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Monday, June 30, 2008

Jatropha Curcas in Sarawak.

The project planting of Jatropha Curcas in Sarawak in Kampong Singai by the Bidayuh is still in the early stage. The Bidayuh from Singai Village. Planting jatropha in face of rising oilprices.The Bidayuh of Singai community is exploring the prospect of planting jatropha on a commercial basis to privide the raw material for bio-fuel .

It grows quickly and established itself easily and it can be grown almost everywhere even in the flower pot(picture above)

Airline business....incease fuel surcharge.From A1 Gas to jatropha biodiesel will this become reality.
The biodisel byproduct,glycerine,is profitable in itself.

It lives for over 50 years producing seeds all the time.
True potential of Jatropha Curcas as feestock for BioDiesel.

.It is drought resistant.

.It can be grown almost anywhere-even in sandy.saline or oherwise infertile soil.

.It adapts well to marginal soils with low nutrient content.

.It naturally repels insects and animal do not browse it.

.It does not require fertilizers

You also can read here how farmers beside Sarawak benefit from jatropha curcas planting.

Farmers in Mali benefited from Jatropha Curcas Planting by mamadou of


Zawi said...

Knowing that our oil reserve will be depleted in no time soon and at the rate they are charging for the oil, producing any other alternative fuel is a viable enterprise. Be adventurous and get a head start by planting them now in your area. Quantity is of course a necessity to be of substance. You can lead the project and buy back whatever is produced by the community.
I wish you success.

uncleawang said...

Pak Zawi,
Thanks for the visit and the comment.The project here is manage by JG Jatropha Blobal Sdn Bhd.

mamadou said...


Good to know that Sarawakians been involves in Jatropha planting. Its has the potential especially sarawak has vast of area suitable for Jatropha. Vacant land (tanah terbiar) are more suitable. Rather than 'lalang' its better to let Jatropha grows there. Processing of Jatropha is not complicated or in big scale as its suitable for the farmers to make side supplies and incomes too

uncleawang said...

Alykumassalam mamandou,
I think Sarawak need more R&D for the large scale plantation of jatropha and hopefully the production of biofuel from jatropha would become reality.

Anonymous said...

Please be careful before embracing this plant without thorough research into its agronomic requirements. For example, it is said the plant do not need fertilizer. Yes it does not need fertilizer to grow but it WILL need fertilizer to produce fruits....

uncleawang said...

To anonymous Sir,
Thank fr viewing my blog..and yr comment..