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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Travelling On A Budget Holiday,Free Seat & Extra Flight for Festive Season.

You can still enjoy a great holiday experience in Malaysia even if you have to cut corners to make your travel wish come true.With that in mind, here are some quick  tips that would come handy if you’re planning on travelling on a budget in Malaysia. This article published in VIRTUAL MALAYSIA (03May,2014) .  
AirAsia is back with its Free Seats* promotion with 2.5 million promo seats available for immediate booking, for travel period in the first half of 2015..
If you wish to try your luck for a free airfare just go tothis website AIRASIA
 The Hybrid Airlines ,Malindo Air (Lion Group) will offer additional or extra flight for domestic destination for the coming Hari Raya festive season..HERE
The initiative taken by Malindo Air to meet higher demand for services during the upcoming Raya celebrations will see increased frequencies from July 23 to August 4 for domestic destinations such as Kota Baru, Kuala Terengganu, Alor Setar, Johor Baru and Penang. - See more at:

Hybrid airline, Malindo Air, will offer additional flights for domestic destinations during the Hari Raya celebration. - See more at:
Hybrid airline, Malindo Air, will offer additional flights for domestic destinations during the Hari Raya celebration. - See more at:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tune Hotel KLIA-LCCT to Close; Tune Hotel klia2 to Open 9 May.

After five years of providing affordable hotel rooms to passengers of KLIA’s Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), the Tune Hotel KLIA-LCCT will close down effective 9 May 2014, giving way to a brand new, 400-room Tune Hotel klia2 that will open on the same day.
 Tune Hotels core proposition is to offer a great night’s sleep at a great price. All of the Tune hotels feature space-efficient, streamlined rooms focusing on high-quality basics: 5-star beds and powerful hot showers. Though minimally priced, the strategically located hotels provide housekeeping services, electronic keycard access into rooms, extensive CCTV systems, and no access into the main lobby without a keycard past midnight. A ‘pay as you use’ system is in place for optional energy-consuming amenities.
 Tune Hotel klia2 is directly connected to the new klia2 terminal via a covered walkway and link bridge. A short 10-minute walk is all that it takes to get to the terminal, allowing easy and convenient access to check-in counters as well as the Gateway@klia2 shopping mall. READ MORE HERE and HERE.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Travelling by Air :What is KLIA2.

esThe KLIA2 is built to be Malaysia's Next Generation Hub - International Airport Hub - that allows seamless connectivity for both local and international low-cost plus full-service carriers.
The KLIA2 is built to cater for the explosive growth in low cost travel. It is designed to cater 45 million passengers a year, replacing the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) once it's ready. It is built with bigger capacity and superior facilities.
 Photo credit to KLIA2 (MAB)
 Photo credit to KLIA2 (MAB).
The KLIA2 is located 1.5km away from KLIA. A rail extension is being constructed to connect KLIA to KLIA2.
The KLIA2 is built to cater for the explosive growth in low cost travel. The KLIA2 terminal was first designed to cater 30 million passengers a year, measured about 150,000 sqm, and was scheduled to complete in April 2012 for 2 billion Malaysia Ringgit.
During its construction phase, the KLIA2 terminal is revised to 257,000 sqm, a 71% increase, with the capacity to cater up to 45 million passengers a year. The cost is increased to 3.6 billion Malaysia Ringgit, and it is rescheduled to open in May 2014.
Airlines using the KLIA2.The new low-cost carrier terminal KLIA2, in Sepang, is set to host 10 frills-free airlines when operational in May2014."Among them are Zest Airways, Lion Air, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific Air and definitely, AirAsia".
 +AirAsia Airbus320-200
 Zest Airways budget carrier from from google image.
Cebu Pacific budget carrier also from Manila. Photo by airline net.

 "Once the airport is operational in May 2014, MAHB will have almost 10 low-cost carriers (LCCs) flying from there."
This article from MALAYSIA KLIA2 info .


Monday, February 24, 2014

Planning ahead – far ahead – for your travel.

