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Friday, April 15, 2011

New Media,Blogs,Blogger..whatever.

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Do you know that I got most of my news from the Net.It was a very simple decision:Do I want to read news as it happens or do I want to read it the next day?And I'm certain that I'm not alone in this.The younger you are,the more news you get online.Social media,blogs,blogger what ever we name it on the either hand are totally different.Make an error and there's sure to be someone to point out your mistake.The correction could come from a blog commentator or someone else might blog about it.So maybe the authorities should leave it to the blogger to police themselves.With more than 10,000 blogs in this country,one can be certain that lies would be shown to be what they are.Registering blogger,beyond being an unfeasible suggestion,is simply not the way to go.Unless someone wants to block the truth.Unfortunately,in the age of camera phone,compact size camera,high speed broadband and instant messaging ,blocking the truth is no longer a feasible option either.

Life really looks good a days ago for my blog.I gets recognized by BC Community from

Borneo Colours


BorneoColours is an independent  organization that promotes Borneo island as a single branded destination,working with Borneo Community and bloggers closely.Together,they showcase the colours of Borneo through Borneo online community portal called 

I would like to Thank You very much to BC Community Admin and also to all my BC Buddies .

Thank You.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip (part4) 'Kamik Nait Belon Firefly'.

Firefly Airline is a subsidiary company from Malaysia Airline offering budget flight mostly in the Peninsular Malaysia,taking over MAS route flying from south to north and east to west.January 15th in the year 2011 firefly's offer flight from KUL (KLIA) to Kuching and Kota Kinablu.When firefly's announce new route last December 2010 every Sarawakian especially those from Kuching was delighted to hear which mean there will be a choice of lowcost or budget Airline from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur .

More information about firefly's promotion just log on to their web site   KAMEK NAIT BELON FIREFLY


In case you guy confuse what is 'Kamek Nait Belon' this is local malay Sarawak for" Let's us fly by Firefly Airline "(correct me if I'm wrong)

The word belon mean  aero plane.Beautiful isn't it, Malaysia has so many beautiful dialect .

I'm still on day one of the  Fam trip hosted by Fireflys's & Tourism Malaysia and our last stop before heading to Kuala Lumpur and check-in at Hotel Istana is the Putrajaya Maritime Centre, which was said to be the next big thing in Putrajaya as it’s home to practically any water sport .I don't snap any photo here..well,you see  so many people swimming in the pool .You know what i mean don't you...women swimming gear and people relaxing at pool site.They don't want to be disturb.


Photo by Justin KC Yap...(Thanks Justin )

The handsome uncle our tour guide from day one till last day of our tour.Thank You uncle, for your hospitality and he's  kind of happy go lucky person.Some time he talk alone as many of the media are tired and sleepy .No wonder, no matter afternoon or night whenever he started to say a word.. he say 'Good Morning People' ..,


Photo by Justin KC Yap.

Thank You to the Hotel management .I have XXXL size polo t-shirt and cap ,complimentary from Hotel Istana.This Hotel is one of the 5 star hotel around Bukit Bintang.We reach hotel quite late due to traffic congested.We stay here  for 2 nights including breakfast and hosted by Tourism Malaysia.Thank You to Tourism Malaysia.


I was impressed with the friendly greeting by the hotel staff and was amazed to see such splendid decor in the lobby area.
The rooms were comfortable, modern, well equipped and the bathroom was modern, very spacious and clean and soundproof! The housekeeping staff were very efficient, we only had to wait a matter of minutes when requesting extra towels or what ever etc.Breakfast buffet was delicious with lots of variety - hot and cold food. The restaurant staff were helpful and made polite conversation although not overbearing.The perfect location for sight seing and only a 10 minute walk to the Pavilion and other shopping centre.I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wishes to have city break in Kuala Lumpur and of course we have to poke up more monies from our pocket (in case you pay by cash).Me..hehehe.all paid by Tourism Malaysia or Firefly's.


Photo by Justin KC Yap.

Our mission is not complete yet,I only have one hour break for a shower ( hot shower of course).I am rushing, the bus is waiting to take us to Ampang.


Photo by Justin KC Yap.

We had dinner with Tourism Malaysia officers at Bora Ombak Restaurant in Ampang.The food was scrumptious with modest presentation (picture above) and most of them are unique to me as it was my first time tasting this kind of food.It had a Balinese theme scenery .We  arrived quite late  because of traffic congested.We sit indoor due to humid and raining has started.We are a group of 20 people and the only customers at that time.I look around as there are still ample seats empty.To be honest,do you know that for a free meal some people would go to the end of the earth almost. hehe..he.

Anyway I enjoy the food, like i said my first time haha..Our tour guide purpose a mall tour for us at Bukit Bintang area but not for me as i need energy for day two of our Fam Trip that is we are heading for Melaka at 0745 hours.

