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Monday, October 11, 2010

Revisited Serikin.

I have been to Serikin a couple of time but never bother to buy things.This time I went with purpose to take pictures .


I also want to see for myself about the gossip I heard from mouth to mouth about preserved seafood such as dried shrimps,dried squids and dried salted fish is believed that this product were preserved using EMBALMING chemical to keep it long lasting.My curiosity about this gossip so I stood in front of the stall selling this product for about half half an hour.To my astonishment not a single fly or insect did infest these sea foods.


There are also merchandise for sale in Serikin that many young girls love to buy such as the item in the above photo.


The cinnamon stick and other spices & herbs that we can buy at a very low price in Serikin .

All the above picture was edited with LR3  presets that I download for free from the web.Credit to the author or creator ,Thanks.


Pak Zawi said...

I have been to Serikin twice and would love to go again given the chance. Top of my list to buy is the lesong kayu made of berlian wood to pond on my sambal cili padi. I didn't buy it at the previous visit as it was too heavy and I already have an excess baggage to carry.
Another great buy would be the wild orchid species being sold along the way to Serikin.

wa kaljis said...

salam... gambar2 ktk sungguh unik.. reya lekak raya kmk ada juak pegi sia.. raya ke brapa kmk sik ingat tp gambar2 kmk sik kedak ktk.. best dan perspektif yg unik :)

AWANG said...

Salam Kaljis,
Terima kasih,,,wah!!! bukan main lagik pujiaan ya,unik hahaha.Gambar you apa kurang nya dan sebenar nya saya tuk diam-diam belajar dari gambar you di flickr,Thanks again.

Salam Pak Zawi,
All those item like lesong kayu,wild orchid is still onsale here.The business activity in Serikin is booming.Next trip just contact me I'm glad to be yr local guide hehe..
Don't worry about excess bagggage.
KIA provide door to door excess bag at Rm5.50 per kg & min 10kg.
The rate here is KCH to West Malaysia.