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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Budget or Low Cost Airline On Tourism Boom,

Kuching International Airport photo by Awang.
The popularity of budget airlines has highlighted the tre­mendous growth potential of the travel and tourism industry, not just in Malaysia but in the entire Asian region as well. Travel is no longer the preserve of the rich and elite.Travel and tourism is Malaysia’s seventh largest industry and is expec­ted to grow further after receiving a 42 per cent increase in allocation to RM358 million under Budget 2013. On top of that, tax breaks and sustained promotional campaigns are set to push the Malaysian tourism industry further into the international limelight.
The Tourist in Kuching Sarawak photo by Awang.
 Talking about low cost air fare MALINDO AIR has been the talk of the town since its started flying to Kuching on 24th March,2013. Malindo Air is a joint venture by Jakarta, Indonesia-based Lion Air and Malaysia’s National Aerospace and Defence Industries. Many questions have been posed on whether Malindo Air will be credible enough to fly with. In fact, as in new services, consumers are very much shadowed with uncertainty. Is it true you do not have to pay for 15 kilos baggage allowance for economy class? Is it true meal will be provided? How cheap the flight fares would be? Those are among the never-ending questions posed.We are very much hoping Malindo Air scheduled flights to Kuching would help boost tourism in Sarawak.I would say YES!!! any increase in flight frequency is always good. At the very least, domestic tourism will improve.” Malindo's has promised more domestic destinations, including Miri, Bintulu, Sibu and Sandakan but no start dates have been made publicly available.


willie a.k.a reptoz said...

Agree bro. Low cost flights really boost inter-region and international escape.

AWANG said...

bro Willie > haha AirAsiaX boost more on International escape .