Vacations? The kind of things that most people take in during public holiday and school holiday?right now is about the latest time you want to be planning your vacation for next holiday or next year 2015 if you want to maximize the bang for your buck.
Why would you want to plan vacations so far in advance?For starters, the earlier you know where your destination is, the longer you have to shop around for bargains on travel. No matter what you’re purchasing, the longer you give yourself to find bargains on that purchase, the more likely you are to find a bargain. Another advantage of deciding where and when you’re going to travel far in advance is that it’s much easier to get the exact days off that you want. At most jobs, it’s very difficult to get the days off that you want – particularly if you want several days off – if you wait until the last minute.Even more important, it allows you to take advantage of truly low rates. For example in my case I wanted to go to Langkawi Air Show better known as LIMA2015 (March 2015).
Remember  Planning ahead – far ahead – for your travel saves you real cash.
 Photo of LIMA13 in Langkawi March 2013.
Another important factor to note is that airline and hotel prices vary throughout a week as well as throughout a year. Generally, prices hit a low point several months away from the actual date of the trip, and it’s been established pretty clearly that Tuesday afternoons tend to be the cheapest time of the week to reserve a flight.Try to booked your Hotel & Air Ticket at WEGO
The end result of planning that far in advance is that my airline tickets were incredibly cheap AIRASIA FREE SEAT


Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to score Cheap Flight Tickets with AirAsia .

Regional Flight Travel in Asia has come a long way over the last decade. While flights around the region used to cost hundreds of Ringgit until still in the late 90’s, this changed dramatically with the introduction of Budget Airlines in Asia, just a few years into the new millennium.
Nowadays, brands like Jet Star, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific Airlines, Air Asia,Malindo Air,Lion Air and fireflys airline are common household names, who revolutionized the ways people in Asia travel. Especially Air Asia, ‘World’s best low-cost airline’  deserves further mentioning, if you have no money to waste and plan to fly as cheap as possible in Asia.
 Here is what you need to know, to ensure you are getting the cheapest possible prices, if you are planning to fly with Air Asia to destinations in the region:

Excited about AirAsia FREE SEATS sale?
You can now start planning for your travels from 1 October 2014 – 30 April 2015!
If you’re an AirAsia BIG Shot, you’ll be delighted to know that priority redemption starts NOW – TODAY only! Not a BIG Shot? Sign up now at!
No worries if you are not a BIG Shot, it is also open to public from 24 Feb – 2 Mar 2014.
For the first time ever, AirAsiaGo members will also enjoy priority booking for hotels & free seats @!
To assist you on a smoother booking experience, AirAsia came up with a simple guide to help you to grab your low fares!

Check out our Bargain Hunter (Booking 101) guide for an easier and smoother booking process!HERE
 Happy planning & booking.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

AirAsia :Self Service.

If you travel using AirAsia, most likely you will using LCCT instead of KLIA and soon KLIA2.This low cost terminal served mainly AirAsia. Recently AirAsia implement self check in policy and most of local flight need to use kiosk or mobile check-in. If you have luggage to check in, you still need to use the kiosk n then proceed to drop off luggage counter but  to-day we be able to check-in using self-service kiosks, tag their own bags, and – towards the end of this year – deposit them at a self-service bag drop without the assistance of an airline agent. While this kind of all-encompassing self-service process is becoming commonplace in Airport in Malaysia, it will be a groundbreaking experience for many Asian travelers.klia2′s self-tagging, bag drop and next-gen kiosks
 In LCCT there are a few kiosk for self check-in and also to print your Boarding pass from your mobile. The one near domestic departure hall was little bit crowded compare to one near international departure hall. Overall LCCT is full of people n make sure you have ample of time to check in, drop your luggage n scan through security.
This morning AirAsia twitt " Our guests like the new machines. No more document check."

 Checking in can be a nightmare at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) . With International Departure check in counters opening 2 hours before flights and domestic departures opening 1 hour before departure time and with a gastimate of 40 flights a day with an average of 140 passengers (normal capacity of a AirBus 320) per plane? That is a lot of people at the airport! 
 For more free travel information, visit AirAsia website .

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AirAsia Onboard Meals.

