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Friday, October 3, 2014

My 30 Days Experience With Redmi 1s- Everything You Need To Know About The Phone!!

I Am A Redmi 1s User from Sarawak and here Xiaomi has owned the market with the release of this device and this is very cheap and offering high specs unmatchable by other devices at this range...It is available and  on sales only on one e-commerce site,the phone is getting out of stock withing 5-10minutes.
So here is what I noticed about this phone in 30 Days
Pros of the phone-
4)Processor and all
Cons of the phone-
1)Heats up fast
2)Low ram available
3)The capacitive buttons dont have LED Backlight
I Charge the mobile every morning,spend 1-2 hours online...I Listen to music for sometime,surf the net too....Get calls frequently..Keeps the brightness at max so no steps taken to reduce battery usage...And the battery almost drains out by night..Next day I charge it up again..So overall,on having a full charge and average use,the battery lasts for 1 DAY..
Gaming is good,Modern Combat 4 is a game i played fully on the device,and from the beginning till end,not a single lag...Ya the device surely heats up...
CAMERA :Its just awesome...Pics are all good...
An Awesome fix for some problems:
I Found out that some problems every Redmi user is facing can bet solved easily without any mod or root.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kuching Waterfront-Solar Energy.



The new Kuching City waterfront extension is environment friendly,They are install with eco-friendly electrical power or solar energy.This is clean energy and lower cost to the city council to run the new two water fountain build near to the waterfront.

P4175312 P4175317

The solar panel and the fountain but the ugly building is yet to be make over to new image.(perhaps the owner is looking forward for sponsor from the city council)

P4175306 P4175309

What about the local people of Kuching.,are they environmental friendly .Oh my God, just look at the rubbish.They don't even bother to say thank you (not to me) but to the government who have spend so much on tax payer monies to beauty the little city of Kuching.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

COOLIRIS-Photos of the day channel.



I couldn't believe my eyes to-day ,I view the cooliris photos of the day channel dated 14.02.2010.

I submitted dozen of my stock photos from my flickers a few days ago and I am very glad that three got selected .What's the big deal here???

Where else can you possibly get your photos to be viewed more than 10 million times each day?

According Laura Holmes, Product Manager of CoolIris’s Discover Channel, and Discover Team Member Maria Ignatova, the thumbnails that appear in the channel’s Photos of the Day are viewed a total of 10 million times each day.”

Wow!!! I'm nearly famous:)


So I would like my photographer friends ,give it a try.Who knows you might get lucky too,just like me:)

Read here for more info:


P4145260 P4145261

The first two photos selected....


And the third one.

So friends give it a try :)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Jatropha Curcas in Sarawak.

The project planting of Jatropha Curcas in Sarawak in Kampong Singai by the Bidayuh is still in the early stage. The Bidayuh from Singai Village. Planting jatropha in face of rising oilprices.The Bidayuh of Singai community is exploring the prospect of planting jatropha on a commercial basis to privide the raw material for bio-fuel .

It grows quickly and established itself easily and it can be grown almost everywhere even in the flower pot(picture above)

Airline business....incease fuel surcharge.From A1 Gas to jatropha biodiesel will this become reality.
The biodisel byproduct,glycerine,is profitable in itself.

It lives for over 50 years producing seeds all the time.
True potential of Jatropha Curcas as feestock for BioDiesel.

.It is drought resistant.

.It can be grown almost anywhere-even in sandy.saline or oherwise infertile soil.

.It adapts well to marginal soils with low nutrient content.

.It naturally repels insects and animal do not browse it.

.It does not require fertilizers

You also can read here how farmers beside Sarawak benefit from jatropha curcas planting.

Farmers in Mali benefited from Jatropha Curcas Planting by mamadou of