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Monday, December 26, 2011

Policemen On Bicycle.

“Police Officers - Should there be more police officers in our streets? Every day I see small offences being committed (driving with a mobile phone in hand, bike riders on the pavement, youths drinking in ‘non drinking zones’, etc) but there is no one of power there to prevent or stop this from happening?

The Royal Police of Malaysia in Sarawak launched its bicycle beat unit  to widen its reach in crime prevention.This unit might eventually cover all areas under its jurisdiction, especially those places which are not accessible to police patrol cars.
I think our cops do a great job.
 wonder if the local police have been as extensively trained riding this bicycle and yes,cops on bikes will be faster than cops on foot.the patrolmen on bicycles will cover an area for at least two hours before moving to another location.The policemen involved will be fully equipped.
I have faith that members of the newly set up unit are fully capable of doing their jobs effectively and hopefully the Kuching Waterfront – which is such an attraction to visitors and locals alike – will be safe for all of us local and also to the tourist.

“Should there be more Police on bicycle in Kuching? Of course they should & what say you ?.




Monday, June 7, 2010

Cycling Tour.


Recently I went to a street in Kuching  City and ended up clicking this tourist couple enjoying the cycling tour.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bicycle & Petrol.

This small machine need fuel to run.Almost all perahu tambang(river taxi) in Kuching now use engine.Meaning for faster services to passengers.If other mean of transportation now going to increase the fare due to fuel price hike ..What about us ????the big question by parahu tambang operator.
May be Kuchingites prefer this for transportation...No worry about fuel hike.
or this.
Remind to bicycle rider ..use proper lane don't break the law.
Where to go now......ok to save my car fuel......I better walk.
Walking need no petrol..and also by walking keep me fit.
No more subsidy for this boat that use diesel.
Jimat I don't hire taxi to transport my good..look here I think this is the best way and I hope the VVIP or YB's follow my example because I have change my lifestyle.
This two man in the picture may not understand what is going on or what the government's intentions are with all the economic jargons.Their priority at he end of the day is whether they can provide well for their family.
Perahu tambang operator said the hike was drastic and he was at his wit's end thinking about his next course of action...we cannot increase our fare without approval..Anyway increasing the fare is a final option.So from 30 cents to 40 cents ..ok.

Our Kuching Tourist Police now use bicycle for petrol ....but just for petrol at waterfront.
I'm going to modified this machine here ...& prepare for the worst-case scenario.
I kinda like this machine here ..3 in 1 bicycle.
The 60 years old Raleigh as mention by the owner.

So now the story of bicycle in Sarawak.
Very impressive!!!!! this for Pak Zawi of Life As I see It.
Posting about bicycle in his home town to read more kindly visit
He ask me to write about bicycle in Sarawak.By all mean but very simple one .
Cycling is a good sport and way to keep fit.Another mean of transport too,with recend increase of petrol bicycle is the alternative mood of transport(for short distance of course).
The 60's bicycle were every where and almost every one rode a bicycle in Sarawak.They broke the every traffic law in the town.
There were good Raleigh bicycle.Those day for those who rode Raleigh bicycle is just like this day who rode Harley Davidson Motobike.
Most bicycle on sale now is from China.Tha Imam rode them,the Catholic priest rode them,teachers,nurse,policeman,the hawkers,housewive rode them and when the school session ended,there were thousand of them on the road.