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Friday, April 15, 2011

New Media,Blogs,Blogger..whatever.

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Do you know that I got most of my news from the Net.It was a very simple decision:Do I want to read news as it happens or do I want to read it the next day?And I'm certain that I'm not alone in this.The younger you are,the more news you get online.Social media,blogs,blogger what ever we name it on the either hand are totally different.Make an error and there's sure to be someone to point out your mistake.The correction could come from a blog commentator or someone else might blog about it.So maybe the authorities should leave it to the blogger to police themselves.With more than 10,000 blogs in this country,one can be certain that lies would be shown to be what they are.Registering blogger,beyond being an unfeasible suggestion,is simply not the way to go.Unless someone wants to block the truth.Unfortunately,in the age of camera phone,compact size camera,high speed broadband and instant messaging ,blocking the truth is no longer a feasible option either.

Life really looks good a days ago for my blog.I gets recognized by BC Community from

Borneo Colours


BorneoColours is an independent  organization that promotes Borneo island as a single branded destination,working with Borneo Community and bloggers closely.Together,they showcase the colours of Borneo through Borneo online community portal called 

I would like to Thank You very much to BC Community Admin and also to all my BC Buddies .

Thank You.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Bye...Semban.

P3230622 P3230624

Good bye Semban time to leave...Selamat Jalan Kampong Semban...

P3240847 P3240826

Some view of the village


I miss this little boy name Aeron..Bye! Aeron.if i ever come back to Semban  I will bring you a colour pencil a drawing book and some sweet..that's my promise.


I miss the awesome view if sunrise



I will tell the world that you are still exist ,your beautiful culture is still exist....that's my promise.


About 4 hours later, we reached our starting point at Kampung Bengoh. A villager told us that there is a tallest waterfall in northern side of Bungo range....and there is no trail to go there, need to hire very experience old folk from the village & hack through the dense rainforest to reach there. And the trip is tougher than the trail to Semban.After listening to this..I'm asking myself."Should I come back here again?"A dam is under construction in the region, to be completed this year. Then the traditional access route will get flooded.. so how am I to come  and visit little child "Aeron" .


Me(uncle),Linda & Deckson.

Awesome  Semban is one of the 4 villages that have been compelled to move due to the construction of Bengoh Dam, the other 3 being Bojorn, Rejoi and Sait. This trek to Semban is the first or the last for 3 of us  once the dam gets flooded with water, maybe this year. Why did I say we are the last outsider to visit Kampong Semban. Read source from the star below....


Tight checks: The security guardhouse at the Bengoh dam site.

TIGHT security has been enforced at the site of the RM310mil Bengoh Dam project in Borneo Highlands over the past month.

No one is allowed to enter except for construction workers and those employed at the site office. Outsiders are barred.

The company responsible for the construction has also barred outsiders from visiting villagers in Kampung Taba Sait, Kampung Pain, Kampung Rejoi/Bojong and Kampung Semban who have been affected by the project and being forced to be resettled in a new area.

A guard manning the security post said he was merely following instructions.

Asked why visitors were not allowed, the guard said: “I don’t know. We are merely following instructions. Only workers are allowed in.”

StarMetro has also learnt that outsiders who want to visit the four affected villages are prohibited from using a route that passes through the dam site.

Visitors, whether locals or foreigners, are allowed only if they are accompanied by the village people.

It is learnt that the instruction came after visits by some media representatives to the villages about a month ago and the publication of reports highlighting the plight of the villagers.

StarMetro was the first to highlight issues concerning their unhappiness over the quantum of compensation paid to them.

The villagers were ordered to vacate their respective homes and move to the resettlement area when the houses and other facilities were completed.

The people, however, are to pay for the cost of the new houses in the resettlement area, which they refused.

Work on the Bengoh Dam commenced in Aug 2007 and is expected to be completed in December this year.


That me..start walk from Kampong Semban about 09:00am and reach Bengoh point at 13:37 PM....(photo by Linda).

Jawlinda is one of the blogger that join the team you can read her trip experience from her blog

MYonlineDiary and anyone interested to visit or plan a trip to Semban Village I suggest you cantact DECKSON of Visitor Information Centre ,Sarawak Tourism Board Kuching at this contact number +6 082 410944, +6 082 256301 .

Thank You....Thanks also to

Sarawak Bloggers Community

Thank You very much to Sarawak Tourism Board for inviting me for the awesome trip.....Good bye and Selamat Jalan Kampong Semban.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trip to Semban Village-The Sun Rising..

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For those who have been to a remote part Sarawak, experienced culture much different and diverse to their own, and felt the joys of the simple life, I think you will all agree that no matter how intriguing the destination, the journey there was the highlight. Nothing less than amazing was the journey to Semban Village,the village above the cloud. That night we were informed that those who wished to see the sun rise would need to wake up at 5’oclock in the morning and take 1750 steps to the top of a nearby hill.


