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Monday, May 16, 2011

FireFly-Melaka Air.

Affordable air travel: Budget carriers like Firefly is making transit time faster for busy people

MALACCA: The Batu Berendam International airport here is poised to get a stimulus with a new airline interested in turning the facility into its air transportation hub.
Servicing seven air routes between Thailand, Indonesia and local sectors, the FireFly-Melaka Air is expected to make its maiden flight on Nov 11, 2011, symbolising the favourite numbers for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak - (11/11/11).
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said NN Flyers, a aviation company based in Kuala Lumpur who holds an equity of 90% in the company will collaborate with state-owned agency, Yayasan Melaka, who owns a 10% share in the airlines.
 Melaka International Airport.
“NNFlyers will lease the ATR-72 aircraft from MAS affiliate FireFly with the cost of USD190,000 where the collaboration will be known as Firefly-Melaka Air,” he said after chairing the weekly Exco meeting here on Wednesday.
Mohd Ali added that the airlines will serve Medan, Pekan Baru, Padang and Pelembang in Indonesia, Hatyai in Thailand while Penang and Kota Baru are the two local routes.
The frequency of flights are between three to four times in a week while the ticket prices are expected to be announced later.Mohd Ali said he had calculated the maintenance of each aircraft at RM800,000 including the salaries of crew members of the new airline.We anticipate the revenue of the new airline to be lucrative considering that Malacca is a top tourist destination,” he said.
He also noted that two other airlines Wings Air and Riau Airlines that have landing rights at the airport here would not be affected by the debut of the new service.

The airt transporation providers currently serves Pekan Baru-Malacca-Pekan Baru with frequencies of three flights, a week.On a separate matter, Mohd Ali announced that foreigners will be granted to procure properties here that cost more than RM200,000 but with the condition that they have to fork out a levy of 2%He said the new ruling will take effect immediately where the revenue collected from such levies would be used to aid the needy in the state
Mohd Ali added that the collection will be channelled to state Public Aid Fund where the fund would be wisely utilised to aid the locals who are in need of financial assistances.
He said the state hoped to yield some type of revenue due from the property boom in the state, especially with the overwhelming demand from foreigners, especially Singaporeans who are keen to own properties here.
News courtesy of The Star.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Firefly Airline : Johor Bahru to Kuching.

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The big ticket items in most trips involve airfares, accommodations and ground transportation. These things can be very expensive, but budget travellers can shop on the Internet for the best deals on these and other high cost expenses.Airfares rise and fall like stock prices. Buy at the right time and you can save a lot of money. Know the rules, find the Web sites with last-minute deals, use your credit cards or debit cards to snag free air travel and be certain your baggage doesn't cost you more money.In Malaysia for example try log on to fireflyz website 


JHB001 senaiapt

Making Senai Airport a hub may also help spur the airport and the Iskandar Malaysia region.

179258_1722362291420_1009202758_31863960_3369248_n Media Pass

The media & social media was invited @ Inaugural Flight KCH/KLIA/KCH on 15 January 2011.


Photo by Justin KC YAP media from The Borneo Post.

The three social media (blogger) invited ,in blue shirt Kuching's Daily Photo,with white T is

A Delicious Trip and black T is the founder of Sarawak Blogger Community

Thank You to and also

Tourism Malaysia  and as a social media we are very happy indeed to support our local low cost carrier and to promote Malaysia as tourist attraction..



Airline Firefly launches new hub in Iskandar Malaysia region

Malaysian local airline Firefly has banked on the Iskandar Development Region, launching a fifth hub in Senai. The area was currently an “ugly duckling” that would soon blossom, and is far cheaper than having a base at Singapore’s Changi airport, said the company’s managing director Eddy Leong.

Firefly aims to have nine aircraft flying by the end of 2011, including seven 737-800 and two 737-400 aircraft, the latter to be based at the new Senai hub. Leong stressed that his company didn’t intend to use Senai to compete with Changi, but to complement it. Transport services along the Singapore-Johor Bahru corridor are expected to improve in future, making Senai a practical alternative to low cost carriers.

