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Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to Semban Village-Day Two (part 1)..

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On day two we are suppose to go for trekking to the summit for sunrise viewing point .It's still raining outside so we skip this trip and hopefully can make it on day three. So to-day trial is heading to waterfall.After breakfast,trekking start to most imposing waterfall 'Susukng' (higest) and the 'Pent'(beautiful) waterfall.According to Mr Sagen ,Semban region have 13 waterfall but the 'Susukng' and 'Pent' is the most imposing waterfall .

My entry here is kind of photojournalist ..more photos then a story .

P3230639 P3230648 P3230640

P3230643 P3230647 P3230673

Heading to waterfall is more then an hour walk and we have to be careful as the trial is still wet .I suggest you buy cheap rubber shoes commonly wear by the local here and its cost you only Rm6.00.Travel light with drinking water recommended (by me).

P3230634 P3230635 P3230638

P3230641 P3230645 P3230674

On our way to the waterfall trial we are being brief of various wild plants,flowers and herb that are found in Semban jungle or I would say its kind of Semban village botanic experience.We even found a kind of local bamboo trap as Semban villagers are expert for hunting wild animal for meat.


This is 'SUSUKNG" the highest waterfall in this region... the word 'susu-kng' mean highest .I can't go closer to the waterfall ,because the surrounding rock is still wet and very slippery and dangerous too..

P3230663 P3230655

According to our guide no swimming at this waterfall ...Dangerous...yes, of course at your own risk.


The highest waterfall  'SUSIKNG'..


Semban not only interesting because of the seven women .Living surrounded by forests and high mountain itself is exciting to explore. Continue their way of life in everyday life is not easy as I thought, especially for those of us living in the cities.
Imagine, a trip to get to the village if by land is about six to eight hours. Do not dream to go by 4WD or by boat because there was no way. Only a small path that exploited the people using machetes and placed bamboo ladder climbing into the village with the mediator Bengoh, the location closest to the main road...oh my,,I can't forget this..My story is not edited or censor ..My story is my own experience and what i see.

Kampung Seban is a small village of no more than 30 houses with a population of approx 200 people at 3000ft or circa 1000 meters above sea level in the jungles of Borneo, reached only by helicopter ( in extreme emergency) or approx. 5 hours of trekking.If you are purely nature lover,adventures or extreme kind of people ..I would say this is the place.For more info kindly contact Mr Deckson Bundak ,Sarawak Tourism Board Tourist Co-ordinator at

+6 082-410944

+6 082-256301 

My story is not ending yet..more photos and my Semban village experience on Part 2.I know some of you maybe interest to see the mysterious of the seven ladies with ring..just watch out.

Thank You.

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JM said...

Now this is my kind of tour. Amazing nature, would love to be there too.