Sunset view from the village of Semban

At 5am,we woke up and ascending to the summit of a hill to see the sunrise.I personally had to do battle with the forces  to haul myself up that morning. I dragged myself up and reached for my head torch, It was still dark  outside.

P3240789 P3240793

 Deckson & Linda enjoy the view

The sun rising over Semban’s beautiful landscape . It is one of those moments where you would just be still and wonder how beautiful the world we live in. Clouds can be seen covering the lower reaches of the valley and as the sun rise; its colour of powdery white, almost like cotton wool stretched over the tree tops. For a moment when the sun finally made its appearance, there were just silence among us, only the sound of birds and cameras clicking away.


P3240816 P3240818

The view is spectacular!!!

The “Sun Rising” over Semban’s beautiful landscape it is the one of those moment where you would just be still and wonder how beautiful the world we live in. Clouds can be seen covering the lower reaches of the valley and as the sun rise its colour of powdery white, almost like cotton wool stretched over the tree tops.



The air was very fresh and the view was amazing although the sun was blocked out by clouds.


We spend almost 45 minutes at the summit watching sunrise while enjoying fresh hot black coffee.It was early,and having walked for nearly six hours the previous day this was not a walk in the park.  Yes, my dear friends there was more uphill hiking involved. At the summit , soon enough it started to get light and we were looking at the valley below, shrouded in a thick blanket of cloud.  In amongst those clouds was, the village in the clouds.  The early morning hike was most definitely worth the effort. How beautiful the world we live in........


After the sunrise, as we make our way back to the village, we pass by a pepper farm. The villagers of Semban do plant, harvest and process pepper as a livelihood. Both white and black pepper seeds actually comes from the same tree, the only difference is that making white pepper is more tedious and time consuming.

P3240820 P3240821

As we walk closer to the village, we started seeing people busy going about their businesses. Some were on their way to the farm while others were busy processing their harvest. The adults were very friendly, greeting us as we meet them.

The village of Semban, located in the upper Penrissen near Kuching is one of the few Bidayuh villages spared from the flooding of the Bengoh Dam. Dubbed ‘the village above the clouds’, Kg Semban is home to the 7 last known surviving women who still wear copper rings coiled around their arms and forearms, a practice that will cease to exist with their passing. This visit to Semban will uncover the beauty of the people, their culture and way of life while we immerse ourselves in their natural, rustic environment.

Among the highlights at Kampung Semban:-

  • Crossing bamboo suspension bridges
  • Cultural performances by the ladies of the rings
  • Traditional parang forging demonstration
  • Visit to villagers’ farms and vegetable garden plots
  • Stay with local families and sample home- cooked food
  • Village tour
  • Sunrise watch
  • Waterfall hike

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Introduction-Trip to Semban Village.

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Group photo : Person with red cap is me with Mr Deckson (black cap) Tourist Coordinator from

Sarawak Tourism Board ,Mr Sagen Aden (yellow shirt) local eco-guide from Semban Vilage and one and only lady is Jawlinda Sanggin.I and Jawlinda is from SARAWAK BLOGGERS community .

The village is inaccessible to any mode of land or river transport.The fastest way to go there is by helicopter (Rm3500 per hr).The only way is a walk from Bengoh Dam  and a walk to the village for instance take 5 to 6 hours for person like myself,Deckson and Jawlinda but for Sagen (the local villagers) can go as fast as 3 to 4 hours.Many may have seen this village in a newspaper and film but not many have been to the village.

To view more photos and read about my beautiful experience and adventures see Part 1 ..very soon.


The blue hill or mountain (background) is our destination.Reading from GPS is just 6 kilometer and the walking trail (up & down the hill) is more then 12 kilo meter.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Your Travel Destination- Kuching,Sarawak.


Beautiful scenery awaiting you at Anah Rais Long House......

FIREFLY AIRLINE Irresistible fare !!! fly from KLIA to KUCHING from RM28.00

All-in air fares from Rm28.Booking from now till 16 Feb 2011. Travel period from 17feb to 31 March.

Travelling to Kuching on your own is not difficult as you may think.To-day I am going to list down one of the few places or attractions that you should not miss when travelling in Kuching.




If you want to stay over night just drop by this little Home Stay in Annah Rais Longhouse.

If you really don’t have time and budget to travel inland to places like Rejang river’s Iban longhouse, then Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse is your best choice. This is a very real authentic Bidayuh longhouse located at some 90km away from Kuching City Centre .They are working very hard to preserve the way it should be. If you prefer to stay back and to experience yourself the local way of living there, you can opt to stay with one of the local villager there who run a homestay program called Annah Rais Longhouse Adventure.


