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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Serikin Border Market here I come again....


My friend, when you scratch my back it feels like you're saying 'I hate you, I hate you, I hate you' over and over again.

On any Saturday and Sunday you'll see as if the whole of Kuching converge on the tiny town of Serikin, an hour drive from Kuching city centre .



Where you from Madam ? Sengkawang village in Pontianak & I'm selling 'Tikar Rottan'...I did  not hear she mention about 'Tikar Sarawak'...Here local visitors and tourists from West Malaysia, Sabah and even Brunei flocked to shop for items that are produced from people across the Indonesian border. Serikin is a border town on Malaysian soil and is enjoying brisk business by allowing traders from the Indonesian border to sell their products and wares to Malaysian citizens and foreign visitors along its narrow and crowded singular street. I would estimate the total length of the street at 300 meters and on both sides are erected hundreds of makeshift stalls and tiny shops that sell anything from antiques, textiles, leather, glass wares, rattan mats, souvenirs from diverse range of materials like bamboo, rattan, wood, beads, silver etc.,



This rottan mat come from our neighbouring village across the border ..So how come you call this  "Tikar Sarawak'.However the most popular item seemed to be the rattan mats that come in various sizes, colours and patterns. An average rattan mat size of say 6'x9' would fetch a prize of about RM 110- 150 depending on quality of workmanship and type of rattan used.



Do they have music school in small town Serikin ???most budget music lover come here to buy Guitar.It's cheap here I guess.....To be at Serikin is to experience a totally different kind of shopping. It's not the sleek and air-conditioned shopping malls that are prevalent in cities. Here people walk the street in hot weather and bargaining is a must. Well, it's never too late to try and polish your bargaining skills here.


Camera store in small town Serikin ?...The antique store selling this film camera to me at price of Rm500..Sorry friend,,not for me try look for someone else who  really love vintage gadget and know the value...

P8298110 P8298147

Looking for fancy printed T-Shirt....

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Food Stall.


Indonesian food stall Serikin Border Market in Bau,Sarawak.The menu is Bakso  etc.etc..


They sell Bakso Sapi and Ayam Panggang.

This food stall in Serikin Town and talking about street food, eat it but don't be surprised if you get sick... just take a look at their facilities and I suggest you go to local coffee shop for foods and drinks.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Revisited Serikin.

I have been to Serikin a couple of time but never bother to buy things.This time I went with purpose to take pictures .


I also want to see for myself about the gossip I heard from mouth to mouth about preserved seafood such as dried shrimps,dried squids and dried salted fish is believed that this product were preserved using EMBALMING chemical to keep it long lasting.My curiosity about this gossip so I stood in front of the stall selling this product for about half half an hour.To my astonishment not a single fly or insect did infest these sea foods.


There are also merchandise for sale in Serikin that many young girls love to buy such as the item in the above photo.


The cinnamon stick and other spices & herbs that we can buy at a very low price in Serikin .

All the above picture was edited with LR3  presets that I download for free from the web.Credit to the author or creator ,Thanks.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monochrome Monday-Border Market .

Please visit the home of Monochrome Monday to find other participants.
Sarikin Border Market is an area of the Sarikin Bidayuh Village about 20 kilometers from Bau Town Sarawak.The market is open to Indonesian Vendors on Saturday to Sunday from early morning until nearly noon on Sunday as the Indonesian have to be at check points by 02:00pm.
The border market offered products are fabric,batik in the Indonesian design,the handicraft of the Indonesian athnic such as bamboo mat .

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Revisited Serikin Border Market.

Serikin Border Market .
Discover local flavours,delightful bargains and hospitable traders at the border market located an hour drive from Kuching City.

Local boys
Enterance to the market.
Transportation to the border.

Sweet little candy.
Best buy.

The Star Online : Videos
Serikin border market@Bau Kuching.
My last visit was last year during fasting month 2007.This week end I went to Bau to visit a friend so I take the opportunity detour to Serikin.To watch live about the Serikin border market just visit and click the above The Star Online Videos.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Tasik Biru or Bau lake,formely a gold mine.
Normally,there will be many people fishing,swiming and playing in the lake but not to-day and the rest of the day as water is contaminated with poisonous chemical called ARSENIC.
Tasik Biru is located at the out skirts of the old Bau Town.The lake is a fovouite spot fo the locals to pass their leisure time during public holiday and weekend.
Welcome to the cave but don't forget your gear such as torch light etc etc....
for senior like me just relax here..
One of the cave enterance.
Kids are playing and swiming...hopefully no bujang senang around.
I am not very good in words,so I try to capture the beauty of wind cave throug my lens(See above).The Wind Cave or Gua Angin located just north of Bau town some 48 kilometer from Kuching.The wind cave lay majestically along the same range of lime stone hilly range in the Serikin District.The cave is partly covered amidst the tropical rainforest along the slopes of the scenc limestone hill.

This is Fairy Caves.For rock climber this are the caves.

Rock Climbing:"The Batman Wall",a climbing wall located at the Fairy Caves ear Bau,offer a series of challenging rock climbs and abseiling routes.The wall is named after a huge roof section hat rock climber can opt to traverse before they continue up the main climbing wall.

On my way to Fairy cave I can see local are selling the exotic plants which may be some are protected plants.
This are the most popular stick in town.Kayu hujan panas and Tongkat Ali.

Before I proceed to Fairy and Wind cave why not drop by Sarikin Border Market.The Bidayuh village of Serikin,just over an hour drive from Kuching,hold a bustling weekend market were Indonesian traders cross over the border to sell their wares at bargain prices.To see more picture you can visit my
Fresh exotic fruits on sale in Serikin.
I thought the head hunter still exist here......

The landmark of Bau"The Civic Centre"this building wad built in 1988 .The modern baruk or head-house of he civic centre reflects the cultural heritage of the Bidayuh in the district.
Another landmark of Bau to welcome her visitors.
The history of Bau Town.
Early 19th century when hundred of Chinese miners come from Kalimantan Barat,Indonesia to mine gold at Bau lama(old Bau) and 1898 the Borneo Company operated gold mining pit known as Tai Parit mine and this is how Tasik Biru was formed.

This is Bau......about 60km from Kuching.There are some interesting caves around Bau.
One and only traffic light in Bau town.Most people stop at Bau for lunch after shopping in Serikin Border Market.So Sarawak is more than just a great tourist destination,bring your family and capture that special Sarawak style.

Now what we have here in Bau Town, Airport ? Oh I see"s only the name of the old road that link to the lake...... Have a nice day.