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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What I Did On My Weekend and Gawai Day Holiday.

Remember old bicycle and what made them special.Pak Chik is wandering where to go next. Perhap this will help.....
It is going to be a long holiday here in Sarawak.When public holiday falls on the weekly restday(Sunday),a replacement holiday will fall on the next day as a public holiday.Jun2,2008 had been gazetted as an additional PH in the State of Sarawak and Tuesday Jun 3,2008 is a replacement holiday as Gawai public holiday fall on Sunday 1 Jun 2008.
The Road to Kuching International Airport,

This hornbill will not be flying anywhere .
Don't worry I'm not going to do a free fall here.
My favorite breakfast is mejawa...hey watch out the spelling Jawa not Java.Very popular breakfast menu in better try it....this MakChik will ask you Biasa (normal)or Special.For normal she will give you just one egg and special will be with 5 sticks of satay ayam.
Just remember that today also Hari Tentra Udara Malaysia(TUDM).Iwas just passing by the TUDM Base in Kuching and I gonna like this flying machine.I fly this machine before he ! he! in combat flight simulator computer game.

MH is taxing to runway.
AK landing safely at KIA.

This photo of Dewan Bandar Raya Kuching Utara(DBKU)admin office.Shot with my Zuiko len ED70-300mm f4.0-5.6 from civic centre tower.

Office of Dewan Bandar Raya Selatan(MBKS).Do you know that Kuching have two Mayor(Datuk Bandar).
May be 80% complete..and should be ready before 31 August 2008.
The new look of Masjid Bandar Kuching.
So have a nice day.


mamadou said...

Asslamu'alaikum Uncle Awang

I miss Hari Gawai when I always travelled to Kuching sometimes ago. Your last photos of May 2008 also great featuring of sunset. Always admire the sunset view.

BTW my friend also Awang from Limbang now on holiday back to Kuching last week.


uncleawang said...

alaykum assala:m Mamadou,
Thank You for viewing and the visit .Celebration at Rumah Panjang is more grand for Gawai .

Akmal said...

That fighter, it's a hornet or a skyhawk? :)
I bought Digital Camera magazine, May issue. So many great pictures, and tips on my favourite technic close-up photography.
You have a great holiday ya.

uncleawang said...

Hi Akmal,
The fighter maybe hornet TUDM first jet fighter.My closeup shoot still no good and I'm still looking forward for he technic.
Thank for the visit & Have a nice day.