Beautiful isn't it...experience walking thru bamboo floor .

It is patronised by the tourists daily and many say that it has become a tourist place. Nevertheless, the local people still carried on with their traditional life there, despite lots of tourist visiting the longhouse everyday.


They still use traditional way to crush sugar cane for juice and the oldest skull still on show case and don't forget to ask them what the history behind the skull. Although the longhouse itself has already equipped with satellite or antenna, the main longhouse structure still remain pretty much original.



Even though the modern way of cooking is available but the people here still prefer using fire wood.

From Kuching city go to Annah Rais Bidayuh longhouse will take you about 90mins drive.Although the journey take a very long on single dual road but your will not feel bored because you will be amazed by the scenic countryside view,like the beautiful mountain range,limestone hill and paddy field.I found that taxi is  the only public transport to go here.This is because, Annah Rais Longhouse is so remote and not many local people come here. So, no bus services as the Bidayuh in this longhouse are mostly working in the city and almost all of them own a car. The only public transport available for visitor is Taxi. Generally, the local taxi will charge RM90 to RM110 for 1 way transfer from Kuching city to Annah Rais Longhouse. Besides, the other way  to go here  is rent car. The normal price is RM70 by small private car Perodua kancil, maximum 3 adult; or by 10-seater van at RM120 or the best way is join the local tour agent.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Public Transport-Kuching City.

Kuching is considered a non-active city at night, therefore public transportion after 7 pm may be limited to certain locations within Kuching or outside. Taxis are available 24 hours but also limited to those who used to travel at night and have a place to book for oncall taxi or rent a car at reasonable rate. Since all tourist spots in Kuching area is located quite far from one to another, therefore rent a car for convenience, you'll be able to visit more places. Unlike Kuala Lumpur City, Kuching serves without Train, no LRT, no commuter except for Bus/Water taxis (Sampan).


If  bus is your mode of transport in Kuching City ..first you need to study the bus route and make sure you know where you are going.

P1290230 P1290231

To be honest to visitors...While in Kuching City don't expect nice,cosy,air-condition bus station ..

P1290229 P1290235

My experience..If you want to go to Semenggok Wildlife Centre to meet Ritchie and family the Urang Utan.Go early in the morning take bus number K6.Don't take on noon e.g 13:30pm bus from Kuching because you might miss the return bus you go at noon returning is difficult .Go at 07:00am and are just in time to see Ritchie and friends 'The Urang Utan' feeding time that is at 09:00 am everyday.Spend few hours there and return by bus at noon is easier, but not after 04:00pm it might be difficult.

** Ritchie is the oldest urang utan at the wildlife centre in Semenggok.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip "Last Day".


Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese Friends.

For those of you who decide to travel period of 1st Feb-28Feb 2011 just logon to this web site 


This is my last part about my trip to Kuala Lumpur which was fully sponsored by Firefly Airline and Tourism Malaysia.After having our breakfast at The Hotel Istana we go for a Kuala Lumpur City tour by 'KL Hop On-Hop off' double decker bus.

istana lobby

The Hotel Istana Lobby.......

KL Hop on bus service is great way to see the city of Kuala Lumpur without engaging a tourist guide and at a minimal fare.While on the bus you will be presented with multilingual commentary so that you will not be lost .

P1170134 P1170136

Beside the multilingual commentary there is also the availability of WIFI on the bus.This bus will take passengers to over 40 tourist spot within the city.We stop at bus stop #12 that is to National Museum or Muzium Negara.

firefly's FAM trip 20111

The National Museum was very clearly laid out in different theme blocks, starting with the pre-historical times, continuing with the development of civilization and Malay royal dynasties, then occupation/colonial times (Portuguese, Dutch and British), and finally the part about independent Malaysia. There was a separate hall dealing with the national traditions, such as the birth, marriage, etc ceremonies, and a part concentrating on the national crafts. The visit took us around 2 hours and was a well needed introduction to the history and culture of the country .Then we are invited by the Dato' Ibrahim Bin Ismail the Ketua Pangarah of Jabatan Muzium Malaysia for a light refreshment .


Our group photo with Dato' Ibrahim and his staff.

From Museum Negara we proceed back to Hotel Istana  for Lunch with VIP from Tourism Malaysia and  before begin our dinner we introduce our self.....'Sesi Suaikenal Bersama Unit Perhubungan Media,Bahgian Komunikasi & Publisiti Tourism Malaysia.Here I would like to give a big Thank You to Tourism Malaysia ..I certainly support cuti-cuti Malaysia and our Community Airline 'Firefly's'.

After lunch 'FREE & EASY...I don't go anywhere I go back to my room packing and try to nap for few minutes as our transport to KLIA is at 16:30pm .


