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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadhan Break Fasting.......

The festival of Ramadan (Ramadhan, or Bulan Puasa in Malay) is an important event in the Muslim calendar, a time of personal reflection and bonding with one's family.
At the end of the day, Muslims break their fast (buka puasa) with a huge meal called iftar, usually eaten communally at home or at bazaars that are set up specifically for Ramadan.
Ramadan Bazaars in Malaysia
The Muslim majority in Malaysia (Muslim Malays constitute about 60% of the population) eagerly anticipate the Ramadan bazaars that help them break their fast at the end of the day.
The shoppers in the bazaars aren't all Muslim, though; Malaysian Chinese and foreign tourists also benefit from the bazaars' great eats and bargains.
For Ramadan, the Ramadan bazaars all throughout Malaysia operate the entire holy month, opening at 4pm every day. 
KIM SOYA BEAN @ Petaling Street.
The third day of Ramadhan,I'm still in the city of Kuala Lumpur @ China Town or commonly known as Petaling street.It's almost time for break fasting.So what i did was I went to KIM SOYA BEAN and bought (take away) a soya bean drink and tau foo fah then heading to central market for break fasting.
Tun Mahathir like their soya bean.
Kim soya bean is famous with their tau foo fah & soya bean drink.Even our Malaysia former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir love their soya bean(it was shown at one of the newspaper cutting).
Central Market Food Court KL. 

All the above photos shot from my Panasonic Lumix LX3.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Aidil Fitri my Blessings...


Photo captured  with lumix LX3. (P&S)

Why do we admire scenes like this?  What is it about the beauty of nature that causes men, women, and even babies to stand in amazement?

“General Revelation.”  That is, God the Creator, has revealed aspects of His character and nature to all of mankind through His creation.  When we look at this sunset, we realize that God is BEAUTIFUL and the source of all beauty!

Today Muslims throughout the world celebrate the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

The first day of Syawal is known as Eid-ul-Fitr in some parts of the world and Hari Raya Puasa or Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in Malaysia.

There will be family gatherings and reunions in the days ahead during the month of Syawal.

Those who live and work in cities away from their hometowns often make the effort to return to the places where they were born or lived as children.

But many more such as the Malaysian who work overseas and our fellow soldiers will celebrate the dawn of Syawal alone, away from family and friends.

Let us spare a thought for them and resolve to show compassion for them  as we enjoy the company of our loves ones and traditional delicacies specially prepared for the festivities.



Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Night of Tujuh Likor...



The last 10 nights of Ramadan is said to be the most auspicious nights for the month. It is mentioned in the holy Quran that angels would come down to earth on one of those night, praying together with those who pray late in the nights.

Another practice associated with the last days of Ramadan is that of putting up lights around the house. From the twenty-seventh day of the month up to the Hari Raya (Eid) festival, if you walk through any Malay village you will find the houses lighted up with oil lamps, or coloured electric lamp. The occasion is known as "Malam Tujuh Likur" but it is not of Islamic origin even though the lights are said to welcome the angels who visit earth during this period.

Nevertheless, these displays of lights are very attractive especially in the villages. It also set the mood for the Hari Raya festival which is just a few days away.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramadan & Childrens.

P7267416 P7267417

Ramadan is also the month to visit family and friends, invite each other, illuminate bazaars, mosques and homes, and one is in general having a good time. Also for the children, Ramadan is feast. Some children, not even old enough to be required to fast, do so anyway, and in the evening they play at home or in town, and in particular they indulge in the amazing variety of cakes and sweets, some of them created only in the context of Ramadan.

It is recommended that during Ramadan adolescents who have reached puberty (about 12-13 years of age) to take part in Ramadan traditions like prayer and fasting. But what about kids who are younger? How can they celebrate and learn more about Ramadan without fasting?  Children who are too young to participate in fasting do include them in other activities, such as reading books on Ramadan, arts and crafts associated with the celebration, and helping to prepare meals that we will enjoy in the evening feast.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan-The Quran




It's been fifth days. The month of the Quran, Ramadan, moves very quickly.




Ramadan is a month of fasting. In Ramadan we read Quran and learn different aspects of life. There are 30 days in Ramadan and Quran has 30 Suparah. Muslims easily recite all the Quran in 30 days of Ramadan and understand what it says then implement the teaching of Islam in their lives. Quran tells us the right way. Ramadan is a month when ALLAH showers his blessings on Muslims. ALLAH forgives Muslims and saves them from the fire of hell. Ramadan is a month when Muslims forget all things and worship ALLAH for his forgiveness and blessings. It is the month when Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.W...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ramadan-It's not about food .

ramadan food

The food sale at Ramadan Bazaar..

