2010 Frost & Sullivan Value Airline of the Year” award and recently the “Green Initiative of the Year 2010” award by Leaders in Aviation Award in conjunction with the Doha Aviation Summit 2010.

Firefly is found to be the first company in Malaysia and the second airline in the world to have a page on Foursquare, the location-based social network that enables travellers to discover useful travel tips near their airports or destinations. For more interesting facts and tips, visit to meet up with friends, discover new places and unlock rewards as you travel. Firefly also connects with the community via Facebook, Twitter & Blog.


Firefly's first customer at its Airport Ticketing Office in KLIA.From Left:Angelina Corrina Fernandez,Firefly head or Marketing & Communications and Pn.Hamidah. To-day  04/01/2010.

Sepang: Firefly, Your Community Airline, unveiled its latest airport ticketing counter at the Main Terminal Building of KL International Airport to better serve and offer greater convenience to passengers.

To celebrate the occasion, Dato’ Eddy Leong performed a symbolic flag-raising to mark Firefly’s presence in KLIA and this was witnessed by Dato’ Azmi Murad, Senior General Manager, Operations Services of Malaysia Airports.

According to Firefly’s Managing Director, Dato’ Eddy Leong, opening a ticketing counter at KLIA was a natural progression from the decision to base its new Boeing 737-800 operations at the award-winning airport. “Firefly’s operations in KLIA will focus on offering unbeatable value at lowest fares. We will beat our competitors hands down with our low fares.

“This is made possible with our decision to use the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, with a capacity of 189 seats, which has allowed us to achieve one of the lowest cost of available seat per kilometre (CASK) among our competitors. We also have the advantage of leveraging on our parent company Malaysia Airlines’ infrastructure such as maintenance engineers and ground handling operations to keep costs low.

“The value passengers get in return besides low fares is also a pleasant experience and comforts such as aerobridge services and the convenience of an Express Rail Service – that we’re offering these benefits at fares as low as ours is indicative of our commitment to deliver value to our passengers. You don’t have to cross the tarmac under the hot sun to board our planes.”

Firefly will begin its operations on January 15, 2011 from the Main Terminal Building of KLIA to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu twice daily, and from January 24, 2011, four times daily and three times daily respectively. One of the key features of the B737-800 operations is that passengers can enjoy even greater savings with the Standard and Premium sets of services that let passengers buy several add-on services at low prices.

For example, the Standard set comprises an in-flight-meal, bottle of mineral water, 15+5kg of checked baggage allowance and Preferred Seat selection, and costs RM38 only, which is 40 percent lower than if the add-on services were bought individually.

Dato’ Azmi Murad said: “Malaysia Airports is pleased with Firefly’s decision to base its Jets operations at the Main Terminal Building, KLIA which will contribute to the growth of KLIA as a transit hub and enhance the connectivity offered. We look forward to working with Firefly to further improve the passenger traffic and bring in more tourists as it’s one of the key drivers of the Malaysian economy.”



Located within the departure hall, opposite Check-in Island C to D, Firefly’s new airport ticketing counter opens from 8.30am to 5.30pm and, sells tickets to all Firefly routes, add-on products such as in-flight meals, check-in baggage allowances and Standard and Premium sets of services. The opening hours will be revised to 5.30am to 10pm from 15 January 2011 onwards.

To date, Firefly has 21 airport ticketing offices and projects to open another six airport ticketing offices in 2011. The latest all-in fare promotion for the East Malaysian routes is RM59 one way for the travel period of 17 January to 15 May, 2011. Booking period will end on 16 January, 2011.

For more information visit Firfly's  online booking:Firefly Airline


Monday, December 6, 2010

Spontaneous Street Walk.

Came late Monday afternoon, my hand was itching so badly for shutter therapy session I decided to grab the camera bag and attack the streets just before sunset. Made it home from work rather early, I sped off to Petaling Street in the city, just in time to catch the dying lights. Unfortunately, it was raining rather heavily when I arrived, but that did not stop my determination to come home with enough pictures to make myself smile. I just need to be on the streets, and shoot purely for myself. Oh no, is this what we call, an obsession? Or an addiction? say Robin Wong.