Firefly also announced new flights from Johor Bahru to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu to begin in May/June, and is applying to operate flights even further afield to Bangkok and Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. The airline plans to carry 3.5 million passengers this year from Senai and its four existing hubs at Kota Kinabalu, Subang, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Penang.

The Senai segment of the Iskandar Malaysia special economic region is growing fast, and within five years it should see mega projects constructed such as a new private hospital operated by Columbia Asia, a branch of the UK’s Marlborough College Malaysia, plus shopping malls and theme parks.

source & article: The Edge Malaysia

My first flight with fireflyz was on the 15th January 2011 from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur.Only a short month, firefly has proven  as a successful business model that has achieved many important milestones in the aviation industry.A new milestone add new route from Johor Bahru to Kuching (JHB/KCH/JHB) starting 19th of May,2011 for fireflyz.

Johor Bahru was once merely a conduit and brief stopover for tourists travelling to or exiting out of Singapore. Today, however, it offers a cornucopia of attractions of its own, luring sand, sea and sun-seekers, eco and agro-adventurers, shoppers, golf-crazies and, last but not least, the dining and drinking crowd. This fortuitous transformation occurred only recently, in the 1980s and 1990s, and coincided with the intensive development of its natural allurement and the growing disparity between the value of the Malaysian ringgit and the Singapore dollar.Johor Bahru sits right next to the national boundary between two inseparably linked countries and has all the blessings and blemishes to show for it. Nowhere else in Malaysia better displays the differences between two intertwining streams of history. Today, the city becomes known as a 'half-price bazaar' for everything from groceries to golf to thousands of Singaporeans, enriched by a strong currency.

My last trip to Johor Bahru was in the year 2009 and  I'm yet to explore many tourist spot in JB to name a few let us go to Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

"Perched upon a hill-top, the mosque combines the neo-classical Western and Islamic architecture, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia."

The Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is regarded as one of the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia, with its amazing combination of Western neo-classical and Islamic architecture. 

This mosque can accommodate about 2,000 worshippers at any one time. The mosque is strategically located on top of a hill on Jalan Abu Bakar, overlooking the Straits of Tebrau.

Sultan Abu Bakar mosque was named after the late Sultan Abu Bakar, the "Father of Modern Johor", who laid the foundation stone in 1892. Construction of the mosque was completed in 1900, a few years after his death. Today, the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque is listed as a protected heritage monument by the Department of Museums and Antiquities.


 Masjid AbuJHB

Photo credit to


I have listed places of interest in JB in my list: Danga Bay, Abu Bakar Mosque, Johor Zoo, Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Museum, Johor Bahru Chinese Temple, Sultan Ibrahim Building and City Square (a shopping center)..Danga Bay, around 8 km away from city center, might be a good place to spend a night- hawker center, restaurants, Marine Club (left and middle), circus, Danga Bay Cruise and amusement park, most of them start operation at night.

Source & article: Credit to

Kuching to Johor Bahru by fireflyz log in to this website

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fireflyz to Miri and Sibu.



Latest from fireflyz Must fly with Fifty-five! Check out the promo fares for new routes KLIA to Miri and Sibu as well as JB to KK and Kuching. Booking period: now to March 7, 2011. Travel period: March 5 to Aug 24, 2011! For details visit

When you plan your overseas holiday or travel by air locally you require to plan it correctly in order to get the maximum out of it. Because you invest a fair slice of your expenditure on the air tickets, it is a very good idea to book cheap flights to conserve money. It is not a challenging job to find cheap flights these days in Malaysia for example we have 'Community Airline that is Firefly Airline' and 'Now everyone can fly for AirAsia' both provide budget airfare in order to attract a lot more passengers to keep their airline companies afloat. The purpose is that due to fierce competition most of the airlines the world over run just on the border line between losses and profits.


