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Monday, January 31, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip "Last Day".


Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese Friends.

For those of you who decide to travel period of 1st Feb-28Feb 2011 just logon to this web site 


This is my last part about my trip to Kuala Lumpur which was fully sponsored by Firefly Airline and Tourism Malaysia.After having our breakfast at The Hotel Istana we go for a Kuala Lumpur City tour by 'KL Hop On-Hop off' double decker bus.

istana lobby

The Hotel Istana Lobby.......

KL Hop on bus service is great way to see the city of Kuala Lumpur without engaging a tourist guide and at a minimal fare.While on the bus you will be presented with multilingual commentary so that you will not be lost .

P1170134 P1170136

Beside the multilingual commentary there is also the availability of WIFI on the bus.This bus will take passengers to over 40 tourist spot within the city.We stop at bus stop #12 that is to National Museum or Muzium Negara.

firefly's FAM trip 20111

The National Museum was very clearly laid out in different theme blocks, starting with the pre-historical times, continuing with the development of civilization and Malay royal dynasties, then occupation/colonial times (Portuguese, Dutch and British), and finally the part about independent Malaysia. There was a separate hall dealing with the national traditions, such as the birth, marriage, etc ceremonies, and a part concentrating on the national crafts. The visit took us around 2 hours and was a well needed introduction to the history and culture of the country .Then we are invited by the Dato' Ibrahim Bin Ismail the Ketua Pangarah of Jabatan Muzium Malaysia for a light refreshment .


Our group photo with Dato' Ibrahim and his staff.

From Museum Negara we proceed back to Hotel Istana  for Lunch with VIP from Tourism Malaysia and  before begin our dinner we introduce our self.....'Sesi Suaikenal Bersama Unit Perhubungan Media,Bahgian Komunikasi & Publisiti Tourism Malaysia.Here I would like to give a big Thank You to Tourism Malaysia ..I certainly support cuti-cuti Malaysia and our Community Airline 'Firefly's'.

After lunch 'FREE & EASY...I don't go anywhere I go back to my room packing and try to nap for few minutes as our transport to KLIA is at 16:30pm .


Photo by Justin KC Yap...

Firefly Airline check-in counter are located at its A3 and A4.Same lane of our way to departure gate.

chkin2 chkin3

Firefly's ticketing counter in KLIA & Firefly's check-in counter staff in you are on candid camera !!!

I am not dreaming...can you imagine that budget conscious travellers like me flying on budget airline enjoying  KLIA and without doubt KLIA is a travel destination in itself, this is because here you will be able to find all that you need for business, entertainment and even relaxation. With the concept of efficiency, competitiveness and the desire to become the world-class airport hub in mind thus KLIA was conceived.

My flight KUL-KCH,ETD 2045 and ETA 2230 (FY630)..all the way the weather was fine and landed Kuching International Airport ahead of schedule .

End of my Trip and  from here I give a very big Thank You to our Community Airline 'Firefly Airline' and Tourism Malaysia...Thank You very much.


fiziskandarz said...

wahhh syoknyer jalan2 free! i like! i like! thanx for sharing, really enjoyed it ;)

wa khairul onggon said...

Tahniah uncle.. best aieee.. cuma bas Kl hop hop ya hehe jak mahal bagi kmk.. RM45 nak? Kacak2 gambar ambik ktk.. Hemsem na juak org nok berdiri tengah2 group photo ya :)

AWANG said...


WaKO>KL hop-hop ada mykad hanya Rm19 sahaja..urang baju t-puteh di tengah ya kah ??? urang Sibo ya,belum you jumpa nya idup-idup ..Sharok Khan kalah ..hahaha :)