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Friday, July 11, 2014

Sontong Tutok.

The cuttlefish is beaten with a hammer to make it soft and tender. 

For Malaysian people, Ramadan is the month that has always been awaited on every year. There will be lot of food vendors lined up on every evening along the way. The food that is most often used as Berbuka or breaking the fast menu is of course the dates,syrup and cakes. However, especially for people who live in Sarawak they have their own unique food that becomes an identical of Ramadan, which is called Sotong Tutok (Hammered Cuttlefish). The food is one of the Sarawak typical snacks that are only sold during the fasting month of Ramadan.
However, for those who are not the residents of Sarawak, perhaps the name Sotong Tutok sounds strange and makes you wonder exactly what kind of food is this. Sotong Tutok is the term for dried squid snacks after being burned or grilled. In the process of making, the cuttlefish is beaten with a hammer to make it soft and tender.
The local community even said that fasting without the dish of Sotong Tutok would be tasteless. Therefore, it is not strange that almost on every house of Muslims found Sotong Tutok to make their iftar of suhoor become more complete. The restaurants and food stalls in Kuching city also make this food as one of their menus.

Sontong Tutok can be used as a side dish or snack in leisure times. This food is made of dried cuttlefish. The way of making is also very simple.The dried cuttlefish is grilled over coals or over a flame in small fire to make it not overcooked. At the roasting process, there will be a very seductive scent for anyone around it. Once cooked, the cuttlefish is then hammered on the wood until the meat flat and the fiber out intended to make it soft. If you are interested in hammering your own cuttlefish, the seller will be happy to hand over his hammer to you.

SotongTutok becomes more delicious when equipped with peanut sauce or sweet spicy sauce. Sometimes, there will be vendors who serve it with pickled cucumber. This seafood is a bit salty and savory but when smeared with peanut sauce or spicy sauce, it becomes delicious with a little sour and spicy.
The way to eat is also unique. First, the cuttlefish is dipped into the sauce, and then we absorb until the flavor of the sauce is lessening. After that, it is dipped into the sauce for the second time, and then absorbed again. This is done repeatedly. Afterwards, the cuttlefish is the eaten. Therefore, enjoying one piece of Sotong Tutok could spend a long time. Therefore, for those who claim to seafood lovers do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this Sarawak typical food when visiting into the city.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vanishing Sunday Market.

One of the most famous and popular landmarks in Kuching City has to be the Sunday Market.This open air market place located at Jalan Satok.This is most congested,lively and fascinating market place on every weekend.

The Sunday Market started out as a place to buy jungle produce from the farmers from the hinterland of Kuching city, mostly from Bau, Lundu, Padawan and Serian. Farmers from the surrounding area would take buses or hitch rides, and start to congregate at the market as early as Saturday morning, and begin trading at noon time.

The most famous Terubok Masin Sarawak.

 Here the city folk have been able to enjoy a wide array of shoes.slipper etc.etc  at very competitive prices. The goods are cheap, and a shopping trip to the market will not burn a hole in your pocket.

 Many Kuching people have become addicted to visiting the market every weekend. It is an occasion for a family outing, as strolling along the congested street market, and examining the goods on sale has become a very pleasant day out for city folk.

 Pastries from chinese and malay stall.

 You can easily find fresh local organic vegetable,chili etc.etc.. 

 Item sold at Sunday Market..You can also buy a puppy, kitten, hamster or rabbit. All sorts of animals are offered on sale in small cages

While photographing I also buy Putu Mayang......


All in all, the Satok Sunday Market is still one of my favourite places in Kuching city. I have heard rumours of the authorities trying to relocate the market elsewhere, but I am sure this would be an unpopular proposition for Kuching folk. Let us face it, we are all lifelong fans of our grand Sunday Market — a regular feature of public life in Kuching city.The will be relocated HERE.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Present Kuching's Regional Express Bus Terminal.

Kuching's regional express bus terminal is located along Jl. Datuk Tawi Sli, also dubbed as "3 and a half miles", located south of the city, just before the Boulevard shopping mall. All long-distance express buses arrive from and leave for major Sarawak cities like Sibu, Bintulu and Miri, as well as Kalimatan Barat, Indonesia.
 Regional buses for some towns near Kuching such as Lundu (for the Gunung Gading National Park and Tanjung Datu National Park) and Sri Aman also arrive/depart from here.
Kuching Bus Terminal(Present).
 The completion of new bus terminal for more info read here KUCHING SENTRAL

Monday, January 23, 2012

Farewell To Wet & Sunday Market At Satok in Kuching.

