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Saturday, August 13, 2011

RapitKL Rabbit Card.

RECENTLY, RapidKL came up with a new card called Kad Rabbit. When you enter the bus, you have to touch the card on a screen once, and again when you alight.During my recent trip to KL I  enter this  RapidKL bus service from KLCC to Bukit Bintang. The driver (women driver)  ask me to purchase a 'Kad Rabbit' from the machine near to her driving seat.
 Please slot in Rm5.00 to this machine and the rabbit card is yours..
Why must I be forced to buy the card at a minimum price of RM5 even though I will be using this bus only once? The bus driver gave me two options either a card for MYR5 with MYR3 value or MYR10 with MYR8 value. Basically its MYR2 for the card.
RECENTLY, RapidKL came up with a new card called Kad Rabbit. When you enter the bus, you have to touch the card on a screen once, and again when you alight. Even though this system is meant to make things easier for passengers, there are some issues that Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd should look into.This card is supposed to be used on all buses, trains, at parking lots, fast-food outlets, dining establishments and even movie outlets. But it can't be used at toll gates.

If we are talking about interoperability and standardising the technology and mechanism for easier operation, the card should be usable at toll gates as well.
Why do commuters have to buy a different Touch 'n Go card for the toll gates?
Another issue is that buses will not accept exact change any more. So, if you don't have this card, you will not be able to board the bus. Is this fair for commuters who are not well informed?
If RapidKL is trying to make things easier, there should be more promotions and awareness campaigns on this Kad Rabbit.What if a senior citizen or a disabled person who does not have a Kad Rabbit wants to board a bus?
What if the commuter is taking the bus only once for the day?Why must they be forced to buy the card at a minimum price of RM5 even though they will be travelling only once?

Let us say the cost of two-way travel is RM4. If your card has only RM4.30, you would not be able to use the card as you would need to have a minimum of RM5 to travel. This is based on a complaint received by the National Consumer Complaints Centre from a commuter.The managements of some fast- food outlets, dining establishments and cineplexes do not even know this card exists. So, how can consumers use it when these places are not prepared for it?RapidKL bus drivers should also be more considerate when handling passengers who are not aware of the card. They should explain the situation and not shout at them. Some drivers get annoyed and do not let the commuters board the bus. It would be good if commuters were given the choice of using cash or the card.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greatest Ramadhan Bazaar.

Indian Muslim Mosque in Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Masjid India (or Indian Mosque Street in English) is one of the oldest streets in the city, named after the Masjid India mosque beside the street. The mosque is about 140 years old, built in 1870 for the Indian Muslim population that originally lived there.
Ramadhan Bazaar @ Masjid India Street Kuala Lumpur. 
Jalan Masjid India has a reputation of being a shopping haven since a century ago and is still going strong today. The official site at describes it as a shopping paradise for locals and foreigners alike and it is well known for both wholesale and retail shopping and famous among locals as well as foreigners for shopping, food and discovering the real Malaysia.
locals as well as foreigners for shopping, 
Despite being busy during normal times, the street really comes to life during the Ramadhan (Islamic month of fasting) season, where it will play host to an exciting and happening Ramadan Bazaar every year.
Police and Local City Hall Officers monitor the traffic @ Ramadhan Bazaar.
   Stall selling food to cater to the fasting Muslims@Ramdhan Bazaar.
An innumerable number of traders (mainly selling food to cater to the fasting Muslims) will set up their stalls on the street. Together, they turn Jalan Masjid India into one of the biggest and most colourfull Ramadan Bazaar in Malaysia-stretching all the way from the Masjid India Mosque till the end of the street or in every back lane of the street.
Another part of Ramadhan Bazaar @ Jalan Masjid India KL.
Other than food, visitors can easily find Hari Raya-related goods such as textiles, clothes,  Raya decoration and cake/cookies in the bazaar, aimed at those celebrating Hari Raya  which happens at the end of the Ramadhan fasting period 31 August 2011.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kuala Lumpur-Graffiti in the city.

When commuting in the city, be it using fast train or car or bus, I usually gonna look out the window and observing the surroundings. The buildings, the towers, the houses, the shop, the people walking at the pedestrian, the color of the buildings, the signboard, and many more. Reminds me of how life is so colorful. When I was in Kuala Lumpur, I came across many GRAFFITI on the wall and the side of the building and backlane. I think it’s safe to call it as graffiti? The text telling us message of good and bad...
Graffiti. Is it art or is just vandalism? Perhaps by now, after numerous articles in the popular media have posed this question some answers need to be provided. Even better, a realisation that this is actually the wrong question to ask. A more interesting one could be to consider whether or not graffiti is strong enough as an art form to function within mainstream contemporary art. Or is its recognition and respect only to be found within its own alternative sub culture?
The graffiti of these neighborhoods has emerged as form of expression,  a form of storytelling that is the inner city’s way of expressing the social conditions that exist

Graffiti unmasks the social stratification and the divide between rich and poor within a city

This is a common phenomenon, when people of the upper and middle class see graffiti they typically react negatively and deem that area of town where the graffiti is prevalent to be sub par and derelict.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow in my country.