Photo by Justin KC Yap...

Firefly Airline check-in counter are located at its A3 and A4.Same lane of our way to departure gate.

chkin2 chkin3

Firefly's ticketing counter in KLIA & Firefly's check-in counter staff in you are on candid camera !!!

I am not dreaming...can you imagine that budget conscious travellers like me flying on budget airline enjoying  KLIA and without doubt KLIA is a travel destination in itself, this is because here you will be able to find all that you need for business, entertainment and even relaxation. With the concept of efficiency, competitiveness and the desire to become the world-class airport hub in mind thus KLIA was conceived.

My flight KUL-KCH,ETD 2045 and ETA 2230 (FY630)..all the way the weather was fine and landed Kuching International Airport ahead of schedule .

End of my Trip and  from here I give a very big Thank You to our Community Airline 'Firefly Airline' and Tourism Malaysia...Thank You very much.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip(part7)Malacca Full day Tour.

I meet few friends recently who have flown with Firefly Airline and almost all of them give positive sign 'THUMB UP'.Beside enjoy comfortable flight onboard  a new fleet of B737-800 they also enjoy arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport,located just  28 minutes by KLIA Express Rail service and the best is that they won't have to cross the tarmac under hot sun or rainy day to board the planes.

Effective 24 January,2011 Firefly's KCH to KUL new schedule is 4X Daily, for booking online kindly logon to the web site of our Community Airline FIREFLY's


Now back to the Malacca Full Day Tour which was hosted by Tourism Malaysia,Tourism Malaysia of Melaka and Firefly Airline.As we have completed our morning tour and before we started heading to other tourist spot, first we have lunch at Restaurant Indori.

IndoriMalam indorimalam1

(photo credit to Indori) Indori Restaurant night view......

An average person like me  rated this restaurant 5 star !!!!.Delicious Padang menus , its a little bit expensive but still affordable .Value for monies.Don't forget to try the sambal,it was 'awesome' stunning food ever !! oh my..I'm hungry again thinking of this Padang Food ever .

P1160077 P1160076

Photo by Awang.

Next stop is Museum  Istana Kesultanan Melayu Melaka and on the opposite is  prohibited garden palace which was only for the King and the Royal families.How great I'm that now I can share the modern garden with the Royal Family hehehehe......


Photo by Awang.

Lovely decorated bridge that we use to cross Melaka River that lead us to Kampong Mortem.


Photo by Awang.

Kampong Morten is a riverine Malay village on the banks of Melaka river. It is the only traditional Malay village in the heart of the historical city Melaka. It is considered as a living museum as many of its villagers are still preserving its age-old living style apart from the unique architecture of their traditional houses. A visit to Kampung Morten is a good chance to experience the lifestyle of the local Malays. The village is named after Frederich Morten, a British Land Commissioner and has 85 homes including 52 Malacca traditional houses... The village sits on land located at the edge of the Malacca River and used to be a mangrove swamp foliaged by dense nipah jungle until Morten opened up the land with the assistance of Othman Mohd Noh who is credited to be the founder of the village... Despite  the years, Kampung Morten is the only Malay village in Malacca to have maintained its customs and traditions... The village's houses were built according to the Malay design of having long roofs and tile-covered stairs made from stone... Intricate wood cravings can also be found on the verandah of these houses... Various flowering plants decorate its lawn... Kampung Morten was gazetted as a traditional Malay village of heritage significance and turned into a tourist attraction by the State government in 1988...


Photo by Awang.

Villa Sentosa a Living mesuem.

This Malay Kampung House is open to public. When we came, we felt very welcome. The owner showed us the house and told us the history of his family with a lot of passion. You can view a good collection of costumes, Malay embroidery, furniture, and other interesting relics.

P1160087 P1160112

Photo by Awang :)

I was surprise to see Malacca have monorail service.This monorail is spanning 1.6KM from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama to Kampong Bunga Raya Pantai along the Malacca River and is part of the State's aim to tap the potential of the river as a tourist attraction.



Photo credit to Justin KC Yap.

After a trip to Kampong Mortem home stay and Villa Sentosa  we are now heading for the Malacca River Cruise.The moment I set foot there around 05:00 pm my concern was the weather which has been unpredictable these days and its might rain or thunder storm  anytime.At 06:30pm in Malacca is still very bright compare to Kuching so I suggest if you have plan to hop on for Malacca River it at 07:00pm as we could see light bulbs strung everywhere on a building as well as on the trees that line the 4.5km stretch of Malacca river.Overall I enjoy the cruise and this is fun for a family trip.

Our next stop is Jongkers Street night market and dinner for a taste of Nyonya Heritage at Seroni Restaurant.

To be continue............