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Friday, July 11, 2014

Sontong Tutok.

The cuttlefish is beaten with a hammer to make it soft and tender. 

For Malaysian people, Ramadan is the month that has always been awaited on every year. There will be lot of food vendors lined up on every evening along the way. The food that is most often used as Berbuka or breaking the fast menu is of course the dates,syrup and cakes. However, especially for people who live in Sarawak they have their own unique food that becomes an identical of Ramadan, which is called Sotong Tutok (Hammered Cuttlefish). The food is one of the Sarawak typical snacks that are only sold during the fasting month of Ramadan.
However, for those who are not the residents of Sarawak, perhaps the name Sotong Tutok sounds strange and makes you wonder exactly what kind of food is this. Sotong Tutok is the term for dried squid snacks after being burned or grilled. In the process of making, the cuttlefish is beaten with a hammer to make it soft and tender.
The local community even said that fasting without the dish of Sotong Tutok would be tasteless. Therefore, it is not strange that almost on every house of Muslims found Sotong Tutok to make their iftar of suhoor become more complete. The restaurants and food stalls in Kuching city also make this food as one of their menus.

Sontong Tutok can be used as a side dish or snack in leisure times. This food is made of dried cuttlefish. The way of making is also very simple.The dried cuttlefish is grilled over coals or over a flame in small fire to make it not overcooked. At the roasting process, there will be a very seductive scent for anyone around it. Once cooked, the cuttlefish is then hammered on the wood until the meat flat and the fiber out intended to make it soft. If you are interested in hammering your own cuttlefish, the seller will be happy to hand over his hammer to you.

SotongTutok becomes more delicious when equipped with peanut sauce or sweet spicy sauce. Sometimes, there will be vendors who serve it with pickled cucumber. This seafood is a bit salty and savory but when smeared with peanut sauce or spicy sauce, it becomes delicious with a little sour and spicy.
The way to eat is also unique. First, the cuttlefish is dipped into the sauce, and then we absorb until the flavor of the sauce is lessening. After that, it is dipped into the sauce for the second time, and then absorbed again. This is done repeatedly. Afterwards, the cuttlefish is the eaten. Therefore, enjoying one piece of Sotong Tutok could spend a long time. Therefore, for those who claim to seafood lovers do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this Sarawak typical food when visiting into the city.

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willie a.k.a reptoz said...

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Ari ya aku beli sepacket. Udah abis aku tunuk atas dapur gas. Nyum nyum.