Believe me you can find snow all over the country in Sarawak.I am referring to the car wash centre and a road side car wash and often have a signboard or banner which says "SNOW WASH".Those foam they used to wash cars really look like snow.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shopping Mall in Kota Samarahan.


We have SPRING about 2 years ago in Kuching .'The Spring Shopping Mall'.(open two years ago)


It summer in the year 2012 in Kota  Samarahan. 'The Summer Shopping Mall' expected to complete in year 2012.


This little wooden white house in Kota Samarahan and very soon it will become the super hyper mall.Perhaps the owner become rich too, incase the present landlord have sold the land to the VVIP,VIP's and the Politician i am sure they are making tons of monies .


I am staying about 500 meter from this place.The booming of Samarahan District would greatly enhance the economy activity here .

P1099950 P1099947 

The Summer Shopping Mall will be a three-story commercial building and schedule to be open by 2012 and hopefully its will provide job-opportunities for the surrounding communities and also will boost the value of properties nearby.

Olympus E-620, lens Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5  & presetting pop art.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Season Greeting- Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas,Happy New Year & Happy Holiday.......

PC259796 PC259846

Last night after sending off my daughter to the airport and on my way home I detour my way to the spring shopping mall.There is a Christmas celebration of countdown concert and fireworks display.I know the parking was congested at the mall.

So it is best for me to park my car to the place about 500 meter from the mall and the crossing bridge near to the Federal complex is my view point.



Taking  a picture of fireworks display is not as easy as it seems.Last night playing safe I prefer set my DSLR to scene mode 'fireworks'.

I'm still an amateur and of course intermediate to PRO is concerned with many other various aspects such as focus and lighting ...

Merry Christmas..everyone & Happy Holiday.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Cheer at Firefly's new airport ticketing office in Kuching.


In the spirit of Christmas,FIREFLY AIRLINE and in conjunction with the launching of the new airport ticketing office in Kuching had its Christmas treat event with Rumah Kanak-kanak Kuching at Firefly ATO level3,Departure Hall Kuching International Airport.Being a blogger and freelance photojournalist I am very glad that i was invited to join the event.


PC219681 PC219682

Press Release.

In the spirit of Christmas,Firefly's ,Your Community Airline invited 30 children from Rumah Kanak-Kanak for a Christmas treat with Santa Claus held in conjunction with the opening of its Airport Ticketing Office(ATO) at Kuching International Airport today.

The Children arrived with full of excitement and joy for the event,They were greeted by Santa Claus and Firefly's Station Manager of Kuching,who then handed out Christmas presents from Firefly Sdn Bhd and also personal contribution of its staff.The atmosphere at the Firefly's ATO was cheerful and joyous.The children were then tucked into a festival lunch.

Firefly's Head of Marketing & Communication,Ms Angelina Corrina Fernandez said,'Firefly,being a Community Airline believes that it is our duty to serve the Community in Kuching,hence the physical ticketing facility at the airport.We believe that it will further enhance travelling opportunity and simultaneously would further generate encouraging rate of sales and recognition of our route Kuching route.This is to serve both,the local community as well as international travellers on business or leisure".

The presence of ticketing office in Sarawak and Sabah is integral to Firefly's aim to better serve its East Malaysia customers,especially those who do not have access to stable internet connection or,posses a credit or debit card.

Conveniently situated just within the doors of the departure hall,the airport ticketing office spots firefly's bright cheery corporate colours.In addition to selling tickets,merchandise and add-on products and services such as in-flight meals or Standard and Premium set of services,friendly and efficient Firefly staff are also ready to help passengers change their flight details,re-print flight itineraries and answer queries on our route ,frequencies,service and destinations.

Firefly will begin its operation on January 15,2011 from the main Terminal Building of KLIA to KUCHING and KOTA KINABALU twice daily,and from January 24,2011,four times daily and three times daily respectively.The latest all-in fare promotion is RM59 one way for travel period of 5 January to 31 March,2011.Booking period will end on 31December,2010.

To reach Firefly's airport ticketing office in Kuching call +6 082 463055 or visit for booking or ticket detail.




The Children were happy to see and meet the special appearance of Firefly Airline Santa Claus.


Note: The kid identity have been concealed in the interest of privacy.

Santa ,The Station Manager and staff of firefly airline  giving out Christmas gift to children from Rumah Kanak-kanak (Children Home).

