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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nasi Kukus Ayam Goreng Berempah.

Nasi Kukus is Steamed Rice.
Ayam Goreng Berempah is Deep Fried Chicken (merinated with spices).
Yes,it is that good if only they use fragrant rice (beras wangi),Fragrant steamed rice is not too hard and not too soft ,just nice & walla !!! quite different from the usual rice that cook in rice cooker.The well marinated deep fried chicken with spices was a great combination to nasi kukus and adding cucumber with tasty sambal cili.
This street vendor selling nasi kukus ayam berempah in Desa Ilmu in Kota Samarahan open at 3pm t0 7pm every day.
This is it. A full healthy meal with meat, vege and rice. For one packet only cost me Rm5.00
 The stall started around 4PM & this is another in Desa Ilmu Kota Samarahan.
The four basic ingredients for the nasi kukus. 2 types of curry chili sauce, 1 cabbage salad and also cucumber. They manage to cut the price by operating from small stall and provide simple dishes. However, the fried chicken is very crispy and the sauce on the rice is very spicy but very nice. Come give it a try if you somewhere around Desa Ilmu commercial center in Kota Samarahan.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Big Breakfast.

Other than having breakfast at home, Malaysian like to take break fast outside. Usually heavy breakfast, from 6.30 to 8.00am.In the morning  at every street stalls and mamaks  restaurant. Teh Tarik, Nasik Lemak, Kopi O kau, roti canai, roti prata, roti telur and half boiled egg with soy sauce is our Malaysian favourite breakfast.This is a heavy breakfast for Malaysian,Malaysian breakfast can really satisfied you hunger with cheap price. RM1.00 to RM1.50 nasik lemak with RM 1.00  can last you towards lunch time. Can get extra protein with additional RM1.50 of chicken deep fried or half fried egg. The green option for your can be sliced cucumber . Taking breakfast is very good for our health compared to those that skip breakfast and waiting for lunch.
Breakfast with Beef Noodle Soup.
Mamak stall fried noodle.

Malaysian favorite Nasi lemak.
Teh Tarik .
Energy boost breakfast ,half boiled egg.