Satok, situated in the city North of Kuching was once a Malay kampung (village).Sunday Market in Satok become one of the most popular tourist attractions and visited by tourists in and outside Malaysia. Night eateries known a Benteng, which only operate at night enable visitors and the locals enjoy the various food, including Kolok mee, and Laksa Sarawak.Soon that popular Sunday Market of Satok will be moved to the new place next to Kubah Ria in Petra Jaya.To read more about this article kindly visit this blogspot by Encik Yusuf  Muhammad YM's MIND.
Old Satok Market (23/01/2012)
Satok Market in Kuching City has to be the most interesting market to-day. First time visitor can easily spent 2-3 hours wondering in the maze of stalls and lost admist the noisy marketplace.
Durian King of fruits.
 " Visitors should not miss Pasar Satok as the busy market offers views of diverse cultures, a cacophony of unfamiliar languages (especially for those familiar with standard Malay and English) and an assortment of products"

The Satok Weekend Market on Jalan Satok starts on Saturday afternoon when traders bring produce from their farms and continues on till Sunday. There are also many unique ferns and plants, wild honey, wild orchids, traditional herbs (used as medicine) and fruits from the jungles. Handicrafts and ethnic carvings are also available. There are a wide variety of snacks and sometimes snakes in baskets!(Qouted by Tourist )
The market cannot consider as big, only coverred few streets, but offered a lot of local food and fruits
Some Old Building in Satok.
Old Shophouses in Satok.
The Satok market is often listed as a tourist attraction in Kuching, but unless you're a keen photographer it probably won't hold much appeal. The produce is cheap and fresh and the environment interesting to walk around, but it also gets very hot and crowded especially during weekend.

Posted on December 4, 2011, Sunday
KUCHING: Traders at Satok market are expected to move to Medan Niaga Satok, next to Kubah Ria, in Matang Road in March next year.(March 2012).
The what so call Medan Niaga Satok situated just beside the new Kubah Ria in PetraJaya. would have five main complexes.
 About 1,400 traders from the present Sunday market and 280 from Satok Tamu market are expected to operate at the new location.Medan Niaga Satok has 19,000 trading spaces, complete with a water system and a proper rubbish disposal system compared to the one at Satok market.
 These new facilities would provide better comfort to the traders in Satok market. Added with modern design and cleaner market waste management system, rest assured that both the traders and customers would find this new market both convenient and appealing.
One of the priorities of this project focuses on cleanliness, be it internally or to its surroundings.
As part of the city’s transformation programme, this complex is a project to help the low income group and with the tourism centre and remember that these new facilities would provide better comfort to the traders in Satok market.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Policemen On Bicycle.

“Police Officers - Should there be more police officers in our streets? Every day I see small offences being committed (driving with a mobile phone in hand, bike riders on the pavement, youths drinking in ‘non drinking zones’, etc) but there is no one of power there to prevent or stop this from happening?

The Royal Police of Malaysia in Sarawak launched its bicycle beat unit  to widen its reach in crime prevention.This unit might eventually cover all areas under its jurisdiction, especially those places which are not accessible to police patrol cars.
I think our cops do a great job.
 wonder if the local police have been as extensively trained riding this bicycle and yes,cops on bikes will be faster than cops on foot.the patrolmen on bicycles will cover an area for at least two hours before moving to another location.The policemen involved will be fully equipped.
I have faith that members of the newly set up unit are fully capable of doing their jobs effectively and hopefully the Kuching Waterfront – which is such an attraction to visitors and locals alike – will be safe for all of us local and also to the tourist.

“Should there be more Police on bicycle in Kuching? Of course they should & what say you ?.




Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sarawak Black Bean Coffee .

Most if not all would not have known that here in Sarawak, we have our own home grown coffee. Liberica from Sarawak  region is simply the freshest coffee .100% pure Sarawak gourmet coffee, you must try it out! Our very own Sarawak coffee that we should be proud of.
 A cup of coffee for me is just nice,come with brown sugar and little cookies.I love it. It's definitely the best coffee in Kuching.
 As a recent coffee drinker, I wonder if these coffee is actually from Sarawak as it tasted so fine that even ****bucks blends could not have compared to the freshly brewed coffee out of the expreso machine into a glass filled with just ice alone. I love this simply marvelous .