Air Asia in-flight meals are optional and not included in your ticket price. You can buy your meal either on board or buy them in advance, online. If you buy them online, you get discounts of up to 20% plus a free drink.If you buy them on board the flight, you may not get the meal of your choice as they carry limited stock on the flight. The choice of menu is also limited. For flights shorter than 75 minutes fir exmple flight Kuching to Sibu or Bintulu you cannot buy hot meals on board the flight. They served only to passengers that had purchased meals online.You can purchase your onboard meal here AirAsia Hot Meal.
Pak Nasser Nasir Lemak onboard AirAsia.This is the only thing that would keep me sane through out the journey. The meals were served hot, seems like it just being cooked in the oven. have to wait for several minutes before i can start chew it.I pre-book the meals before the flight.

 Based on statement made on Air Asia website, food served on board AK flights are halal although there are no sticker to say so on the meal packaging.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jungle Tracking or Jungle Trekking.

Jungle trekking in Sarawak also more commonly known as tracking; is a Scouting activity which involves following a trail laid by others.
 Photo by David Red  Bamboo bridge in Semban Village.   Photo Credit to Mr David Red.
You can read more about my jungle trekking to Semban Village .

Trip to Semban Village

photo by Awang
 Get away from the concrete jungle and take some time off to explore the lush tropical rainforest of Kuching. Discover nature at its best. Fly to Kuching from RM78 and enjoy additional service at no additional charge when you fly Malindo air. Book now at

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hot Spring Panchor Dayak.

Direction to Hot Spring Pancor Dayak photo by Awang
Location – 48km away from Kuching along the Kuching-Serian Rd.  Pass The town of Tapah drive a farther 300m and make right turn (only at the second right turn).
Drive 10 minutes on bitumen road till you see ‘Hot Spring’ sign on your left .  From there on it’s gravel road for another 3 minutes.  Another signage on the right will lead you to the spring at the dead end.
Facilities – Washrooms, Changing rooms & Canteen.
Entrance Fee – RM 3 for adults and Rm1.00 for children.
The Panchor Hot Spring . photo by awang.
 Article from The Borneo Post, Sarawak.

Kpg Panchor Dayak hot spring draws visitors with its healing powers.

SERIAN: The hot spring at Kpg Panchor Dayak along Kuching- Serian road recorded 15,076 visitors in the first eight months of this year.
Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Dr James Dawos Mamit said its key attraction was its therapeutic values, perceived or otherwise, in treating some illnesses, including skin diseases.
Yesterday, he revealed he had received feedback from at least three persons who were cleansed of heart ailments after bathing at the hot spring.
One lady from the Inland Revenue Board had also told him that she now had smooth complexion after taking a dip there.
“People from as far as Lawas and Kapit have told me that the hot spring here (Kampung Panchor) is really good in the sense that it has medical values to cure some sickness.
“For this reason, this place should be promoted intensively. I believe more people would come here if it were promoted as a prime tourist destination,” Dawos said at the launching of an improvement initiative at the hot spring yesterday.
Dawos added that the hot spring produced sulphur and after mixing with water it produces a form of anti-toxic acid which can heal some sickness, adding that the hot spring at Kampung Panchor Dayak was different from other hot springs in other states.
The Mambong MP advised the village chief to request for parking space from the local council and electricity to be connected to the area. He said his ministry was willing to help.
Improvements to the hot spring, which cost about RM450,000, was completed in May this year under the government’s Community Based Tourism (CBT) programme.
This project, which started in December last year, was among the 52 tourism projects in the state approved under the 10th Malaysia Plan.

If you are interested to do a trip to Kampung Panchor Dayak Hot Spring  make sure you do some exercise to warm up, then slowly put your legs in, then your waist, then your upper body. Do not dip your whole body into the hot spring directly, you must let your body slowly accustomed to the temperature.
Do not stay in the water for too long, make sure you drink plenty of water after that to avoid dehydration.

 I couldn't help but tried to soak my legs into the water.Oh yes, for sure the next time I go, I am going to have a nice long hot bath there.

Panchor village is in Serian District,Serian is a small town in Sarawak and It’s about one hour drive from Kuching.To visit Kuching from Kuala Lumpur taking into example of the recent MALINDO AIR promotion where you can fly to Kuching just RM38 one way or if you prefer to go on December, flights for December is now open for sale. Log on to their website at and grab your seat now.For internal route from Kota Kinabalu,Miri,Bintulu and Sibu to Kuching you book your flight with MASwings promotional fare.



