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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Season Greeting- Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas,Happy New Year & Happy Holiday.......

PC259796 PC259846

Last night after sending off my daughter to the airport and on my way home I detour my way to the spring shopping mall.There is a Christmas celebration of countdown concert and fireworks display.I know the parking was congested at the mall.

So it is best for me to park my car to the place about 500 meter from the mall and the crossing bridge near to the Federal complex is my view point.



Taking  a picture of fireworks display is not as easy as it seems.Last night playing safe I prefer set my DSLR to scene mode 'fireworks'.

I'm still an amateur and of course intermediate to PRO is concerned with many other various aspects such as focus and lighting ...

Merry Christmas..everyone & Happy Holiday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Malaysia Day 16 September......

Malaysia Day 16th September,2010.
This year will see the first year of another National Holiday called Malaysia Day which will be celebrated on September 16 annually.This day commemorates Sabah and Sarawak joining Peninsular Malaysia as a nation of Malaysia.
The city of Kuching will host the first state level Malaysia Day celebration at Stadium Perpaduan(Indoor Stadium) on Sept 16.



Indoor Stadium in Kuching.


Stadium Perpaduan in Petra Jaya

Themed ‘1Malaysia: Menjana Transformasi’, hundreds of participants will turn up in traditional costumes in the spirit of unity and national integration.


Politic in Sarawak.....this opposition political party having they own version of Malaysia Day ,16 sept .


Raising of Malaysia & Sarawak flag by a small group of opposition party supporters at Padang Merdeka.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Merdeka Day in Kuching.


The beautiful sun was shining and I have to put on sun glasses to protect my eyes 'Welcome to Kuching,Sir".

Yesterday 31 of August 2010 is Merdeka Day in Malaysia and its public holiday.

I started my day by walking from Padang Merdeka .Padang merdeka in Kuching,formerly known as padang central,is rather 'QUIET' this time around as this year's Malaysia Day is not held in Kuching.It was 09:00AM ,the beautiful sun was shining so beautifully that I couldn't resist capturing some photos of Merdeka fever in some parts of Kuching City.


The admin of this building 'Medan Pelita' is in a spirit of patriotic.


Street fruits vendor trying to be a patriotism ,using the flag (Jalur Gamilang) to protect him from sunshine........


Spirit of Patriotism '1Malaysia'  creativity of St.Joseph School students...


Bapak Malaysia image should be highlighted instead of our present PM.Another creativity of St.Jo School. (Jo is for Joseph not Abg Jo our state minister).


On my way to my home 'Desa Ilmu' this is Jalan Dato Mohd Musa of Kota Samarahan.This place is 30 mins drive or about 26KM from Kuching City.See the Jalur Gamilang on a street lamp pole and it's public holiday so not many road user to-day.

All above image captured using Olympus DSLR the official camera for Kuching Daily photo .

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pesta Benak-Part Three


Is the word 'BINTULU' someting  to do with pesta benak.I guess Bintulu is promoting the Kite Festival which is annual big event in Bintulu.This huge flag look a alike huge kite.

P5015860 P5015859

Batang Lupar River is three to four hour journey from Kuching. You can get there by bus and stop at a town called Bandar Sri Aman, previously known as Simanggang. Though cruising along the river is not advisable due to the bore but you can still watch the fascinating phenomena from the jetty (pic.below)



P5015818     P5015851

The esplanade also serves as the observation centre for the famous tidal bore or known locally as benak .

More on part four.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Beginning.............

It's been a while I've not updated my blog or even go online.But it does not mean I already left photography or blogging.Only time does not permit and even worst as our Internet coverage is getting worst.Anyway, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Chinese New Year .It's also valentine day to-day.


GONG XI FA CHAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


This photo was taken this morning.

The shop closed,the road empty and there was no people in sight either.

Monday, December 28, 2009

My World Tuesday-Borneo Highland.


Visit the site H E R E     -Thank You.

During the Christmas Holiday I decided to have a one day trip to Borneo Highland.The place is about 60 kilo meter from the city and it is about an hour drive using my small compact car .It's a zig zag  and single dual road so I have to drive carefully.I reached Borneo Highland  foothill,however I am not allowed to enter because I did not made an advance booking.I did not know that a day trip to the highland  need an advance booking unless we stay over night for a room booking.The rate for day trip is Rm100 per guest including drink & food.