Do you know that this place also featured in a travel magazine in Denmark. The article wrote " If you do not drink Black Bean Coffee, your trip to Borneo is not complete."
 There are two types of coffee beans, Liberica beans and Robusta beans. It’s planted in the mountainous area of Sarawak next to fruit trees and under the coconut trees. Most importantly, they are pesticide free!.The owner ensure that the coffee beans are fresh so that you will get the freshest coffee daily. you can also buy the coffee beans or powder to have your very own Sarawak gourmet coffee at home.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sarawak Regatta

The iconic Sarawak Regatta scheduled for next week from 15th-18th September,2011 is very important as it will be held in conjunction with the celebration of Merdeka as well as the the 2011 IWWF Sarawak WakeBoard World Cup Championships, a world class event added for the first time.
Sarawak Regatta.
People of all races, cultures and beliefs will once again gather at the Kuching Waterfront and along the banks of the Sarawak River to witness this truly cultural sport extravaganza for four days from Sept 15.The Sarawak River will be filled with boats of multiple colours and sizes with thousands cheering in excitement.Apart from that, there will also be many side events to be held alongside the regatta namely Craft Exhibition, Trade and Food Fair as well as Cultural Show and Night Entertainment.
The Star of Florida waterski show team.
In addition to the main competitions, there is a show by the world famous “Stars of Florida Waterski Show Team” who would certainly wow the crowd with their stunts.
The WakeBoard championship will see about 30 World Cup wakeboarders from across the world.
For info about the race programmes just log on to the Sarawak Regatta Official website SARAWAK REGATTA

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fishing Village in Kuching- Kampung Telaga Air.

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Kampung Telaga Air is located 40 minutes drive (by road) from Kuching City.
Kampung Telaga Air is a Malay fishing village and the Kampung Telaga Air Waterfront is where the Padawan Municipal Council held its annual Fishing Competition.
This village is famous for its Homestay Programme. Visitors are charged at a reasonable rate for this Homestay Programme. From this programme, visitors can experience the daily livelihood and traditional ways of living in this friendly Malay village.
So what can you expected at Telaga Air..........
Telaga Air is a working fishing village .The fishermen here are expert,they own they own boat and the price of fish is pretty steady.
The fishermen here live in a nice spacious and comfortable traditional village house.The house are airy and well ventilated.Everybody's got telephone,electricity and TV and good running water supply.Most houses are facing or near the mouth of the Sarawak River with a typical views of river,waterfront and mangroves.The attraction here is fishing activity or fishing trip and river cruise exploring the mangrove of wetland .

Friday, February 25, 2011

Firefly to make Senai next hub ?.

Firefly looks set to use Johor's Senai Airport as the second hub for its jet planes and is eyeing regional destinations like Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia.


Photo Credit to


Firefly has leased two Boeing 737-400 planes, and these will be positioned at Senai Airport. It is not known if any of the Boeing 737-800 planes ordered by the airline will be joining the fleet of Boeing 737-400 jets at Senai Airport.

It is understood, however, that Firefly is leasing the two planes on a short-term basis. Sources said subject to traffic rights approval, Firefly aims to operate the jets from Senai by the first quarter of 2011 and is eyeing routes such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Bandung, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu

"There is also great potential for other international airports like those in Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Penang to serve as subsequent hubs for Firefly jets," one source said.

Making Senai Airport a hub may also help spur the airport and the Iskandar Malaysia region.

Senai Airport:

The airport, meanwhile, can expect to be infused with a new lease of life, following many repeated attempts by other airlines which had previously introduced international and domestic flights.These efforts had not taken off, resulting in an under capacity at the airport, which has recently been upgraded with a first of its kind Aeromall.The airport is currently served by Malaysian Airline,Fireflyz and AirAsia.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fireflyz-New Hub & New Route.

Firefly said: Firefly starts a new chapter in its expansion plan with a new hub in Johor Bahru.The new routes is from Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.


Fireflyz   offer daily direct flights 2 times a day from their new hub of Johor Bahru (JHB) to Kuching (KCH) and Kota Kinabalu (BKI).The aircraft Boeing 737-400 first flight began on May 19 and June 16, 2011 .


In conjunction with celebrating the introduction of these new routes,fly for free promotions as low as RM9 one-way ticket (Fare RM0.01 + RM8.99 tax) for online booking starting from Feb 22 until Feb 28 2011

 737400 interior

Photo credit to Airliner .net.                      (The interior view of Boeing 737-400)

The new exterior look, the new owner should consider retrofitting the seats, by just replacing the Business Class seats with normal Economy seats. Through this option, the Boeing 737-400 will have slightly more capacity at the same time retaining the luxurious seat-pitch it currently have.The new hub "The Sultan Ismail Airport" Johor Bahru is the first step to make it the site for Firefly continues to expand, especially in the next plan to introduce new international routes flying from Johor Bahru to Jakarta , Surabaya and Bandung .  Obviously "orange power" Firefly is now more advanced and faster after the successful invasion of the blue cloud of direct flights of Boeing 737-800 aircraft from their new route to KLIA to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu since January 15, 2011.

Congratulations ......


Tip from me:  All low cost carrier in Malaysia  is a perfectly good airline to fly if you book early, don't carry much luggage, have no special requirements, and you are certain that nothing will arise that will require you to engage with any aspect of the airline's "customer service". .