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Budget or Low Cost Airline On Tourism Boom,

Kuching International Airport photo by Awang.
The popularity of budget airlines has highlighted the tre­mendous growth potential of the travel and tourism industry, not just in Malaysia but in the entire Asian region as well. Travel is no longer the preserve of the rich and elite.Travel and tourism is Malaysia’s seventh largest industry and is expec­ted to grow further after receiving a 42 per cent increase in allocation to RM358 million under Budget 2013. On top of that, tax breaks and sustained promotional campaigns are set to push the Malaysian tourism industry further into the international limelight.
The Tourist in Kuching Sarawak photo by Awang.
 Talking about low cost air fare MALINDO AIR has been the talk of the town since its started flying to Kuching on 24th March,2013. Malindo Air is a joint venture by Jakarta, Indonesia-based Lion Air and Malaysia’s National Aerospace and Defence Industries. Many questions have been posed on whether Malindo Air will be credible enough to fly with. In fact, as in new services, consumers are very much shadowed with uncertainty. Is it true you do not have to pay for 15 kilos baggage allowance for economy class? Is it true meal will be provided? How cheap the flight fares would be? Those are among the never-ending questions posed.We are very much hoping Malindo Air scheduled flights to Kuching would help boost tourism in Sarawak.I would say YES!!! any increase in flight frequency is always good. At the very least, domestic tourism will improve.” Malindo's has promised more domestic destinations, including Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Sandakan but no start dates have been made publicly available.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Malindo Air to Start Operation from 22MAR13.

Boeing 737-900ER cabin interior.
Malaysian carrier Malindo Air, a new joint venture of Lion Air and Malaysia’s NADI, is scheduled to enter operation on 22MAR13. Initially, the airline operates 2-class Boeing 737-900ER aircraft on Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur – Kuching route.
Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu 3 daily
IW1002 KUL0650 – 0925BKI 739 D
IW1014 KUL1310 – 1545BKI 739 D
IW1028 KUL1920 – 2155BKI 739 D
IW1001 BKI1005 – 1230KUL 739 D
IW1013 BKI1620 – 1845KUL 739 D
IW1027 BKI2230 – 0055+1KUL 739 D
Kuala Lumpur – Kuching 4 daily
IW1602 KUL0640 – 0825KCH 739 D
IW1608 KUL1125 – 1310KCH 739 D
IW1622 KUL1610 – 1755KCH 739 D
IW1630 KUL2055 – 2240KCH 739 D
IW1601 KCH0900 – 1040KUL 739 D
IW1607 KCH1350 – 1530KUL 739 D
IW1621 KCH1835 – 2015KUL 739 D
IW1629 KCH2315 – 0055+1KUL 739 D
The airline is also planning to offer service to Miri, Sandakan, Bintulu, and Sibu.
 Note all schedules listed above is taken from Sabre’s timetable listing, which currently displays Lion Air’s turboprop unit WingsAir’s “IT” code. However, the airline will be using “OD” coded flight numbers. Operational schedule listed above may vary from the airline’s website listing.

Read more from 2013, Malindo Air  
Sources from Airline Route March 2013.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Malindo Air Service to East Malaysia.

Most air travellers in East Malaysia has not stopped fuming over the termination of service by Fireflys Airline  in late 2011. This short haul full service Malaysia Airlines subsidiary was doing well when it suddenly cancelled its operation following the (now defunct) share swap deal between MAS and Air Asia in later part of 2011. At least there was a choice that East Malaysian had whether to fly with Firefly or Air Asia. Many, in fact, had preferred  the former(fireflyz) because of its apparent friendlier service.
Here come the new Low Cost Carrier which promotes itself as a hybrid airline would complement the local aviation industry ecosystem in addition to winning the rapid growth potential of the Asian market.Malindo Air, the new domestic low-cost carrier will start their operation on 1st May 2013 from the new KLIA2 terminal and will operate flights between Malaysia and Indonesia initially. However, Malindo Air has brought forward the launch date to mid-March 2013 and will begin with domestic flights: Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu & Kuching.
A new hybrid airline offers low air fares with additional services is set to takeoff its first flight on 22 March 2013 after its success in getting the AOC from Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), Malaysia last month. This will mark the second low-cost carrier in Malaysia which offer additional service with affordable fares. This brand new airline will be operating Boeing 737-900ER.

