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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Cendol Pulut.


My friend told me if you go to Seremban in West Malaysia do drop by Haji Shariff's Cendol,the famous from a push cart street vendor now operate to a big and more space shop.They say Hj Shariff serves several cendol recipes such as cendol kacang,jagung,bandung and very popular cendol pulut.Back to my place Kota Samarahan (picture above),I saw this small street vendor selling cendol pulut.Cendol pulut is just a glutinous rice(pulut) with cendol and thick creamy santan,gula malaka & small ice cube.If you are in Kota Samarahan drop me a note,I'll give you a cendol pulut treat.


Jama said...

I've never tried cendul pulut, we have so many variety with different topping here that one's spoilt for choice. Perfect for our climate!

Japa said...

Sounds good to me. Somehow, cendul pulut has some similarities on a Bicol delicacy, but without the ice.

Today is follower appreciation day. Have a great week ahead.

Tabib said...

Meleleh air liur! LOL