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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Malaysia Airline MH370 (9M-MRO).

Photo Credit to

An outpour of shock and disbelief reverberated on Twitter today as news spread of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight bound for Beijing early this morning.
Messages of prayers for the 239 passengers on board flight MH370, whose fate is still unknown, poured in from all over the world.The Malaysia Airlines press conference has come and gone, and, unfortunately, very little new information was revealed.
Anyway  the latest info about MH370.
BREAKING: Malaysia Airlines Reports ‘Lost Contact’ with Aircraft HERE 
Local news : 38 Malaysians on board MH370
Malaysia latest update as at 12:45pm (8/3/2014)

More photo here from THE STAR GALLERY

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Plane-Spotting is an Interesting Activity.

Plane-spotting is an interesting activity that involves times of great excitement and boredom, along with some planning if you want to know what to expect.For last week outing, I really wanted a nice picture of the daily AirAsia,Malaysia Airline,Malindo Air and MASWings flight, which is tough because it lands on runway25 of Kuching Internaional Airport, not known for good spotting locations. I did however locate a nice spot that was not only quiet, but pretty damn close to plane final approach. 
 While the weather was terrible for pictures, I still managed to get a couple of shots on approach.

 More plane spotting collection My Flickr.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Outing -Plane Spotting.

On days like today where there isn't much to do and nothing else to surf for on the net, I usually end up looking at pictures of aircraft and if the weather is fine I end up take my camera and go for aircraft spotting.To-day I only carry my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.This camera is aimed at DSLR users who are looking for a compact camera to complement their existing SLR gear. Consequently the LX3 comes with comprehensive manual controls and a fast F2.0-F2.8 24-60mm (35mm equivalent) Leica DC Vario-Summicron lens. Images are captured on a 1/1.63-inch CCD sensor sporting 10.1 million effective pixels.
 Lumix DMC-LX3.(2.5x zoom)
 Ideally, plane spotting should be an outing where you go out, of course somewhere close to the airport and look at airplanes and take pictures and stuff. Now in Kuching International Airport, yes you can sort of do that, but lets be honest here, how many different types of aircraft  and Airlines lands at our KIA /WBGG. To be frank, I do plane spotting every week day in  KIA  regulars. The MH,Maswing, the Malindo  Air and the Air Asia  So that would not make an interesting outing would it?  the busier the airport the better it is for plane spotters example KLIA.
There are those who consider plane spotting a serious hobby. As for me, I would not consider myself anywhere near that. Merely I am simple and plain plane spotter. Occasionally looking up in the sky when there is a plane passing by.  Anyways, I have a few pictures that I shoot to-day arm only with compact camera the panasonic lumix lx3.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Aircraft/Plane Spotting In Kuching International Airport.

Spotting a plane in Kuching International Airport(KIA) is a bit boring .We don't have a suitable view gallery or Anjung Tingau like we have in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).Further more our KIA is not a busy airport with the arrival and departure of foreign  Airline.All we can spot for the day was the arrival and departure of carrier namely MASwings,Malindo,AirAsia and Malaysia Airline.In my case if i wanted to go for plane spotting during weekend. Firstly I need to check the arrival and departure of the aircraft from FLIGHTSTATS..I prefer to spot AirAsia plane because their plane Usually have different  Aircraft livery is also the term describing the paint scheme of an aircraft.
Yesterday was a good weather and beautiful sunset near to airport.Below are few set of photos from my plane spotting yesterday.

Friday, December 20, 2013

What's A Plane Spotter ?.

::: To answer the question "What's a plane spotter ?" we must go back in time and go back to the roots of spotting aircraft over 60 years ago. For those of you who want the short version click here.
::: During WW II the Royal Air Force used a large number of volunteers to observe incoming aircraft. Due to the lack of sophisticated radar equipment at that time, the information gathered by these observers was critical in planning and executing defensive counter air operations. The volunteers of the Observer Corps where the first true aircraft spotters trained in recognizing aircraft, their colors and their distinctive markings and codes.
::: Today aircraft spotting is fortunately a peaceful hobby for many people. There are many different ways to practice this hobby. Some people are interested in civil aviation while others prefer the military branch. Some are only interested in operational aircraft, while others enjoy going to museums and watch preserved planes. Some “don’t do” transport aircraft while others “do” only fighters.
::: Among these people you will find different kind of spotters. Some people just like to watch, some are photographers, others write down the aircraft registration number or listen to air band frequencies on their radio or scanner. Of course a mix of these specialties is a familiar sight among the spotters. Let us look at these different specialties and find out what it is all about.
In my case as a hobbyist photographer .

::: Photographers are probably the biggest group if you look at the different ways to practice the hobby of aircraft spotting, although there is a strong connection with the ‘Number-Writers’, but more on that later. Photographers can practice their hobbies also in many different ways. Some try to take a picture of every aircraft they see, while others only take pictures of aircraft in a (near) perfect position, situation or weather. There are people who hate static aircraft shots. They want speed, action and agility. Their challenge is to get that split second action shot of a fast-moving jet. Others prefer a aircraft parked spacious, with sun (most important), no barriers, stepladders, people or ‘remove-before-flight’ streamers.
 Here  a set of photographs that I spotted and I am using lens 70-300mm.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Aircraft Model Collection .

Aircraft model collection has becoming a very addictive hobby for many people. There are many kinds of manufactured aircraft models, it is impossible for a person to collect all of the models. Every nation has their own flagship airplane models, which range from jet plane models to jumbo air liners. With the collection passions, most of the people are keeping on searching for different typed of airplane models. No matter the wood replica airplanes or the metallic aircraft models. But the price of these models not common, it depends on their rarity, not all of the planet models are available.
Some of the manufactured models of aircraft are no longer being produced, because of the original aircraft have been taken out of active service and are now kept in museums. Because of their history these models are still remembered, and it is very precious for collectors.
 If you are interested in aviation in general, a model airplane is a great addition to your living room. You do not have to be a kid to have a model airplane of your own. This is because a model airplane can actually be an excellent collector's item, a toy of sorts for grownups. This means you can just keep it on display or even encased if you want to; you do not have to play with it. On the other hand, if you do want to play with it, play with your kids or nephews. You can teach them to appreciate aviation at an early age.

Anyone can be a collector. Discovering your passion is the start of any collection, so if you are fascinated by airplanes and flight, becomes a model airplane collector today. Being a model airplane collector is fun and affordable
Pictures of my aircraft model collection ....