Several interesting key point:
  • Malindo Air will provide a hybrid service (Hybrid is an airline service concept which combine together both LCC and Premium service).
  • Malindo Air will take off earlier from the original schedule in mid-March with 12 Boeing 737-900ER with 12-business class seats and 168 economy seats with the In-Flight Entertainment and Wi-Fi.
  • Number of domestic flights destination in Malaysia will increase from time to time.
  • Boeing 787 will be introduced in 2015.
  • Ticket fare and the services is aimed to be on par if not lower that Air Asia.
 By using the slogan “Not Just Low Cost”, Malindo sure needs a pack of punch to break the AirAsia monopoly on the Malaysia market. It is believed that Malindo Airways is eyeing primarily AirAsia’s on the lucrative domestic market in Malaysia which is primarily on the east coast of the Malaysia that is Sabah and Sarawak. Theoretically Malindo Airways for being a new entrant in Malaysia will go all out for market share at the expense of profits by undercutting prices. AirAsia also on the other hand, may also want nip the competition in the bud by dropping fares. This will result in a full-scale price war.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travel Experience....

Lately I try to conduct my own research and talk to people who have flown with Firefly Airline.I ask him about how you manage to book your low fare ticket.Firefly has a pretty easy to use Firefly's website and I am able to pick seats and order meals in advance. It is user friendly and I also like the fact that it offers a Premium package  which include a free hot meal, bottled water, extra legroom seats, baggage allowance and priority baggage delivery and he say It will be nicer if it can include priority boarding.


Kuching International Airport Boarding gate.......

Now can you tell me the check-in process at the counter in Kuching International Airport?? I find this experience to be the most disappointed part of the whole travelling experience.In KIA the MasWing conduct the check-in and boarding and two counter are used for check-in activity .The agent (MasWing) was not particularly friendly or polite and were really slow in processing the check-in especially with bags.


Kuching International Airport night view........

What about boarding activity ? . Well in KLIA boarding supposed to take place according to row number and of course ended up like everyone board at once.However the boarding staff  at KIA just let every passengers board at once,except the family with small children or special care passengers.There was no attempt to form a single file line and it was chaotic.I think if they should enforce the boarding order,the boarding would take much shorter time.


Firefly Airline is adding a 3rd aircraft, a B737-400 to its fleet very soon, and it will be used to serve destinations within Peninsular Malaysia. Firefly Jet's flights also code share with MH's.For more information and online booking just log on to firefly's web site 


Monday, January 31, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip "Last Day".


Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese Friends.

For those of you who decide to travel period of 1st Feb-28Feb 2011 just logon to this web site 


This is my last part about my trip to Kuala Lumpur which was fully sponsored by Firefly Airline and Tourism Malaysia.After having our breakfast at The Hotel Istana we go for a Kuala Lumpur City tour by 'KL Hop On-Hop off' double decker bus.

istana lobby

The Hotel Istana Lobby.......

KL Hop on bus service is great way to see the city of Kuala Lumpur without engaging a tourist guide and at a minimal fare.While on the bus you will be presented with multilingual commentary so that you will not be lost .

P1170134 P1170136

Beside the multilingual commentary there is also the availability of WIFI on the bus.This bus will take passengers to over 40 tourist spot within the city.We stop at bus stop #12 that is to National Museum or Muzium Negara.

firefly's FAM trip 20111

The National Museum was very clearly laid out in different theme blocks, starting with the pre-historical times, continuing with the development of civilization and Malay royal dynasties, then occupation/colonial times (Portuguese, Dutch and British), and finally the part about independent Malaysia. There was a separate hall dealing with the national traditions, such as the birth, marriage, etc ceremonies, and a part concentrating on the national crafts. The visit took us around 2 hours and was a well needed introduction to the history and culture of the country .Then we are invited by the Dato' Ibrahim Bin Ismail the Ketua Pangarah of Jabatan Muzium Malaysia for a light refreshment .


Our group photo with Dato' Ibrahim and his staff.

