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Friday, October 3, 2014

My 30 Days Experience With Redmi 1s- Everything You Need To Know About The Phone!!

I Am A Redmi 1s User from Sarawak and here Xiaomi has owned the market with the release of this device and this is very cheap and offering high specs unmatchable by other devices at this range...It is available and  on sales only on one e-commerce site,the phone is getting out of stock withing 5-10minutes.
So here is what I noticed about this phone in 30 Days
Pros of the phone-
4)Processor and all
Cons of the phone-
1)Heats up fast
2)Low ram available
3)The capacitive buttons dont have LED Backlight
I Charge the mobile every morning,spend 1-2 hours online...I Listen to music for sometime,surf the net too....Get calls frequently..Keeps the brightness at max so no steps taken to reduce battery usage...And the battery almost drains out by night..Next day I charge it up again..So overall,on having a full charge and average use,the battery lasts for 1 DAY..
Gaming is good,Modern Combat 4 is a game i played fully on the device,and from the beginning till end,not a single lag...Ya the device surely heats up...
CAMERA :Its just awesome...Pics are all good...
An Awesome fix for some problems:
I Found out that some problems every Redmi user is facing can bet solved easily without any mod or root.