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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Beginning.............

It's been a while I've not updated my blog or even go online.But it does not mean I already left photography or blogging.Only time does not permit and even worst as our Internet coverage is getting worst.Anyway, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Chinese New Year .It's also valentine day to-day.


GONG XI FA CHAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


This photo was taken this morning.

The shop closed,the road empty and there was no people in sight either.


Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Welcome back to blogging!

Hei, this Kuching cat is all dressed in red and with red hat too, looking very festive. Good to capture the Kuching atmosphere. Is Kuching cat waiting for the arrival of big brother, the Tiger?

Happy Holidays and have a great weekend!

robin said...

hey there,
It is awesome to see another photographer from Kuching using Olympus !!
you have got some very nice photos here. Do keep them coming. I will be looking forward to seeing them.

mamadou said...

Uncle Awang

Look at your photographs..........what a blessed festival day in Kuching

Gong Xi Fa Cai