From Museum Negara we proceed back to Hotel Istana  for Lunch with VIP from Tourism Malaysia and  before begin our dinner we introduce our self.....'Sesi Suaikenal Bersama Unit Perhubungan Media,Bahgian Komunikasi & Publisiti Tourism Malaysia.Here I would like to give a big Thank You to Tourism Malaysia ..I certainly support cuti-cuti Malaysia and our Community Airline 'Firefly's'.

After lunch 'FREE & EASY...I don't go anywhere I go back to my room packing and try to nap for few minutes as our transport to KLIA is at 16:30pm .


Photo by Justin KC Yap...

Firefly Airline check-in counter are located at its A3 and A4.Same lane of our way to departure gate.

chkin2 chkin3

Firefly's ticketing counter in KLIA & Firefly's check-in counter staff in you are on candid camera !!!

I am not dreaming...can you imagine that budget conscious travellers like me flying on budget airline enjoying  KLIA and without doubt KLIA is a travel destination in itself, this is because here you will be able to find all that you need for business, entertainment and even relaxation. With the concept of efficiency, competitiveness and the desire to become the world-class airport hub in mind thus KLIA was conceived.

My flight KUL-KCH,ETD 2045 and ETA 2230 (FY630)..all the way the weather was fine and landed Kuching International Airport ahead of schedule .

End of my Trip and  from here I give a very big Thank You to our Community Airline 'Firefly Airline' and Tourism Malaysia...Thank You very much.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip(part8) Selamat Jalan Malacca.

In the past , air travel was deemed to be a fantastic deal. People utilized to consider about it this way not just due to the fact they considered it risky but its high costs was one amongst the greatest reason. Yes, now everyone can afford to travel by air without burning a hole in his or her pocket. It has been observed that the numbers of competitors in air travel are growing even in Malaysia this has proved helpful for the users surely.

The most frequent cause behind selecting air travel is saving time and needless to say your efforts. However, all this time go waste when the people do not know the correct place from exactly where airline ticket booking need to be done. It’s correct which you can strategy different agents for the booking of tickets but you can by no means be sure whether they would be helpful or not. Numerous instances the agents charge additional amount of funds and book tickets in airlines exactly where their commission is more. Thus, in the event you need to keep all these complications away from yourself, then you really should book air tickets online.

Internet has really come to be our friend in performing all deeds of daily life and air ticket booking could be accomplished with ease. These days, different web-sites are present on web that assists in booking tickets of different airlines to nearly any corner of the world. Even though undertaking on the net airline ticket booking one benefit that may be availed by everyone is ease of looking tickets. Just by entering your specifications and hitting enter; you’d get the list in front of you.

If you decide that this information is inspiring you might also be interested in learning about online booking and you want to plan for your trip with your family by air so  try to logon to firefly's web sit below.




Photo credit to Justin KC Yap.

OMG..not again..My camera battery ' low bat ' completely out.I forgot my spare battery in the hotel.Not to worry we have many good people carry camera and I want to say big Thank You to Justin KC Yap ....because I choose to use his photo in my blog..Thanks Justin...your are Rock man !!!! hahaha.

After river cruise we are heading for a walk.I mean walk at Malacca Jonker walk at Jalan Hang Jebat.


Photo Credit to Justin KC Yap.

Jonker Walk is a kind of street night market held every weekend and recently the jonkers say they extended to street night market to eve of Public Holiday.Its open early evening to late night.Have a leisure stroll along the street ''Don't forget to try Malacca cendol with gula Malacca..its 'awesome'.I have a chance chat with the jonkers and they are friendly people.I wanted to see those beautiful people of Malacca playing oldies 'Cha-Cha" dance but time did not permit me to join the time perhaps.This is a nice place to shop for souvenir.


So our full day tour in Malacca almost ending...and before heading back to Kuala Lumpur..again our host Tourism Malaysia & Melaka Tourism bring us for a taste of Nyonya Heritage dinner at Restaurant Seroni.


Gula Melaka Cendol...don't miss this if you go to Malacca...this is totally different from what we have back home I mean our local ABC.

In between our exploration of the heritage site in Malacca we also experience Peranakan cuisine at Seroni Nyonya Cuisine restaurant owned by one of last descendants of the Baba Nyonya family.So we're expecting to taste authentic Nyonya cuisine ...there no need for me to tell you guys what we are having for dinners..'You want to know something..Oh my God..I'm so staving,I swear ..the food is 'AWESOME'..Marvelous.