Oh my goodness ..this guy really motivated me to do street photography but of course I can't be like him,this guy  simply the best.Read what he say (Above statement).Want to know him and visit his blog kindly go to his site and I'm sure those who is crazy about street attack will not regret .His name is Robin Wong so click

Yesterday (Sunday) late afternoon I grab my entry level E-620 and go to the street.My shooting target is the old parts of Kuching City.Like Robin say "shot purely for myself "...yeah,that what I'm trying to do but to be honest I'm just an old guy who shot just like the tourist or carry DSLR but more on P & S style.Haha,,that my style .Again Robin say "to come home with enough picture to make myself smile" .Well , I liked it.

My version of street attack with my Olympus E-620  and Lens Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5.


This is my target India,court house and carpenter Street.


I did not photograph much on Carpenter Street, just this lonely red postal box .


I have a chance to speak with this gentleman,he is a hired van operator .I ask him,are you reading about our petrol & sugar new price in Malaysia ?

Wow !!!! this guy really count every single cents he spend.

"My car tank is 52 litter.Previously when petrol price was RM1.85 x 52 litter = RM96.20, now after increasing I  can get only RM1.90 x 52 litters = RM98.8. It only different by RM2.60". What do you think about the differences of RM2.60? Does sugar price affects you too? ..........



Most shoppers who do shopping around the Indian Street Mall are from middle to low income group .I meet Bujang he work as street cleaner around this area.He remark"I’m one of the small salaries workers in Malaysia. For the past 4 years our monthly expenses just for food raise 3 times. That means 300%.What kind of government that raised our expenses but failed to offer a rewards for the small salaries group?


And so are most people around me, so it doesn't really matter what I do.I smile to strangers and say hello.Every one seem happy to-day including the 'Tukang Gigi'  or shall I call it 'False teeth maker' not Dentist....he smile 24 hours .


Do you know how much money this street medicine-man collect from the public to-day? I saw they give him Rm10.00 for every small packed of medicine he sold.I saw him doing few trick by drinking so call poison water being prepared by himself .Actually I wanted to photograph him while he perform the trick or magic but I have to be caution other wise instead of I attack the street  for picture he attack me.I advise the people after enjoying watching his trick 'Don't do this at home".


To-day is a beautiful day but I cannot see it....being thoroughly entertained by blind musician this little boy put some token in a cash box.


Playing with billboards......
Another great classic of street photography is to compose with the giant billboards used for advertising to create unique pictures, micro comedies or dramas. Very often, the desired effect is obtained when a billboard either presents a feature that supports a character action, or, on the contrary, presents an element totally opposing it. In some cases, a scale effect between a character and the picture displayed in a background creates a fantastic impact on the viewer.
The easiest approach is to find a great poster having a high photogenic potential (pictorial, funny, or dramatic), and to wait before it. Then to patiently watch the moment when an a typical person comes and pass-by or make an action before the billboard. It requires a lot of luck but also a lot of time and patience, and the result is not guaranteed. Also you can lose precious time waiting that could be dedicated to other better catches.


So the most rewarding experience remains the typical street photographer approach : capturing this very fortuitous moment resulting from a combination of three major elements: 1) A billboard with a high potential, 2) a subject in complete match (or mismatch) with this billboard, and 3) the presence of a street photographer at this precise moment to observe the scene and freeze this moment, that will never happen a again.

I wanted to try playing with billboard but no many billboard here in old part of Kuching City . And again I need more practice ,practice and practice in street photography.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

128-year-old prison in Kuching.


The little steel door leading into the prison or out to freedom.“This old central prison was constructed way back in 1882. While the state government sings along making Kuching a heritage city, many old structures are being demolished and soon this 1882 building will be demolish .


Built in 1882, the main prison building used to be 1st Rajah James Brooke's rest house before it became the city's first hospital.Old Kuching prison is even older than Pudu Prison in Kuala Lumpur.


The building, which only became a prison after the World War 2, was the site for the execution of Sarawak's first freedom fighter, Rosli Dhobi, 60 years ago.