End of day one and my next entry is trip to Melaka. Watch out guy........more photos  on next entry.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Fam Trip (Part3)

First of all many Thanks to Miss Sin Hoi from firefly's marketing & communication team being so kind greet & meet us at Kuching International Airport and flew with us onboard FY601. And  also, thanks for arranging  in flight meal for us.

FY601 new fleet B737-800 touch down KLIA smoothly  and the flight slightly delay  from ETA: 11:15 to 11:35 AM...That's normal .To the fleet Captain and the crew ,congratulation and job well done .I know few of the passengers onboard comment negative about the in flight services and I  agree with them but we must bear in mind that most of the cabin crew are new to this kind of working environment with 190 seated aircraft .I am very sure they can improve when most of them have clock about 10 hrs flying and get use to serve the guest by asking what the passengers wanted for meal etc,etc..Like I say during my trip back KUL/KCH the cabin crew have improve a lot and the services is just superb for a low cost fleet...Well, I suppose 'We get  what we pay for' & this is low cost premium flight that I am really proud off and I'm sure you guy should continue to support our Community Airline.

On arrival we are introduce to firefly's local staff and to our tour guide which is arrange by Tourism Malaysia.Later we go to Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant as a special guest launch with Tourism Malaysia staff and we are then introduce our self .The media from Sabah could not join us for lunch due to unforeseen problem but manage to join us for the tour.Our lunch at Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant is superb and the food is 'Marvelous'. Thanks to Tourism Malaysia



Photo of Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant by Justin KC Yap ( Business reporter from The Borneo Post) Credit to Justin's Photo.

seafood01 seafood2

The 5 star services & the food 'marvelous ' .....Credit to Justin's Photo.My new friend from Sarawak Tribune (sub-editor) enjoying the food.


Credit to Justin's Photo.

This are the transport that carry us from Seafood restaurant to Taman Botani,Morocco Pavillion and Cruise Tasik Putrajaya.If you are in for a little exercise and some leisure activities then the lake Boardwalk is absolutely perfect for you.Tram ride (picture above) around the park is suitable for families


After lunch we proceed to Taman Botani where we are being brief by the Senior Officer from both  Taman Botani & Perbadanan Putrajaya regarding the tourism product, Q&A from the media etc,etc..very educational information indeed .


The photojournalist in action at Moroccan Pavilion in Putrajaya and we discover the unique and amazing Moroccan Pavilion.



The architectural features based on the heritage of Morocco are actually inspired by the world of plants.Here, you can plan your exciting family day or even a splendid garden wedding at a very affordable price.


We are welcome by the crew members of Kelah Cruise  in Putrajaya lake.



The best way to see and experience or discover Putrajaya is by taking a leisure cruise to see and marvel at the city's many attractive landmarks and view the beauty of the lake and I can see and experience the most breathtaking sights of Putrajaya.

For those of you who is planning for a family vacation I suggest this is the place.To discover Putrajaya  fly to KLIA from Kuching by  logon to Firefly Airline web site.

Next entry I will blog about our trip to Putrajaya Maritime Centre ..still on first day of Familiarisation Trip.Isn't it wonderful in just 2 night and 3 days I can discover Putrajaya,Melaka and Kuala Lumpur.

So see you guy on part4 ...Cheers.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Firefly Airline-Media Familiarisation Trip.(Part 1)

Firefly,Your Community Airline and wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines,is inviting me to the launch of  their inaugural flight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport in their newly announced Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

P1159973 P1159974

The new fleet of Firefly Airline B737-800.


On the 15th of January ,2011 Firefly Airline made a history the firefly's flight number FY602 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kuching International Airport touch down on time and the traditional aviation welcome the new fleet by spraying the water from the rescue unit water engine.As promise they use the aero bridge for the convenient of the passengers.

P1159985 P1159980 

My media pass and the photograph of coming guest from Kuala Lumpur been greet by traditional dance of Sarawak.

The best is as a blogger and freelance photographer .A very big Thank You to firefly's for inviting me to be part of this great event.

P1159982 P1159984

Passengers to Kuala Lumpur at departure hall and on board the B737-800 fleet.


The flight crew of firefly's........

I'm one of the first guest that flew from Kuching to KLIA with the new fleet B737-800 and if you guys want to go to Kuala Lumpur with lower fare just log on to firefly's website    F I R E F L Y    Airline   .

This is part 1 of my blogging about my FAM Trip with firefly's and InsyAllah will continue part 2 in few days time.

Cheers and Thanks. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

TV3 Carnival 'Jom Heboh'


TV3 Jom Heboh carnival has been around from one state to another state of Malaysia and Kuching,Sarawak hosted the event last weekend.

P9268633 P9268618

This is the first time I visited the carnival after watching it on the television for years.Finally last Sunday I had join the crowds.

P9268619 P9268628 to

The carnival was held at a parking space near to Sarawak stadium.


