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Monday, January 23, 2012

Farewell To Wet & Sunday Market At Satok in Kuching.

Satok, situated in the city North of Kuching was once a Malay kampung (village).Sunday Market in Satok become one of the most popular tourist attractions and visited by tourists in and outside Malaysia. Night eateries known a Benteng, which only operate at night enable visitors and the locals enjoy the various food, including Kolok mee, and Laksa Sarawak.Soon that popular Sunday Market of Satok will be moved to the new place next to Kubah Ria in Petra Jaya.To read more about this article kindly visit this blogspot by Encik Yusuf  Muhammad YM's MIND.
Old Satok Market (23/01/2012)
Satok Market in Kuching City has to be the most interesting market to-day. First time visitor can easily spent 2-3 hours wondering in the maze of stalls and lost admist the noisy marketplace.
Durian King of fruits.
 " Visitors should not miss Pasar Satok as the busy market offers views of diverse cultures, a cacophony of unfamiliar languages (especially for those familiar with standard Malay and English) and an assortment of products"

The Satok Weekend Market on Jalan Satok starts on Saturday afternoon when traders bring produce from their farms and continues on till Sunday. There are also many unique ferns and plants, wild honey, wild orchids, traditional herbs (used as medicine) and fruits from the jungles. Handicrafts and ethnic carvings are also available. There are a wide variety of snacks and sometimes snakes in baskets!(Qouted by Tourist )
The market cannot consider as big, only coverred few streets, but offered a lot of local food and fruits
Some Old Building in Satok.
Old Shophouses in Satok.
The Satok market is often listed as a tourist attraction in Kuching, but unless you're a keen photographer it probably won't hold much appeal. The produce is cheap and fresh and the environment interesting to walk around, but it also gets very hot and crowded especially during weekend.

Posted on December 4, 2011, Sunday
KUCHING: Traders at Satok market are expected to move to Medan Niaga Satok, next to Kubah Ria, in Matang Road in March next year.(March 2012).
The what so call Medan Niaga Satok situated just beside the new Kubah Ria in PetraJaya. would have five main complexes.
 About 1,400 traders from the present Sunday market and 280 from Satok Tamu market are expected to operate at the new location.Medan Niaga Satok has 19,000 trading spaces, complete with a water system and a proper rubbish disposal system compared to the one at Satok market.
 These new facilities would provide better comfort to the traders in Satok market. Added with modern design and cleaner market waste management system, rest assured that both the traders and customers would find this new market both convenient and appealing.
One of the priorities of this project focuses on cleanliness, be it internally or to its surroundings.
As part of the city’s transformation programme, this complex is a project to help the low income group and with the tourism centre and remember that these new facilities would provide better comfort to the traders in Satok market.


Niza Zainal said...

Salam singgah. Glad I managed to visit the market before it is closed forever :)

Rungitom said...

Its a sad thing that the Satok market is being relocated. This market is the reason why Satok is more livelier during the weekend.

While I was studying there, I always enjoy my weekend in Satok rather than going to pasar.