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Monday, February 24, 2014

Planning ahead – far ahead – for your travel.

Vacations? The kind of things that most people take in during public holiday and school holiday?right now is about the latest time you want to be planning your vacation for next holiday or next year 2015 if you want to maximize the bang for your buck.
Why would you want to plan vacations so far in advance?For starters, the earlier you know where your destination is, the longer you have to shop around for bargains on travel. No matter what you’re purchasing, the longer you give yourself to find bargains on that purchase, the more likely you are to find a bargain. Another advantage of deciding where and when you’re going to travel far in advance is that it’s much easier to get the exact days off that you want. At most jobs, it’s very difficult to get the days off that you want – particularly if you want several days off – if you wait until the last minute.Even more important, it allows you to take advantage of truly low rates. For example in my case I wanted to go to Langkawi Air Show better known as LIMA2015 (March 2015).
Remember  Planning ahead – far ahead – for your travel saves you real cash.
 Photo of LIMA13 in Langkawi March 2013.
Another important factor to note is that airline and hotel prices vary throughout a week as well as throughout a year. Generally, prices hit a low point several months away from the actual date of the trip, and it’s been established pretty clearly that Tuesday afternoons tend to be the cheapest time of the week to reserve a flight.Try to booked your Hotel & Air Ticket at WEGO
The end result of planning that far in advance is that my airline tickets were incredibly cheap AIRASIA FREE SEAT


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