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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Plane-Spotting is an Interesting Activity.

Plane-spotting is an interesting activity that involves times of great excitement and boredom, along with some planning if you want to know what to expect.For last week outing, I really wanted a nice picture of the daily AirAsia,Malaysia Airline,Malindo Air and MASWings flight, which is tough because it lands on runway25 of Kuching Internaional Airport, not known for good spotting locations. I did however locate a nice spot that was not only quiet, but pretty damn close to plane final approach. 
 While the weather was terrible for pictures, I still managed to get a couple of shots on approach.

 More plane spotting collection My Flickr.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Aircraft/Plane Spotting In Kuching International Airport.

Spotting a plane in Kuching International Airport(KIA) is a bit boring .We don't have a suitable view gallery or Anjung Tingau like we have in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).Further more our KIA is not a busy airport with the arrival and departure of foreign  Airline.All we can spot for the day was the arrival and departure of carrier namely MASwings,Malindo,AirAsia and Malaysia Airline.In my case if i wanted to go for plane spotting during weekend. Firstly I need to check the arrival and departure of the aircraft from FLIGHTSTATS..I prefer to spot AirAsia plane because their plane Usually have different  Aircraft livery is also the term describing the paint scheme of an aircraft.
Yesterday was a good weather and beautiful sunset near to airport.Below are few set of photos from my plane spotting yesterday.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Photography :Plane Spotter.

Aircraft spotting, also known as plane spotting, is a popular pastime worldwide. As a hobby, it brings a number of enjoyable elements for the participant, including getting outdoors, making meticulous observations, "collecting" without creating clutter, having a good excuse to use your really fancy digital camera equipment, and finding a great way to get together with like-minded enthusiasts. The activity itself is generally free, although if you join a club, and buy all the related goodies, there may be some costs involved.So, you have decided to start plane spotting. That’s great, welcome to our hobby! You have already picked out a great camera and lens, but what else do you need to become a master plane spotter? Sure, you could just sit near your favorite airport and hope something good flies by, but you can do more….much more.
I spotted Malaysia Airline and Tiger Air Aircraft in Kuching International Airport.

 I spotted Royal Malaysian Airforce Nuri Halicopter & Malaysia Airline B737 in Kuching International Airport.
Malaysia Airline Cargo Plane.
Spotted Malaysia Airline B737-800 in Kuching International Airport.
I spotted The Malaysia Airlines A380 in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).
Spotted China Airline Cargo B747 in KLIA.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Am Not Throwing My 35mm Film Canister.

When most people think of collecting things like baseball caps, stamps .I think I am not going to throw my 35mm film canister.Well, there many way to reuse a film canister.What are some ways you have reused film canisters? To read more about film canister collector just view this few blog .
KATHY AVERS,DIANE &5 Ways to Reuse a Film Canister..

Just a few of my film canister collection which I make it for a key chain .

Friday, October 12, 2012

Aircraft Model Collection .

Aircraft model collection has becoming a very addictive hobby for many people. There are many kinds of manufactured aircraft models, it is impossible for a person to collect all of the models. Every nation has their own flagship airplane models, which range from jet plane models to jumbo air liners. With the collection passions, most of the people are keeping on searching for different typed of airplane models. No matter the wood replica airplanes or the metallic aircraft models. But the price of these models not common, it depends on their rarity, not all of the planet models are available.
Some of the manufactured models of aircraft are no longer being produced, because of the original aircraft have been taken out of active service and are now kept in museums. Because of their history these models are still remembered, and it is very precious for collectors.
 If you are interested in aviation in general, a model airplane is a great addition to your living room. You do not have to be a kid to have a model airplane of your own. This is because a model airplane can actually be an excellent collector's item, a toy of sorts for grownups. This means you can just keep it on display or even encased if you want to; you do not have to play with it. On the other hand, if you do want to play with it, play with your kids or nephews. You can teach them to appreciate aviation at an early age.

Anyone can be a collector. Discovering your passion is the start of any collection, so if you are fascinated by airplanes and flight, becomes a model airplane collector today. Being a model airplane collector is fun and affordable
Pictures of my aircraft model collection ....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let's Fly With Firefly Airline to Kota Kinabalu.

My last trip to Kota Kinabalu was 20 years ago,it was my official trip then on duty so I have no chance to explore the culture and the beauty of Kota Kinabalu.How I wish I can fly to Kota Kinabalu again and this time I want to fly with Firefly Airline and have a chance to fly with the latest Boeing 737-800 series .In Kota Kinabalu i can make a short trip that may last for 5-6 days.Photography is my hobby so if i have a chance to go to Kota Kinabalu I wish to photograph the beautiful culture and the beautiful of Kota Kinabalu.I wish to photograph and the activities of the people,go to new place and spending time observing the people there experience their way of life,talking to local people or perhaps making new friends.In Kota Kinabalu I love to visit .Gaya Street Sunday Market,City Mosque,Lok Kawi Wildlife Park,Tanjung Aru Beach and Sabah State Museum Heritage and Village.

