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Monday, January 10, 2011

Shopping Mall in Kota Samarahan.


We have SPRING about 2 years ago in Kuching .'The Spring Shopping Mall'.(open two years ago)


It summer in the year 2012 in Kota  Samarahan. 'The Summer Shopping Mall' expected to complete in year 2012.


This little wooden white house in Kota Samarahan and very soon it will become the super hyper mall.Perhaps the owner become rich too, incase the present landlord have sold the land to the VVIP,VIP's and the Politician i am sure they are making tons of monies .


I am staying about 500 meter from this place.The booming of Samarahan District would greatly enhance the economy activity here .

P1099950 P1099947 

The Summer Shopping Mall will be a three-story commercial building and schedule to be open by 2012 and hopefully its will provide job-opportunities for the surrounding communities and also will boost the value of properties nearby.

Olympus E-620, lens Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5  & presetting pop art.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Street Scenes.

I decided to capture the beauty and energy of the exciting street around Kuching City by portraying it's different characters and candid scenes and below is some of my project.
The word Selamat Datang ke Sarawak is 'Welcome to Sarawak" .The young tourist  enjoying the heat of the city.
Local western style.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Satok Suspension Bridge.

Can’t see the bridge? That’s because it isn’t there anymore. This is the remains of Satok Suspension Bridge. The 78 year-old bridge, one of Kuching’s oldest landmarks, collapsed on the 7th October 2004.



The remain of Satok Bridge.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pesta Benak -Last part.

P5015778 P5015900

Road sign in Sri man.If you plan to go to Pesta Benak next year, I suggest you just park your car at the parking space provided by the organiser and don't drive in the town.Sri Aman is no more a sleepy town during the festival.

P5015810   P5015875

You know what I mean by NO MORE sleepy town.

P5015871 P5015896

Try local Western food and local BBQ fish & chicken.


I say No more sleepy town as every corner of the road junction & lane is having another festival.It's a big,big sale for a small time street vendors.

There are having a street food sale festival & not only foods  but there are some other merchandise too.

P5015845 P5015911

No place to stay ? that's not a problem.Join this group ,Isn't it fun.

P5015847 P5015832

For the kids its time to work hard and helping your parents or earn extra pocket money so you can join this big biker later in future.

P5015873 P5015874

I can't afford this kind of know our petrol is subsidise by government & don't waste on joyful ride hahaha...(Sorry guys)

P5015878 P5015888

Wow !!!! ...look at rear wheel ..maybe it's cost more than  one set of compact car wheel size 13.


For a super rich boys or you are the son of the riches man in Sarawak...It's time to show off your big boy toys,super bike.

Till we meet again next year Pesta Benak 2011.

Oh yes..Congratulation to the organiser..good job.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kuching Waterfront-Solar Energy.



The new Kuching City waterfront extension is environment friendly,They are install with eco-friendly electrical power or solar energy.This is clean energy and lower cost to the city council to run the new two water fountain build near to the waterfront.

P4175312 P4175317

The solar panel and the fountain but the ugly building is yet to be make over to new image.(perhaps the owner is looking forward for sponsor from the city council)

P4175306 P4175309

What about the local people of Kuching.,are they environmental friendly .Oh my God, just look at the rubbish.They don't even bother to say thank you (not to me) but to the government who have spend so much on tax payer monies to beauty the little city of Kuching.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kuching Waterfront extension.

Photo taken on 21/10/2009.
This evening I took a walk along the Kuching waterfront extension to see for myself what had been done to the waterfront.Reconstruction is almost done.
Photo taken this evening 15/04/2010.
I pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the extension of the waterfront.It is nostalgic for me because this is where the old wet market I use to go.
The old section of water front is from Hotel Margareta until the old court house and the new area is to the Brooke Dockyard.The distance now is more than 2KM .This is good for sweat in the morning and evening.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


P4045150 P4045151

Framing is one of the ten basic tips to take better picture. And the most interesting part the method is adopted by amateurs and professionals alike and it never looks boring if it is done effectively. I am still in learning process & below is the list that I read from one of my secret mentor and idol  , you can visit  his blog ZAIN's PIX & TEXT

Framing serves a couple of purposes in composition that can make your picture stand out from the rest. Among the purposes of framing, are:

    * It directs the viewer’s vision straight to the subject
    * It gives a sense of depth and a perception of three-dimensionality to the two-dimensional picture
    * If the frame has some similarities to the subject it creates a harmonious combination
    * It adds more interest the picture and diversifies the viewpoint
    * Framing can also act as foreground interest for the subject at the background

Normally wide angle lens is used when framing in order to get the maximum depth-of-field by rendering both foreground and background sharp. But there is no hard and fast rules. Sometimes out-of-focus framing succeeds in bringing out the subject without the framing competing for attention especially if the framing has little relevance to the main subject.

Landscape and architecture photography almost always adopts framing in composition with proven success although it is not limited to only the two genre of photography above.


This is my trial on framing and you can see here the similarities in shape between the frame and the subject maybe create harmony in picture beside acting as frame.

P4045149 P4045119

I don't know if this fence frames  that I try on both picture above can present different viewpoint to viewer instead just common postcard style snap shot.Perhaps most photographers out there can do better then me.


The flyover ahead can acts as a composition frame to the subject that is the Satok building.


The fence again used as frame.


The plant framing the building.

Anyway I did not stop here as I'm keep on practice & practice.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Assignment to Padang Besar.


While waiting for train at KL Sentral during my assignment to Padang Besar ,Perlis.I had a chance to play around a little bit with a couple of the E-620's built-in art filters.

The art filters and a fun, quick way to create a special effect you can see at once, and it gives you something else to think about. I find myself looking for subjects that would benefit from my  favourites, the pop art effects.


My Olympus E-620 is approx. 550g (with battery & Lens 14-54mm f2.8).Very comfortable to carry when travelling.Now look at the photo above ,my friend  here didn't know that he was my subject.I can change the angle of the LCD monitor on the camera.This enable you to shoot at an awkward angle while checking the subject's composition on the LCD monitor ( Can be rotate at within the moveable range).


My arrival after long 12 hours on the train.


The landmark of Padang Besar,Perlis.

Mall-4 Mall-5

I bought myself a Crocs sandal,adventure or jungle boot and backpack.Don't ask me the price.Well ,after all it's just a imitation branded item that your bargaining skill must have with the Thailand vendors in Padang Besar .

Now, do you know that my art filter will appeal to lomographers a lot and those who are not really photoshop-savvy like myself.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sibu Town-Dolphins vs Swan.


Recently I walked onto Sibu Town and I see this shiny stainless dolphins sculpture opposite to Sibu central market.The existence of dolphins certainly brought my attention because all this year local council keep promoting swan mascot as Sibu Town landmark.Anyway ,the existence of this Swan sculpture had added more color to the swan town,SIBU.

Perhaps the symbol of Dolphins bring good luck.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sky Watch Friday-KIA(Kuching International Airport).


To view fascinating skies from around the world please click HERE 

KIA car park.


It's Friday,when many photo bloggers post photos of their skies .The Kuching sky as seen from our Airport at 18:30 hrs.

Happy sky watch everyone !!!!