The welcome gate at the foothill of the Borneo Highland.

The guard told me I have to make my booking at the city office in Kuching then they will arrange a 4WD lorry to guide us to tour the Borneo Highland.

PC273654 PC273650

By the way this is the powerful 4WD lorry or bus that they use to ferry their guest to tour the Highland.

Borneo Highland 2

This photo courtesy of Tourism Malaysia-Thank You.

Borneo Highlands is one of the most exciting and unique environmentally friendly resort.   Cocooned in a lush jungle and snuggled within the hills, it is a retreat one of its kind, offering an exclusive membership club and truly unique residential development by creating a sanctuary for you to retreat to in this region.

Located just an hour's drive (60km) southwest of Kuching city, the capital of Sarawak, the resort stands at the height of 1,000 metres above sea level on the Sarawak-Kalimantan border and is nestled amongst the oldest and second largest tropical rainforest in the world.

A resort created with emphasis to blend with nature, the resort offers boundless opportunities to experience numerous outdoors activities all year round in stylish comfort.

Take pleasure in the finest natural wonders and find luxury in the bare basics. At Borneo Highlands Resort, it all about getting “Back to Nature, Back to Basics”

Website Images (107) PC273652

Since my trip to Borneo Highland is failed,why not I go further about 10 minutes drive to go to another tourist attraction  the Annah Rais Village.The attraction is the oldest long house and the hot spring.Anyway I will do the posting about the village on my next My World Tuesday that is next year 2010.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid-Ul-Fitri Prayer.



On the morning of Eid-Ul-Fitri also known as Hari Raya in Malaysia,Muslim throughout the world perform Eid-Ul-Fitri prayer.This year I decided to peform my prayer at Masjid Bandar Kuching also known as Masjid India.



I met a group of Bangladeshi foreign Muslim workers .

P9202104 P9202107

More than half of the foreign workers are believed to be working legally or illegally in Malaysia.

I greet them with Salam and Eid-Ul-Fitri greeting.

"This Eid-Ul-Fitri did you miss your family ? "

"I miss my family,I miss my country and I miss my land".

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What I Did On My Weekend and Gawai Day Holiday.

Remember old bicycle and what made them special.Pak Chik is wandering where to go next. Perhap this will help.....
It is going to be a long holiday here in Sarawak.When public holiday falls on the weekly restday(Sunday),a replacement holiday will fall on the next day as a public holiday.Jun2,2008 had been gazetted as an additional PH in the State of Sarawak and Tuesday Jun 3,2008 is a replacement holiday as Gawai public holiday fall on Sunday 1 Jun 2008.
The Road to Kuching International Airport,

This hornbill will not be flying anywhere .
Don't worry I'm not going to do a free fall here.
My favorite breakfast is mejawa...hey watch out the spelling Jawa not Java.Very popular breakfast menu in better try it....this MakChik will ask you Biasa (normal)or Special.For normal she will give you just one egg and special will be with 5 sticks of satay ayam.
Just remember that today also Hari Tentra Udara Malaysia(TUDM).Iwas just passing by the TUDM Base in Kuching and I gonna like this flying machine.I fly this machine before he ! he! in combat flight simulator computer game.

MH is taxing to runway.
AK landing safely at KIA.

This photo of Dewan Bandar Raya Kuching Utara(DBKU)admin office.Shot with my Zuiko len ED70-300mm f4.0-5.6 from civic centre tower.

Office of Dewan Bandar Raya Selatan(MBKS).Do you know that Kuching have two Mayor(Datuk Bandar).
May be 80% complete..and should be ready before 31 August 2008.
The new look of Masjid Bandar Kuching.
So have a nice day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Labour Day @ Kuching.

1st of May is a Labour Day in Malaysia.Basically all of the working people would be having a holiday. I'm foreign worker No Work No Pay..
Holiday let's go fishing .
Lucky day good catch to-day.
Self-employed ..good income during all working people out there Happy Labour Day.