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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sarawak Black Bean Coffee .

Most if not all would not have known that here in Sarawak, we have our own home grown coffee. Liberica from Sarawak  region is simply the freshest coffee .100% pure Sarawak gourmet coffee, you must try it out! Our very own Sarawak coffee that we should be proud of.
 A cup of coffee for me is just nice,come with brown sugar and little cookies.I love it. It's definitely the best coffee in Kuching.
 As a recent coffee drinker, I wonder if these coffee is actually from Sarawak as it tasted so fine that even ****bucks blends could not have compared to the freshly brewed coffee out of the expreso machine into a glass filled with just ice alone. I love this simply marvelous .

Do you know that this place also featured in a travel magazine in Denmark. The article wrote " If you do not drink Black Bean Coffee, your trip to Borneo is not complete."
 There are two types of coffee beans, Liberica beans and Robusta beans. It’s planted in the mountainous area of Sarawak next to fruit trees and under the coconut trees. Most importantly, they are pesticide free!.The owner ensure that the coffee beans are fresh so that you will get the freshest coffee daily. you can also buy the coffee beans or powder to have your very own Sarawak gourmet coffee at home.


Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

And BTW, I accept to a cup of that delicious coffee.

wa khairul onggon said...

Uncle.. supan kmk hehehe.. Kmk pun baruk tauk.. Yg kmk tauk Teh Sarawak jak kat Serian ya hehe.. Nice entry Uncle :)

luvsclassics said...

Hello Arawak,

We're wishing you and your family Christmas Blessings this season.

Gourmet Borneo coffee, sounds wonderful. Do you know if it is shipped here to the USA to be sold in stores?

My favorite photo in this group is the second one, the image of the coffee cup, the brown sugar combined with the shop's interior. Being the observant one, I admire many things, the tiled floor, the carved wooden table, and the large vacuum glass jars for the coffee.

You are welcome to visit my post for Christmas Eve.