PC219688 PC219689

The Firefly Airline staff and the Santa Claus bring hope to the Children of Rumah Kanak-Kanak Kuching.

Thank You firefly airline for not only invitation but also many great opportunity for me to write about firefly through out the coming year 2011.We also have mini press conference (Q&A) lunch with Children,Firefly Airline Staff & Santa.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fast Food Chain......


Fast food chains are growing in Desa Ilmu commercial centre ,  the place that just few kilo meter from my house.


My Chicken Restaurant @ Desa Ilmu Kota Samarahan.
Recently open just a walking distance from Pizza Hut & KFC and it is kind of fast food,beverage and places for children birthday party.Free WIFI too,it is great place to have a drink and surfing WIFI for the residents in Desa Ilmu housing .


The service staff are very happy to be photographed .Bigger,tastier and cheaper...yeah!!!! I'm yet to try the food  here .Well, you know its variety of chickens.

According to the staff here the ayam restaurant already obtain its Halal certificate..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Spontaneous Street Walk.

Came late Monday afternoon, my hand was itching so badly for shutter therapy session I decided to grab the camera bag and attack the streets just before sunset. Made it home from work rather early, I sped off to Petaling Street in the city, just in time to catch the dying lights. Unfortunately, it was raining rather heavily when I arrived, but that did not stop my determination to come home with enough pictures to make myself smile. I just need to be on the streets, and shoot purely for myself. Oh no, is this what we call, an obsession? Or an addiction? say Robin Wong.

Oh my goodness ..this guy really motivated me to do street photography but of course I can't be like him,this guy  simply the best.Read what he say (Above statement).Want to know him and visit his blog kindly go to his site and I'm sure those who is crazy about street attack will not regret .His name is Robin Wong so click

Yesterday (Sunday) late afternoon I grab my entry level E-620 and go to the street.My shooting target is the old parts of Kuching City.Like Robin say "shot purely for myself "...yeah,that what I'm trying to do but to be honest I'm just an old guy who shot just like the tourist or carry DSLR but more on P & S style.Haha,,that my style .Again Robin say "to come home with enough picture to make myself smile" .Well , I liked it.

My version of street attack with my Olympus E-620  and Lens Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5.


This is my target India,court house and carpenter Street.


I did not photograph much on Carpenter Street, just this lonely red postal box .


I have a chance to speak with this gentleman,he is a hired van operator .I ask him,are you reading about our petrol & sugar new price in Malaysia ?

Wow !!!! this guy really count every single cents he spend.

"My car tank is 52 litter.Previously when petrol price was RM1.85 x 52 litter = RM96.20, now after increasing I  can get only RM1.90 x 52 litters = RM98.8. It only different by RM2.60". What do you think about the differences of RM2.60? Does sugar price affects you too? ..........



Most shoppers who do shopping around the Indian Street Mall are from middle to low income group .I meet Bujang he work as street cleaner around this area.He remark"I’m one of the small salaries workers in Malaysia. For the past 4 years our monthly expenses just for food raise 3 times. That means 300%.What kind of government that raised our expenses but failed to offer a rewards for the small salaries group?


And so are most people around me, so it doesn't really matter what I do.I smile to strangers and say hello.Every one seem happy to-day including the 'Tukang Gigi'  or shall I call it 'False teeth maker' not Dentist....he smile 24 hours .


Do you know how much money this street medicine-man collect from the public to-day? I saw they give him Rm10.00 for every small packed of medicine he sold.I saw him doing few trick by drinking so call poison water being prepared by himself .Actually I wanted to photograph him while he perform the trick or magic but I have to be caution other wise instead of I attack the street  for picture he attack me.I advise the people after enjoying watching his trick 'Don't do this at home".


To-day is a beautiful day but I cannot see it....being thoroughly entertained by blind musician this little boy put some token in a cash box.


Playing with billboards......
Another great classic of street photography is to compose with the giant billboards used for advertising to create unique pictures, micro comedies or dramas. Very often, the desired effect is obtained when a billboard either presents a feature that supports a character action, or, on the contrary, presents an element totally opposing it. In some cases, a scale effect between a character and the picture displayed in a background creates a fantastic impact on the viewer.
The easiest approach is to find a great poster having a high photogenic potential (pictorial, funny, or dramatic), and to wait before it. Then to patiently watch the moment when an a typical person comes and pass-by or make an action before the billboard. It requires a lot of luck but also a lot of time and patience, and the result is not guaranteed. Also you can lose precious time waiting that could be dedicated to other better catches.


So the most rewarding experience remains the typical street photographer approach : capturing this very fortuitous moment resulting from a combination of three major elements: 1) A billboard with a high potential, 2) a subject in complete match (or mismatch) with this billboard, and 3) the presence of a street photographer at this precise moment to observe the scene and freeze this moment, that will never happen a again.