It appear that Maxis Hot Link was a main sponsor,I was here in the morning and it was already many crowd.

P9268616 P9268631

The weather was so hot as you can see the people were scrambling for shade under the trees.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sibu ByElection-Nomination Day.

I was in Sibu on 8th May,2010 to witness the nomination day for Sibu byelection.

zorrow P5086161

This good looking uncle at first I thought he is a chief police on duty as I saw many police man standing near him. He wear black T and wanted to be "Arrest Me"

I am wearing BLACK.He is no other then popular blogger


PRK Sibu2 

Too many police in Sibu now..Do you know Sibu have extra 2000 police during the election day.Good Job.....

PRK Sibu

Barisan Nasional..present Government of Malaysia.

PRK Sibu1

The hard core supporters of ruling party Barisan Nasional.

PRK Sibu3

The opposition party...

PRK Sibu4

PRK Sibu5

Sibu, is not a big and well-known town in the context of this country, but recently because of the by-election, almost everyday you can see Sibu on TV! Besides that, all political big names either from ruling parties as well as opposition parties are blooming into this town since the nomination day (8th May). It is predicted that this phenomenon will continue until the pooling day which is scheduled on 16th of May! Therefore if you wish to visit Sibu in this period of time, please be reminded that all hotels, no matter big or small, expensive or cheap, new or old... all had been fully booked!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Uncovering The Hidden Truth.

I am not a journalist ,but just a simple man with camera in Kuching and Kota Samarahan.Let say I am a citizen journalist -that's I wanted to try.But I am not a good writer.Anyway lets my photo shot say a words.

Most of the time I do a candid shot here but sometime I am not.I start by conversation with the people I wanted to shoot ,people I don't know and ask permission for a photo shoot.Of course,generally their are not comfortable having their photo published but I have to explain politely to them.


A group of Bangladeshi ..factory workers in Kuching,Sarawak.

Local news report including NST online.Read this article 'One month to educate employers on Foreign Workers'


PUTRAJAYA: For one month beginning today, the immigration department will educate employers nationwide that it is an offence to deploy foreign workers as frontliners.
Those who fail to cooperate will face the wrath of the law, said department director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman.

He said the education process would include providing brochures, dialogue sessions with employers and meetings with organisations involved.

Speaking to reporters here today, he said employing foreigners as frontliners was an offence under the Immigration Regulations 1963, adding that the department had not approved any request to put foreign workers as frontliners, except for security services.

Meanwhile, Abdul Rahman said the department would not hesitate to act against employers who reaped benefits by avoiding higher levies when hiring foreigners to work.

"This will only incur losses to the government," he said. - BERNAMA


Indonesian workers in wood & timber factory in Sibu Sarawak.

I decided to pay a visit to Muslim Food Court in Kuching & Kota Samarahan ,the moment I stepped into a food court I see a unique, a small World in colour,life and culture. I stumble upon a roti canai & Murtabak cook.My conversation with the cook disappointed me ,the cook is from South India and know very little Malay & English.But anyway he agreed of being photographed .Most of the workers here is from Indonesia and Indian.


Workers from India at the food court in Kota Samarahan.

After that I decided to meet up a group of Indonesian workers .


For many years ,Kuching has become the heaven for foreign workers.Most of them come from place like Bangladesh,India and Indonesia.Some of them have permits while some don't.There is also a general indentity attached to all these workers.For instance those men from India are placed in Indian Muslim restaurants.Indonesian men and Bangladeshi are placed to construction,plantation and some in shopping mall.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Street Photo Documentary-Gambier Street on Fire.

Chef on fire

The above photo credit to The Borneo Post .

Last Sunday I saw local newspaper head line "Chef On Fire".The skill from Master Chef Amin has taken cooking shows to a whole new level with his fiery 'Don't Try this at Home' acts.

This morning at 06:30 am December 23,2009. "Shop Houses On Fire".After reading the morning paper I rush to the city to see what is happening ????

A section of the city’s historical heritage went up in smoke last night when a massive fire destroyed seven pre-war shophouses along Gambier Street.Miraculously, there were no reports of any injury in the 8.30pm incident, which continued on until midnight.

I snap the whole story this morning at 08:00am.(see below)

Bomba Bomba1

Bomba2 PC233591

Last night’s incident was the second time that fire has destroyed the historical shop houses along Gambier Street, with four lots going up in smoke last year.


PC233568 PC233591

The shophouses, which front the Sarawak River and are located near the Kuching Waterfront, was built about 60 years ago.


Time 08:30 am...No closure of road by the authority & causing traffic congested .I see no traffic police around the scene until 09:30 am.The blaze, which was believed to have started from a textile shop at about 9pm(22/12/2009 Tuesday) razed at least four shophouses by about 11pm.

PC233573 PC233615

However, firemen were doing their best and they risked their lives in the line of duty.