KK market

Gaya Street located in the Kota Kinabalu Central Business District has been the centre of business for over a hundred years. The wooden shops with nipah roofs are long gone but here is where generations-old family businesses are still thriving passed down from father to son. Every Sunday morning, the length of Gaya Street is closed off to traffic to make way for the Fair. Shop for anything under shady trees and over-sized umbrellas, like batik sarongs, fruits and flowers, arts and craft, footwear, antiques and souvenirs, cakes, even pets and herbs!. This is the best place to experience the cross-section of the local population when entire families enjoy a Sunday outing.

The Gaya Street Fair is on every Sunday from 6.30 am to 1.00 pm.



City Mosque Kota Kinabalu.
Built on a 2.47 acres site at the Likas bay, the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque is exemplary of the Islamic contemporary architecture. Situated near the sea, this majestic white mosque boasts similar features to the Nabawi Mosque in Medina. This floating mosque has a prayer hall which houses three madrasahs and accommodates from 9, 000 to 12, 000 people at a time.
By far the largest mosque in Kota Kinabalu, the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque is even possibly the most beautiful one in Malaysia – the man-made lagoon which surrounds it gives a serenely gorgeous and dramatic look to the mosque on a full moon night.
The Kota Kinabalu City Mosque is open for public visits daily except Fridays from 8am to 5pm. There are no fees charged on visitors


Tanjung Aru Beach Kota Kinaalu.
Located at the end of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and about 6 kilometres from KK City, this place is closest to the hearts of the locals, and just one visit to the beach will tell you why. Taking its name from the casuarinas or aru trees that fringe the fine sands, this is where one might get a ringside seat to the greatest sunset on earth every evening when the crimson sun dips slowly into the horizon, leaving the vast skies a brilliant red.. Food stalls serving local food and drinks are open till late at night. Enjoy coconut and sugarcane juice, chicken or beef satay and steamed peanuts and corn, or indulge in a full-course dinner at the seafood restaurant located there.
The Tanjung Aru beach is also home to Shangri-la's Tanjung Aru Resort, the Kinabalu Golf Club and the Kinabalu Yacht Club.


Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Kota Kinabalu.
The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park was officially open to the public on the 17th February 2007. It is located along the Penampang-Papar old road and is fully developed by the Sabah Wildlife Department.
The park consists of two components: zoological and botanical. The main objective of the park is to become a family-oriented park and the emphasis is put on the Children’s Zoo.
Among the inhabitants of the zoo (zoological component) are the Borneo Pygmy elephants, Sumatran rhinoceros, Orang Utan, Proboscis monkey, Malayan tiger, as well as some different species of deer.
The botanical component, on the other hand; offers visitors the opportunity to go jungle trekking along the botanical trail. The paved trail is about 1.4 kilometers long. However, for leisurely strolls, visitors are only advised to walk halfway along the trail.
Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is open for the public daily from 9.30a.m to 5.30p.m. Entrance fees charged are as follows: adults RM10 (Malaysian) and RM20 (non-Malaysian).


The fifth place that i will visit is  Sabah State Museum & Heritage Village Kota Kinabalu.
Built in 1985, the Museum complex is sited where then British North Borneo Governor's Istana was once located. The Museum consists of the Main Building, Science and Education Centre, Heritage Village, Sabah Art Gallery and Museum of Islamic Civilization. Inside are various Galleries housing Natural History, Ceramics, Ethnography and Archaeology exhibits, among others ...
Ceramics, traditional weapons and costumes reflect the diversity of the State's culture and traces Sabah's early trade links with the neighbouring countries of Southeast Asia and China. The museum also houses musical instruments, tools and ritual paraphernalia.
There is a Heritage Village on the Museum grounds where you can enter and experience different types of traditional houses of the various indigenous groups of Sabah. Cultural activities are held here from time to time.
The Sabah State Museum is located on Jalan Bukit Istana Lama, Kota Kinabalu, 4 km or about 15 minutes from the KK City Centre.
Not only will you be amazed by the places to see and things to in Kota Kinabalu, you will also be treated with unique Sabahan hospitality. Explore the unique culture and tradition of Sabah and get ready to experience sweet memories to last a lifetime!.

If you want to win a give away ticket from Firefly Airline to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching you can join the contest and  for more information click FEEQSAYS.NETWORK

Thank You & Credit to the owner of the google image( above) and Thank You again.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Spontaneous Street Walk.

Came late Monday afternoon, my hand was itching so badly for shutter therapy session I decided to grab the camera bag and attack the streets just before sunset. Made it home from work rather early, I sped off to Petaling Street in the city, just in time to catch the dying lights. Unfortunately, it was raining rather heavily when I arrived, but that did not stop my determination to come home with enough pictures to make myself smile. I just need to be on the streets, and shoot purely for myself. Oh no, is this what we call, an obsession? Or an addiction? say Robin Wong.