SIBU TOWN.......

Photo credit to Ministry of

Tourism & Heritage Sarawak

Before choosing on your flight, you require to compare cheap flights offered by various airlines. When you go online flights could be checked quickly. This way you could find cheap flights to any destination. When you do so you can use the money saved to enjoy your vacation. It is of immense use understanding international airline booking program when it comes to finding cheap flights from anywhere.
There is also a new breed of airlines that charge rock bottom rates referred to as the low cost airlines. You can find cheap flights with these airlines also. They have reduce down costs by abolishing the on board food and drinks. You get a whole lot of these flights between Asian nations. For instance, you can buy a ticket to Jakarta,Surabaya,Bandung,Singapore,Koh Samui and Phuket for half the cost you pay for a typical airline


MIRI credit to Ministry of Tourism & Heritage Sarawak.


Firefly airline is a new Malaysian no-frills airline(they call themselve a'Community Airline"),which started flight in April 2007.The only and other Malaysian Low-cost carrier is AirAsia.There was some controversy over the choice of the name Firefly, with some feeling a better brand-name could have been chosen. A Malaysian Airlines employee said on an internet forum that the name Firefly was meant to be "evocative,emotive and unique" and on their website firefly airline describe a firefly as being 'Agile,Brilliant,charm and Fun".

Check out the promo fares for new routes KLIA to MIRI and SIBU as well as JOHOR BAHRU to KUCHING & KOTA KINABALU.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Travel by Air-Airline Baggage Restriction.

Most airlines tighten baggage rules to help trim costs,the low cost carrier for example.They are trying to mitigate the impact of fuel price volatility, have resorted to stringent baggage restrictions as part of measures to achieve better fuel efficiency
According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), every 1% improvement in fuel efficiency across the aviation industry can lower fuel costs by US$700mil annually. This is unsurprising since fuel cost is the second-largest cost for airlines after labour.Low cost carrier in Malaysia, passengers on this flights are encouraged to travel light, like using carry-on luggage, to minimise checked-in baggage. They are allowed to have one carry-on luggage of up to 7kg, plus free 15kg allowance for checked-in baggage.
When travelling with LCC you are permitted to have one piece of baggage on board on condition it does not exceed the dimensions of 56cm X 36cm X 23cm and does not weigh more than 7kg.Your hand luggage must fit in an enclosed storage compartment in the cabin or under the seat in front of you. Items which may be seen as posing a threat to the security will not be permitted on board.
Checked Baggage ::Passengers of LCC are allowed to transport free of charge checked baggage up to a maximum weight of 20 kg or 15 kg in so far as the baggage complies with the conditions of carriage as stated on the official website of the carrier.Needless too say, a baggage exceeding the above limitations will incur an excess baggage fee. One can purchase additional kilograms both online (a cheaper option) and at the airport.LCC stands out from many other carriers we have looked into in that it defines different limitations and fees depending on what kind of aircraft one is going to fly with.
Aviation Sector: Assessing the Impact of Costlier Jet Fuel
I could say I am very luck that I am able to travel these days.Thanks to the internet for giving us so many information and also budget airline.Six years ago most of us think and have no idea of travelling with budget airline or also known as Low Cost Carrier.For more info just log on to this website

Friday, February 25, 2011

Firefly to make Senai next hub ?.

Firefly looks set to use Johor's Senai Airport as the second hub for its jet planes and is eyeing regional destinations like Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia.


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Firefly has leased two Boeing 737-400 planes, and these will be positioned at Senai Airport. It is not known if any of the Boeing 737-800 planes ordered by the airline will be joining the fleet of Boeing 737-400 jets at Senai Airport.

It is understood, however, that Firefly is leasing the two planes on a short-term basis. Sources said subject to traffic rights approval, Firefly aims to operate the jets from Senai by the first quarter of 2011 and is eyeing routes such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Bandung, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu

"There is also great potential for other international airports like those in Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Penang to serve as subsequent hubs for Firefly jets," one source said.

