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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Street vendor grilled sweet corn/Jagung Bakar.

 Jagung bakar,it's grilled , greasy and its tasty.The flavor, oh!! just right to my liking, salted and spicy--classic but still very expensive for me..Why ??? its cost me Rm4.00 just for one big size jagung bakar.
To me jagung bakar is an interesting snack, the snack that always makes me appetizing .It was noon when I photographed the vendor of jagung bakar at Desa Ilmu Commercial  area.Not many people yet but I'm not sure of people keen for this yummy and scrumptious jagung bakar, just look at the size and the prize is Rm4.00 for one grilled sweet corn..
Why not just take one bundle with 4 sweet corns at price of Rm3.00 and do it yourself (grilled) at home..It's simple anyway.


Mrs.MyGaman BorNeo said...

RM4.00 for one grilled @_@ mahal juga.

AWANG said...

Mrs.MyGaman> pasal itu lah aku tak jadi beli..tak tau pulak dia mungkin charge aku pasal ambik gambar hehe..
Bagus kita beli yg bundle..dan bakar sendirik di rumah..senang bah itu.

llandudnopictures said...

Street food is always the best food, at least if you're on vacation and can't make it at home!