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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The 1st Subang International Air Carnival 2014 .

Subang International Air Carnival 2014

The Subang International Air Carnival 2014 (SIAC 2014) scheduled for June 12-15 at the Skypark Regional Aviation Centre, Section U3, Shah Alam will provide a family-oriented aerospace experience to visitors. Organised by F&R Exhibition and Conference Sdn Bhd in partnership with the Skypark Regional Aviation Centre, it is themed “Transforming Malaysia’s Aerospace Education & Career Opportunities”.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Planning ahead – far ahead – for your travel.

Vacations? The kind of things that most people take in during public holiday and school holiday?right now is about the latest time you want to be planning your vacation for next holiday or next year 2015 if you want to maximize the bang for your buck.
Why would you want to plan vacations so far in advance?For starters, the earlier you know where your destination is, the longer you have to shop around for bargains on travel. No matter what you’re purchasing, the longer you give yourself to find bargains on that purchase, the more likely you are to find a bargain. Another advantage of deciding where and when you’re going to travel far in advance is that it’s much easier to get the exact days off that you want. At most jobs, it’s very difficult to get the days off that you want – particularly if you want several days off – if you wait until the last minute.Even more important, it allows you to take advantage of truly low rates. For example in my case I wanted to go to Langkawi Air Show better known as LIMA2015 (March 2015).
Remember  Planning ahead – far ahead – for your travel saves you real cash.
 Photo of LIMA13 in Langkawi March 2013.
Another important factor to note is that airline and hotel prices vary throughout a week as well as throughout a year. Generally, prices hit a low point several months away from the actual date of the trip, and it’s been established pretty clearly that Tuesday afternoons tend to be the cheapest time of the week to reserve a flight.Try to booked your Hotel & Air Ticket at WEGO
The end result of planning that far in advance is that my airline tickets were incredibly cheap AIRASIA FREE SEAT


Friday, December 23, 2011

Airport Air Traffic Control Tower .

Last week i have a chance to visit local air show in my town(Kuching,Sarawak)the host is Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia .One of the officer asked me  if I wanted to visit the Kuching International  Airport Air Traffic Control Tower and see with whom The Pilot of the plane communicating every time they seek permission to taxi the runway, or receive directions as to which runway to take off from etc. “Yes I would love to!” I replied. I asked if we will be walking there and he said, “No we’ll drive there”. “But it’s not that far ".
Kuching International Airport Control Tower.

On arrival we have a short briefing as per requirement they requested us to switch off our cell phones,take of our shoes and silent please.Taking picture is allowed and it is best not to fire your camera flash.
excellent view the Flight Control
The Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) on duty.
AirAsia holding waiting clearance to take off from ATCO.
Control Room of flight movement.
I saw what an excellent view the Flight Control crew had of the entire airport, and beyond. It was unbelievable. The tower was circular in shape and had glass windows all round i.e. the crew had a 360 degree view. There were 5 people working, and I was shown around the tower and the instruments. There were several screens which the crew used to communicate with air traffic. It was a quiet day and  I only saw a couple of planes flying and landing.
Thank You to Kuching International Airport Control Tower (The Officer in-charge) for the educational visit.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Air Shows in Kuching.

Department of Civil Aviation is celebrating Malaysia Air Festival 2011 to mark its 100 years in the Malaysian Aviation.The two days event held at Hornbill Skyways Hanger in Kuching International Airport.
Hornbill Skyways in Kuching.
For Sale @ The Malaysia Air Festival in Kuching.
The Malaysia Air Festival commemorates 100 years of the country’s aviation industry.The air show provided guests with an opportunity to get up close to new-generation aircraft.
Hornbill Skyways Hanger view from the Airport Control Tower.
 Aviation fans braved the hot weather on the days of the events to catch a glimpse of static aircraft display by Hornbill Skyways,Royal Malaysian Airforce and Royal Malaysian Police and also Malaysia Airport Berhad.
Ground Control Tower .
Aircraft movement controller room.
Visitors also have a opportunity to visit the Air Traffic Control Tower.

City folk, thronged the airfield to catch a view inside the aircraft and helicopter exhibit at the events.
Many gave a thumbs up to the event which commemorates 100 years of the country's aviation industry and I hope  the Malaysia Air Festival  promote general aviation and bring the industry closer to the people.