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Monday, December 19, 2011

Air Shows in Kuching.

Department of Civil Aviation is celebrating Malaysia Air Festival 2011 to mark its 100 years in the Malaysian Aviation.The two days event held at Hornbill Skyways Hanger in Kuching International Airport.
Hornbill Skyways in Kuching.
For Sale @ The Malaysia Air Festival in Kuching.
The Malaysia Air Festival commemorates 100 years of the country’s aviation industry.The air show provided guests with an opportunity to get up close to new-generation aircraft.
Hornbill Skyways Hanger view from the Airport Control Tower.
 Aviation fans braved the hot weather on the days of the events to catch a glimpse of static aircraft display by Hornbill Skyways,Royal Malaysian Airforce and Royal Malaysian Police and also Malaysia Airport Berhad.
Ground Control Tower .
Aircraft movement controller room.
Visitors also have a opportunity to visit the Air Traffic Control Tower.

City folk, thronged the airfield to catch a view inside the aircraft and helicopter exhibit at the events.
Many gave a thumbs up to the event which commemorates 100 years of the country's aviation industry and I hope  the Malaysia Air Festival  promote general aviation and bring the industry closer to the people.

1 comment:

Bengbeng said...

i would go there too if i were in Kuching. It is not everyday we get a chance to get near the planes. :)