Surrounded by sharp barbed wire and two-layer fencing, the 128-year-old prison on a small hilltop stood proudly overlooking the city’s busy streets and other structures built long after its time.


Door leading to women jail house...



Added to this, having been vacant since two years back, the prison is now covered with overgrown vegetation and has become a breeding ground for snakes, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies.


Prisoner workshops carpentry & hand craft .......Prisoners are more  disciplined they  left behind beautiful work of art.


The jail officer just leave behind the shoes and Malaysia national flag..they should learn to respect the National flag.

The local politician say:

KUCHING: The old Kuching Central Prison should be preserved instead of being demolished, asserted Padungan assemblyman Dominique Ng. HISTORICAL VALUE: The state government is called to retain the Kuching Central Prison as a prison museum. He wondered why the authorities concerned did not preserve the site and worse still, started taking down the building.

I photographed this picture this evening (03:00pm 30/11/2010 Tuesday).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hidden History@ Indian Mosque Lane in Kuching.


The India Street derives its name from the fact that it has always been a street occupied by the Indian Shops. Most of the Indians are from the southern and northern India. At first, it was called as the Kling Street in the 1850’s, but the Third White Rajah of Sarawak, Sir Charles Vyner Brooke changed the name to India Street in 1928.
In 1992, the street was closed to vehicular traffic and converted into a pedestrian mall.




A small passageway (locally known as “Lorong Sempit”) that connects India Street Pedestrian Mall and Gambier Road.  A popular short-cut for shoppers who patronized the area. Built originally as the access to the Indian Mosque located between the Mall and Gambier Road. The doors and steps which marked the beginning of the passageway from the Mall side have been restored in their original state since early seventies.


Indian Mosque Lane is a narrow passageway locally known as "Lorong Sempit".This small lane lead to Gambier Road.The lane is so narrow that at section only one person can walk pass at anytime.



If you follow this passageway you'll pass a small Mosque hidden away in the middle of the city. The Mosque's structure has undergone many changes since it was originally built by Kuching's Indian Muslim community in the mid 19th century.


Outside view of Indian Mosque.


Photo Above - Masjid Bandar Kuching ( Masjid India - The Indian Mosque) is the oldest in Sarawak


The time for prayers is marked by the sounding of a drum, known locally as the ‘bedok’.(Photo Above) That drum has been in use for 50 over years.

The hidden history of Indian Mosque in Kuching.

Inconspicuously sandwiched between India Street Mall and Gambir Street,  the mosque covered an area of 16,004 square feet.

The mosque was built in 1837 by Indian Muslims from southern India. The originally walls and roof was made of nipah palms. In 1876, belian wood planks replaced the nipah palms walls. The name was changed to Masjid Bandar Kuching in the 1960’s from its original name Masjid India (Masjid Tambi).
Other than the Indian Muslim community, at that time when there was no road transportation yet, the

Malay Muslims from the costal villages also come to the mosque to pray and rest when they come to trade in the city.

In those days when there were no roads to the costal, the villagers travel by boats and would berth their sampans by the river beside Gambir Street wet market  and visit the mosque for prayers. Sometimes, they lodged in the mosque before returning to their villages. To this day, Masjid India provides shelter to tired travellers.

The time for prayers is marked by the sounding of a drum, known locally as the ‘bedok’. That drum has been in use for 50 over years.
Being in the heart of the city, it is a convenient place of worship for Muslims working in the area and shoppers  On a Fridays, the congregation could swells to over 1,000 while on ordinary weekdays some 400 gather for prayers.

The mosque also started the first religious school in Sarawak back in 1940’s. The Madrasah Islamiah remains in operation.

A committee Lembaga Amanah Khairat administrates the Masjid India, and whatever funds collected will be used to maintain the mosque. Funds for maintaining the mosque come from rent collected from 23 neighbouring shops owned mainly by Indian Muslims who sold groceries, spices, cloth and books. Two Chinese shopkeepers also operate their businesses in the area. These family businesses have been handed down through the generations.