P8117965 P8117973

Few hours before breaking fast..a lot of people stampede the bazaar......


The magical moment of Ramadan in Malaysia are those market stalls selling a variety of foods and some are only available during Ramadan. Seeing people of all races and religions shopping and buying these foods are images that will forever be etched in one's mind. Ramadan is also that time of the year where family members make an effort to be home for the breaking of fast and be together as a family to enjoy and share those wonderful spread. Ramadan brings the family closer. Of course eating in moderation and eating healthy foods are key to a longer, happier and prosperous family lives.However, in Malaysia, the month itself has been tainted with the extreme gluttony during the entire month of fasting. Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, I don’t mean I am good Muslim then any other Muslim brother but the gluttony among most Muslims in Malaysia can be seen in the Ramadan Bazaar. A few hours before breaking fast, a lot of people will stampede the bazaar in order to buy loads of food for the breaking fast.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadan-Teraweh Prayer.



Tarawih Prayers іn Malaysia

Tarawih / Taraweeh Prayer іѕ a special evening prayer performed bу Muslims throughout thе world οnƖу іn thе holy month οf Ramadan during whісh long рοrtіοnѕ οf thе Qur’аn аrе recited. Ramadan іѕ thе ninth month οf thе Islamic calendar аnԁ іѕ thе month whеrе аƖƖ Muslims fаѕt (“puasa” іn Malay) frοm sunrise tο sunset еνеrу day.

Performing Tarawih prayer іѕ a “sunnah” ( whісh means thе prayer іѕ voluntary hοwеνеr Muslims аrе strongly encouraged tο ԁο іt аѕ іt іѕ a practice bу Prophet Muhammad s.a.w) аnԁ іt іѕ nοt obligatory.

Tarawih / Taraweeh іѕ perform аftеr `Isha’ Prayer (Night Prayer). It саn bе perform аt home, alone οr іn congregation, οr аt a mosque. Hοwеνеr thе normal practice here іn Malaysia, Tarawih іѕ perform іn Mosques аnԁ “Suraus”. Men, women аnԁ kids wіƖƖ fload mosques аnԁ suraus within thеіr home іn thе whole month οf Ramadan.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Malaysia-Ramadan Bazaar.

Malaysian Muslim celebrate Ramadan, towns and cities throughout Malaysia hold a Ramadan Bazaar. Each bazaar has its own distinctive flavour that comes to life after dusk with a series of stalls and vendors pedaling their wares. They are a great place for visitors to sample traditional Malay cuisine which is freshly prepared and cooked on open coals while you wait.


Stutong Ramadan Bazaar....Kuching


Kota Samarahan Remadan Bazaar-Desa Ilmu Commercial centre

P8117962 P8117955


Comes Ramadan Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to food no matter they are Muslim or non-Muslim.  In Ramadan there are plenty of temporary stalls selling food at the place gazetted by the local council for the whole month of Ramadan.  Malaysians will flock the market normally after coming back from work and it spares them the hassle of cooking their meal for breaking of fast especially for both working parents

Just see for yourself how colourful and busy the market is.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome Ramadan Al-Mubarak



Ramadan come again. Muslims in Malaysia start fasting to-day Wednesday 11 August,2010 and so do other muslims around the world although the date may not be exactly the same.

I would like to wish all muslim brothers and sisters in Malaysia and around the world, Selamat Berpuasa/Happy Fasting. May all our ibadah be acceptable to Allah and may we always be blessed with His mercy and compassion even more in the holy month of Ramadhan. Insyaallah.

“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious).

(Fasting) for a fixed number of days, but if any of you is ill or on a journey, the same number (should be made up) from other days. And as for those who can fast with difficulty, (i.e. an old man, etc.), they have (a choice either to fast or) to feed a poor person (for every day). But whoever does good of his own accord, it is better for him. And that you fast, it is better for you if only you know.” (2:183-84)

Abu Huraira related that the Prophet said: Allah the Majestic and Exalted said: “Every deed of man will receive ten to 700 times reward, except Siyam (fasting), for it is for Me and I shall reward it (as I like). There are two occasions of joy for one who fasts: one when he breaks the fast and the other when he will meet his Lord” (Muslim).


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Malaysia-The Sighting of Ramadan Moon..


Gambar Hiasan.....

Welcoming the fasting month of Ramadan the year of 1431 Hijrah.