Making Senai Airport a hub may also help spur the airport and the Iskandar Malaysia region.

Senai Airport:

The airport, meanwhile, can expect to be infused with a new lease of life, following many repeated attempts by other airlines which had previously introduced international and domestic flights.These efforts had not taken off, resulting in an under capacity at the airport, which has recently been upgraded with a first of its kind Aeromall.The airport is currently served by Malaysian Airline,Fireflyz and AirAsia.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fireflyz-New Hub & New Route.

Firefly said: Firefly starts a new chapter in its expansion plan with a new hub in Johor Bahru.The new routes is from Johor Bahru to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.


Fireflyz   offer daily direct flights 2 times a day from their new hub of Johor Bahru (JHB) to Kuching (KCH) and Kota Kinabalu (BKI).The aircraft Boeing 737-400 first flight began on May 19 and June 16, 2011 .


In conjunction with celebrating the introduction of these new routes,fly for free promotions as low as RM9 one-way ticket (Fare RM0.01 + RM8.99 tax) for online booking starting from Feb 22 until Feb 28 2011

 737400 interior

Photo credit to Airliner .net.                      (The interior view of Boeing 737-400)

The new exterior look, the new owner should consider retrofitting the seats, by just replacing the Business Class seats with normal Economy seats. Through this option, the Boeing 737-400 will have slightly more capacity at the same time retaining the luxurious seat-pitch it currently have.The new hub "The Sultan Ismail Airport" Johor Bahru is the first step to make it the site for Firefly continues to expand, especially in the next plan to introduce new international routes flying from Johor Bahru to Jakarta , Surabaya and Bandung .  Obviously "orange power" Firefly is now more advanced and faster after the successful invasion of the blue cloud of direct flights of Boeing 737-800 aircraft from their new route to KLIA to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu since January 15, 2011.

Congratulations ......


Tip from me:  All low cost carrier in Malaysia  is a perfectly good airline to fly if you book early, don't carry much luggage, have no special requirements, and you are certain that nothing will arise that will require you to engage with any aspect of the airline's "customer service". .

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Backpacking in Kuching

Kuching is one of the cheapest cities in Malaysia for a vacation.Backpacking is favourite as the city has lower crime rate and English is widely spoken.If you need directions,or wish to order food from hawkers stall rest assured that someone will be able speak with you in English.


Enjoy the Sarawak river cruise  by sampan or cruise ship...

Some planning is in order to stretch your vacation money for a maximum if you are a backpacker........


This is one the many Bed & Breakfast in Kuching city.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travel Experience....

Lately I try to conduct my own research and talk to people who have flown with Firefly Airline.I ask him about how you manage to book your low fare ticket.Firefly has a pretty easy to use Firefly's website and I am able to pick seats and order meals in advance. It is user friendly and I also like the fact that it offers a Premium package  which include a free hot meal, bottled water, extra legroom seats, baggage allowance and priority baggage delivery and he say It will be nicer if it can include priority boarding.


Kuching International Airport Boarding gate.......

Now can you tell me the check-in process at the counter in Kuching International Airport?? I find this experience to be the most disappointed part of the whole travelling experience.In KIA the MasWing conduct the check-in and boarding and two counter are used for check-in activity .The agent (MasWing) was not particularly friendly or polite and were really slow in processing the check-in especially with bags.


Kuching International Airport night view........

What about boarding activity ? . Well in KLIA boarding supposed to take place according to row number and of course ended up like everyone board at once.However the boarding staff  at KIA just let every passengers board at once,except the family with small children or special care passengers.There was no attempt to form a single file line and it was chaotic.I think if they should enforce the boarding order,the boarding would take much shorter time.


Firefly Airline is adding a 3rd aircraft, a B737-400 to its fleet very soon, and it will be used to serve destinations within Peninsular Malaysia. Firefly Jet's flights also code share with MH's.For more information and online booking just log on to firefly's web site