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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sarawak Regatta

The iconic Sarawak Regatta scheduled for next week from 15th-18th September,2011 is very important as it will be held in conjunction with the celebration of Merdeka as well as the the 2011 IWWF Sarawak WakeBoard World Cup Championships, a world class event added for the first time.
Sarawak Regatta.
People of all races, cultures and beliefs will once again gather at the Kuching Waterfront and along the banks of the Sarawak River to witness this truly cultural sport extravaganza for four days from Sept 15.The Sarawak River will be filled with boats of multiple colours and sizes with thousands cheering in excitement.Apart from that, there will also be many side events to be held alongside the regatta namely Craft Exhibition, Trade and Food Fair as well as Cultural Show and Night Entertainment.
The Star of Florida waterski show team.
In addition to the main competitions, there is a show by the world famous “Stars of Florida Waterski Show Team” who would certainly wow the crowd with their stunts.
The WakeBoard championship will see about 30 World Cup wakeboarders from across the world.
For info about the race programmes just log on to the Sarawak Regatta Official website SARAWAK REGATTA


MyGamanBorNeo said...

gambar pertama betul2 menakjubkan. saya datang hari kedua regatta, tapi x dpt tengok jg sebab x cukup tinggi hahaha

keroll said...

gambar pertama cantik sekali