Our Bus is waiting Good Bye Malacca...heading back  for two hours drive and all of the media friends relax and sleep .Every one of us hoping for the safe journey back to Kuala Lumpur.

What a  wonderful and unforgettable exploration we have here in Malacca..:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip(part7)Malacca Full day Tour.

I meet few friends recently who have flown with Firefly Airline and almost all of them give positive sign 'THUMB UP'.Beside enjoy comfortable flight onboard  a new fleet of B737-800 they also enjoy arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport,located just  28 minutes by KLIA Express Rail service and the best is that they won't have to cross the tarmac under hot sun or rainy day to board the planes.

Effective 24 January,2011 Firefly's KCH to KUL new schedule is 4X Daily, for booking online kindly logon to the web site of our Community Airline FIREFLY's


Now back to the Malacca Full Day Tour which was hosted by Tourism Malaysia,Tourism Malaysia of Melaka and Firefly Airline.As we have completed our morning tour and before we started heading to other tourist spot, first we have lunch at Restaurant Indori.

IndoriMalam indorimalam1

(photo credit to Indori) Indori Restaurant night view......

An average person like me  rated this restaurant 5 star !!!!.Delicious Padang menus , its a little bit expensive but still affordable .Value for monies.Don't forget to try the sambal,it was 'awesome' stunning food ever !! oh my..I'm hungry again thinking of this Padang Food ever .

P1160077 P1160076

Photo by Awang.

Next stop is Museum  Istana Kesultanan Melayu Melaka and on the opposite is  prohibited garden palace which was only for the King and the Royal families.How great I'm that now I can share the modern garden with the Royal Family hehehehe......


Photo by Awang.

Lovely decorated bridge that we use to cross Melaka River that lead us to Kampong Mortem.


Photo by Awang.

Kampong Morten is a riverine Malay village on the banks of Melaka river. It is the only traditional Malay village in the heart of the historical city Melaka. It is considered as a living museum as many of its villagers are still preserving its age-old living style apart from the unique architecture of their traditional houses. A visit to Kampung Morten is a good chance to experience the lifestyle of the local Malays. The village is named after Frederich Morten, a British Land Commissioner and has 85 homes including 52 Malacca traditional houses... The village sits on land located at the edge of the Malacca River and used to be a mangrove swamp foliaged by dense nipah jungle until Morten opened up the land with the assistance of Othman Mohd Noh who is credited to be the founder of the village... Despite  the years, Kampung Morten is the only Malay village in Malacca to have maintained its customs and traditions... The village's houses were built according to the Malay design of having long roofs and tile-covered stairs made from stone... Intricate wood cravings can also be found on the verandah of these houses... Various flowering plants decorate its lawn... Kampung Morten was gazetted as a traditional Malay village of heritage significance and turned into a tourist attraction by the State government in 1988...


Photo by Awang.

Villa Sentosa a Living mesuem.

This Malay Kampung House is open to public. When we came, we felt very welcome. The owner showed us the house and told us the history of his family with a lot of passion. You can view a good collection of costumes, Malay embroidery, furniture, and other interesting relics.

P1160087 P1160112

Photo by Awang :)

I was surprise to see Malacca have monorail service.This monorail is spanning 1.6KM from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama to Kampong Bunga Raya Pantai along the Malacca River and is part of the State's aim to tap the potential of the river as a tourist attraction.



Photo credit to Justin KC Yap.

After a trip to Kampong Mortem home stay and Villa Sentosa  we are now heading for the Malacca River Cruise.The moment I set foot there around 05:00 pm my concern was the weather which has been unpredictable these days and its might rain or thunder storm  anytime.At 06:30pm in Malacca is still very bright compare to Kuching so I suggest if you have plan to hop on for Malacca River it at 07:00pm as we could see light bulbs strung everywhere on a building as well as on the trees that line the 4.5km stretch of Malacca river.Overall I enjoy the cruise and this is fun for a family trip.

Our next stop is Jongkers Street night market and dinner for a taste of Nyonya Heritage at Seroni Restaurant.

To be continue............