I wanted to try playing with billboard but no many billboard here in old part of Kuching City . And again I need more practice ,practice and practice in street photography.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

128-year-old prison in Kuching.


The little steel door leading into the prison or out to freedom.“This old central prison was constructed way back in 1882. While the state government sings along making Kuching a heritage city, many old structures are being demolished and soon this 1882 building will be demolish .


Built in 1882, the main prison building used to be 1st Rajah James Brooke's rest house before it became the city's first hospital.Old Kuching prison is even older than Pudu Prison in Kuala Lumpur.


The building, which only became a prison after the World War 2, was the site for the execution of Sarawak's first freedom fighter, Rosli Dhobi, 60 years ago.

Surrounded by sharp barbed wire and two-layer fencing, the 128-year-old prison on a small hilltop stood proudly overlooking the city’s busy streets and other structures built long after its time.


Door leading to women jail house...



Added to this, having been vacant since two years back, the prison is now covered with overgrown vegetation and has become a breeding ground for snakes, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies.


Prisoner workshops carpentry & hand craft .......Prisoners are more  disciplined they  left behind beautiful work of art.


The jail officer just leave behind the shoes and Malaysia national flag..they should learn to respect the National flag.

The local politician say:

KUCHING: The old Kuching Central Prison should be preserved instead of being demolished, asserted Padungan assemblyman Dominique Ng. HISTORICAL VALUE: The state government is called to retain the Kuching Central Prison as a prison museum. He wondered why the authorities concerned did not preserve the site and worse still, started taking down the building.

I photographed this picture this evening (03:00pm 30/11/2010 Tuesday).

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hidden History@ Indian Mosque Lane in Kuching.


The India Street derives its name from the fact that it has always been a street occupied by the Indian Shops. Most of the Indians are from the southern and northern India. At first, it was called as the Kling Street in the 1850’s, but the Third White Rajah of Sarawak, Sir Charles Vyner Brooke changed the name to India Street in 1928.
In 1992, the street was closed to vehicular traffic and converted into a pedestrian mall.




A small passageway (locally known as “Lorong Sempit”) that connects India Street Pedestrian Mall and Gambier Road.  A popular short-cut for shoppers who patronized the area. Built originally as the access to the Indian Mosque located between the Mall and Gambier Road. The doors and steps which marked the beginning of the passageway from the Mall side have been restored in their original state since early seventies.


Indian Mosque Lane is a narrow passageway locally known as "Lorong Sempit".This small lane lead to Gambier Road.The lane is so narrow that at section only one person can walk pass at anytime.



If you follow this passageway you'll pass a small Mosque hidden away in the middle of the city. The Mosque's structure has undergone many changes since it was originally built by Kuching's Indian Muslim community in the mid 19th century.


Outside view of Indian Mosque.


Photo Above - Masjid Bandar Kuching ( Masjid India - The Indian Mosque) is the oldest in Sarawak


The time for prayers is marked by the sounding of a drum, known locally as the ‘bedok’.(Photo Above) That drum has been in use for 50 over years.

The hidden history of Indian Mosque in Kuching.

Inconspicuously sandwiched between India Street Mall and Gambir Street,  the mosque covered an area of 16,004 square feet.

The mosque was built in 1837 by Indian Muslims from southern India. The originally walls and roof was made of nipah palms. In 1876, belian wood planks replaced the nipah palms walls. The name was changed to Masjid Bandar Kuching in the 1960’s from its original name Masjid India (Masjid Tambi).
Other than the Indian Muslim community, at that time when there was no road transportation yet, the

Malay Muslims from the costal villages also come to the mosque to pray and rest when they come to trade in the city.

In those days when there were no roads to the costal, the villagers travel by boats and would berth their sampans by the river beside Gambir Street wet market  and visit the mosque for prayers. Sometimes, they lodged in the mosque before returning to their villages. To this day, Masjid India provides shelter to tired travellers.

The time for prayers is marked by the sounding of a drum, known locally as the ‘bedok’. That drum has been in use for 50 over years.
Being in the heart of the city, it is a convenient place of worship for Muslims working in the area and shoppers  On a Fridays, the congregation could swells to over 1,000 while on ordinary weekdays some 400 gather for prayers.

The mosque also started the first religious school in Sarawak back in 1940’s. The Madrasah Islamiah remains in operation.

A committee Lembaga Amanah Khairat administrates the Masjid India, and whatever funds collected will be used to maintain the mosque. Funds for maintaining the mosque come from rent collected from 23 neighbouring shops owned mainly by Indian Muslims who sold groceries, spices, cloth and books. Two Chinese shopkeepers also operate their businesses in the area. These family businesses have been handed down through the generations.