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Monday, December 26, 2011

Policemen On Bicycle.

“Police Officers - Should there be more police officers in our streets? Every day I see small offences being committed (driving with a mobile phone in hand, bike riders on the pavement, youths drinking in ‘non drinking zones’, etc) but there is no one of power there to prevent or stop this from happening?

The Royal Police of Malaysia in Sarawak launched its bicycle beat unit  to widen its reach in crime prevention.This unit might eventually cover all areas under its jurisdiction, especially those places which are not accessible to police patrol cars.
I think our cops do a great job.
 wonder if the local police have been as extensively trained riding this bicycle and yes,cops on bikes will be faster than cops on foot.the patrolmen on bicycles will cover an area for at least two hours before moving to another location.The policemen involved will be fully equipped.
I have faith that members of the newly set up unit are fully capable of doing their jobs effectively and hopefully the Kuching Waterfront – which is such an attraction to visitors and locals alike – will be safe for all of us local and also to the tourist.

“Should there be more Police on bicycle in Kuching? Of course they should & what say you ?.




Monday, May 24, 2010

Malaysian Federal Reserve Units.

The main role of this unit is to disperse illegal assembly, riot suppression and to carry out other functions relating to Public Order. This unit is self-contained and capable, highly mobile and become Public Order Reserve Units. When this unit is not involved in Public Order duties, this unit can be assigned by Commanding Officer to assist the Chief of Police, State police, Criminal Investigation Division and Special Branch in general or special task which include:

  • Crime prevention as special patrol in addition to regular patrol unit / Patrol in the area of high crime frequency;
  • Disaster relief (flood, fire, landslide, air crash and others ), evacuation and large scale operation;
  • Setting up roadblock and check points, media censorship, intensive patrol and others.
  • Safeguarding the VIP visitors, events, parades, assemblies and others.

Owed to his role more important, this team was augmented to 7 units, with a total membership to 2003 as many as 2,481 people. Per unit, containing 3 troops. Beside that FRU has also a water canon unit, horseback unit and training institution at Sungai Senam, Ipoh, Perak. In line with current needs and law claim, and supply smoothing job performance, a woman special detachment have been spawned and this detachment based in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur. It has since been moved to its own base located in Cheras.

FRU's performance is known globally. This was evident during United Nations (U.N.) apply to PDRM to house riot guard force under U.N. flags in Timor Leste. This team assigning to control riot and tranquility in public a country whose just come at independence.