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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vanishing Sunday Market.

One of the most famous and popular landmarks in Kuching City has to be the Sunday Market.This open air market place located at Jalan Satok.This is most congested,lively and fascinating market place on every weekend.

The Sunday Market started out as a place to buy jungle produce from the farmers from the hinterland of Kuching city, mostly from Bau, Lundu, Padawan and Serian. Farmers from the surrounding area would take buses or hitch rides, and start to congregate at the market as early as Saturday morning, and begin trading at noon time.

The most famous Terubok Masin Sarawak.

 Here the city folk have been able to enjoy a wide array of shoes.slipper etc.etc  at very competitive prices. The goods are cheap, and a shopping trip to the market will not burn a hole in your pocket.

 Many Kuching people have become addicted to visiting the market every weekend. It is an occasion for a family outing, as strolling along the congested street market, and examining the goods on sale has become a very pleasant day out for city folk.

 Pastries from chinese and malay stall.

 You can easily find fresh local organic vegetable,chili etc.etc.. 

 Item sold at Sunday Market..You can also buy a puppy, kitten, hamster or rabbit. All sorts of animals are offered on sale in small cages

While photographing I also buy Putu Mayang......


All in all, the Satok Sunday Market is still one of my favourite places in Kuching city. I have heard rumours of the authorities trying to relocate the market elsewhere, but I am sure this would be an unpopular proposition for Kuching folk. Let us face it, we are all lifelong fans of our grand Sunday Market — a regular feature of public life in Kuching city.The will be relocated HERE.


Aki said...

yo.. this make me rindu kuching sangat2.. he he he.. ok2, I have to go there again for this gawai.. ^_^.v..

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