Oh my goodness ..this guy really motivated me to do street photography but of course I can't be like him,this guy  simply the best.Read what he say (Above statement).Want to know him and visit his blog kindly go to his site and I'm sure those who is crazy about street attack will not regret .His name is Robin Wong so click

Yesterday (Sunday) late afternoon I grab my entry level E-620 and go to the street.My shooting target is the old parts of Kuching City.Like Robin say "shot purely for myself "...yeah,that what I'm trying to do but to be honest I'm just an old guy who shot just like the tourist or carry DSLR but more on P & S style.Haha,,that my style .Again Robin say "to come home with enough picture to make myself smile" .Well , I liked it.

My version of street attack with my Olympus E-620  and Lens Zuiko 14-54mm f2.8-3.5.


This is my target India,court house and carpenter Street.


I did not photograph much on Carpenter Street, just this lonely red postal box .


I have a chance to speak with this gentleman,he is a hired van operator .I ask him,are you reading about our petrol & sugar new price in Malaysia ?

Wow !!!! this guy really count every single cents he spend.

"My car tank is 52 litter.Previously when petrol price was RM1.85 x 52 litter = RM96.20, now after increasing I  can get only RM1.90 x 52 litters = RM98.8. It only different by RM2.60". What do you think about the differences of RM2.60? Does sugar price affects you too? ..........



Most shoppers who do shopping around the Indian Street Mall are from middle to low income group .I meet Bujang he work as street cleaner around this area.He remark"I’m one of the small salaries workers in Malaysia. For the past 4 years our monthly expenses just for food raise 3 times. That means 300%.What kind of government that raised our expenses but failed to offer a rewards for the small salaries group?


And so are most people around me, so it doesn't really matter what I do.I smile to strangers and say hello.Every one seem happy to-day including the 'Tukang Gigi'  or shall I call it 'False teeth maker' not Dentist....he smile 24 hours .


Do you know how much money this street medicine-man collect from the public to-day? I saw they give him Rm10.00 for every small packed of medicine he sold.I saw him doing few trick by drinking so call poison water being prepared by himself .Actually I wanted to photograph him while he perform the trick or magic but I have to be caution other wise instead of I attack the street  for picture he attack me.I advise the people after enjoying watching his trick 'Don't do this at home".


To-day is a beautiful day but I cannot see it....being thoroughly entertained by blind musician this little boy put some token in a cash box.


Playing with billboards......
Another great classic of street photography is to compose with the giant billboards used for advertising to create unique pictures, micro comedies or dramas. Very often, the desired effect is obtained when a billboard either presents a feature that supports a character action, or, on the contrary, presents an element totally opposing it. In some cases, a scale effect between a character and the picture displayed in a background creates a fantastic impact on the viewer.
The easiest approach is to find a great poster having a high photogenic potential (pictorial, funny, or dramatic), and to wait before it. Then to patiently watch the moment when an a typical person comes and pass-by or make an action before the billboard. It requires a lot of luck but also a lot of time and patience, and the result is not guaranteed. Also you can lose precious time waiting that could be dedicated to other better catches.


So the most rewarding experience remains the typical street photographer approach : capturing this very fortuitous moment resulting from a combination of three major elements: 1) A billboard with a high potential, 2) a subject in complete match (or mismatch) with this billboard, and 3) the presence of a street photographer at this precise moment to observe the scene and freeze this moment, that will never happen a again.

I wanted to try playing with billboard but no many billboard here in old part of Kuching City . And again I need more practice ,practice and practice in street photography.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Kuching City-Photographing a Sunset.


This sunset picture taken at the new Kuching water front .Beautiful moments which goes beyond descriptive words.


The lure of sunset has been chosen to share with many who missed this golden moments.


I find that photography  is a lifelong learning experience. I don't yet have any of the fancier lenses or a tripod, so I try to capture the best possible image with what I do have.


I use slow shutter to most of my sunset shoot...:)



Many people are fascinated with the view of sunset. That is why sunset has been one of the most popular photography  scenes that we come across. For photographers, every sunset provides an opportunity to capture a unique scene, with different set of clouds or things in foreground. Photographing a sunset  view also gives you infinite variations of colours in one evening itself. However, sunset photography can be trickier than what you initially thought.

Photo taken with Olympus E-620 & Panasonic Lumix LX3.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black & White Photography.

Black & white photography, for me, is one of the most interesting and inspiring aspects of this art form we call our hobby and passion. It’s raw & refined, natural & unusual, bold & subtle, mysterious & open, emotional & impassive, simple & complex, black & white & everything in between. The monochromatic image has been with photography since the beginning, but what began as the only way to capture images has turned into something much deeper.
There are still some photographer out there concentrating on black & white landscape work.I'm here practice,practice and practice.