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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fake or Look Alike iPhone


Do you guy know who is Mr Steve Jobs.

"Whether this was fake or not, the important takeaway here is that some users are genuinely frustrated with their iPhone 4 experiences and they feel jilted by Steve Jobs, who hasn’t helped the situation at all with his brief, unsatisfying responses. At this point, Jobs and Apple are really beginning to test our patience by simply telling us to “stay tuned.”."

Now let us look at the above comment from the Original iPhone user........


There are lots of fake iPhone or simply call it 99.9% look alike iPhone in China and now we can buy online in Malaysia.I have one of the device and I they look similar to Apple's iPhone.This people are probably the King of Fake iPhone producer.It look awesome and 99.9% look alike that I almost could not tell it is fake at first sight or love at first sight.


Craziest camera of the day...

This fake iPhone other than imitating the appearance of the original  the knock off makers have brought the device to the next level by including preloaded with both hardware and software that is nearly identical to the real device.

They works just like the real.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mobile Phone.


P9202107 Mall

I like taking picture of people talking on phones.Many years ago we did not carry our phone with us where ever we go,now that most everyone carries phone with them.I won't hesitate to snap a picture of someone making an expression while talking on their phone.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kuching's Shopping Mall Generation.

Yesterday I talk about construction workers at work in one of the shopping mall which is still under construction.To-day let us see Kuching's shopping mall generation.With good economy and influence of globalisation,a new generation is emerging in Kuching.People are more fashion conscious,they wear branded cloths,almost everyone have mobile phones,go to clubs and have a completely new attitude that come across in the way they talk and behave.


The Spring shopping mall.


Green Heights Mall.


Wisma Satok,Wisma Serberkas and Tun Jugah Shopping Mall.


Boulevard Shopping Mall.


Open December 2009 The Hill's shopping Mall.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Believe It,Or Not-Mobile Phone.

Mobile phone explodes after getting heated up. The Borneo Post to-day.
Sibu: A coal mine workers saved himself from injuries by throwing away his mobile phone just before it exploded .
The 35-years-old,who identified himself as Zainuddin,said the incident happend at 10.30am.
He had gone to Sibu Hospital to be treated for stomach trouble.While he was waiting to see a Doctor in the Accident and Emergency Department,his hand phone rang.
He went out of the building to answer it but when he took it out,it was too hot to hold.That prompted him to throw it away and it exploded in the air,probably saving his life.