The sighting of the moon or anak bulan Ramadan in Malay is declare to take place on the evening of Tuesday, 10th August 2010.If the new moon is sighted,the Muslim in Malaysia will begin the fast next day.Islam require to be unique or  Muslim scholar person appointed by the Islam's Authority in the country.

The Spirit of Ramadan..

Ramadan begin maybe to-morrow or Wednesday.Many non-Muslim who were not previously familiar with Muslim Holy Day and custom have heard about Ramadan through the media.bolggers,facebook friends etc,etc.On a more distribution level,we often get the impression from the media that Ramadan is associated with an increase is violence or terrorism.Yet Ramadan asit is understood and experience by millions of Muslims probably remains a mystery.
Now remember this:::
Fasting has been decreed for you as it was decreed for those before you, that you may acquire God-consciousness."

Fasting is, therefore, a universal form of worship observed by all the prophets of God, and recognized by most world religions.
Through fasting we learn to give up things which may give us pleasure for the sake of higher principle. The Prophet taught us to spend Ramadan in acts of charity, feeding the poor, and assisting those who are less fortunate. In fact, the fasting is not complete until food or money is given to those in need.
ALHAMDULLILAH.Thanks you Ya ALLAH for giving me an opportunity to experience Ramadan again..It's a bless and hopefully this Ramadan will bring Rahmat,hopefully my Ramadan this year is better then before.
I never spend my Ramadan outside Malaysia..I'm Malay/Melanau Malaysian from Sarawak...Celebrating Ramadan and Shawal in Malaysia is full of excitment,joys and fun especially to the children.Even to-day if you go to the shopping mall,they already play Raya song and promotion of raya sale.Well,this is Malaysia..welcome to the reality of Ramadan & Shawal.Ramadan bazzar is everywhere...Ramadan is not about's holy month.
Festival of Breakingfast at the 5 star hotel and don't be suprise some muslim bloggers will blog about having nice  the fast at the hotel.I am not a rich person but I always remember this,Ramadan is blessed time when all Muslim gather together.It is time to remember the poor,strive to please Allah by being the most generous and it is time of much prayers.
This is my own research...I wish a blessed Ramadan to all.

Monday, August 9, 2010



Old part of Kuching City....Dates Bazaar during Ramadhan.

We're now just few days into Ramadhan.I spent Ramadhan in simple way,we broke our fast with dates and some other fruits  then went for Magrib prayer and back for the main meal then off again for the Isyak prayer then follow by the taraweh prayer.........

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My World Tuesday-Hari Raya Preparation.


For place to visit by visit this homepage That's My World


P8291692 P9011823

P8291763 P8291708

P8291710 P9011822

The best time to visit Kuching is during the month of Ramadhan.Every year in the month of Ramadhan Muslim from within Kuching and outside Kuching will go to Gambier Street and India Street area to shop for cloth and food in preparation for their Hari Raya.

Hari Raya is very much commercialised in Malaysia.In the city like Kuching,shopping malls and commercial centres will hold big promotion and price discounts for festive shoppers as people purchase clothes and supplies.Decorations are hung in public areas and Hari Raya song will be played in shopping complexes.The media,such as TV will host various programs in conjunction with the celebrations and tourist are welcome to their open house.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ramadhan and Hari Raya-Feel Good or Good Time.

Id-Adaha aka Hari Raya is not just about us having a good time especially for wealthy or rich family.It should also be about making sure others having a good time as well.Always in my mind that or in other words I advise myself how we can feel good and happy knowing there are others out there who are miserable.
To make us feel good is just that by helping others.It give us feeling a glow inside of us and feeling satsfaction by end of the day because we know that we helped those who needs our help.
This is not my first trial...try it ! do this.The next time you visited ramadhan bazzar or any store that sale clothing etc etc..Spend couple of ringgit on buying simple breafasting goodies or cheap clothing or something and then just drop them off at poor families in your areas or where ever.See how good that simple act will make you feel by the end of the day.
I hope every one is having a happy Ramadhan and Coming Hari Raya .It's been good for me so far.Though I feel age cathing up with me.
Selamat Hari Raya ..Feel Good Always.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadhan Bazzar@Desa Ilmu ,Kota Semarahan.

Ramadhan Bazzar....this is once a year happening in every Malaysia state.To-day I'm @ Desa Ilmu.Well I would say this place go live during Ramadhan as normal day you hardly see crowded here.This shophouses is just a distance from Unimas as most of the customers are student from the University.So this is what you see...just manage to shoot from the outside of the bazzar ..too crowded.
Selamat Berpuasa.