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Sunday, March 23, 2008

AirAsia Malaysia Budget Airline.(Airbus-A320)

Air Asia is free seating flight and I'm lucky to get window seat so try to shoot the Skyscape. The plane flies above most of the clouds,giving me a grandstand view of the world's weather in all its moods.
The aircraft wings are designed to flex up and down in flight,helping to give a smoother ride.I'm seating near the wing ,perfect view.
AirAsia AirBus-320 in Kuching International AirPort(KIA).
Built by AirBus Industrie. Entered service 1988. Maximum range 3,600 miles.
At last cheap fares between Kuching (KCH)/KualaLumpur(KUL) and JohorBahru(JHB)/KCH and I managed to get Rm0.00 fare booked online.Thanks to budget airlines Malaysian-based AirAsia,which pioneered regional low-cost travel more than six years ago.

AirAsia is using the airbus A320 a "narrow body"single-aisle aircraft(although still wider than any other single-aisle aircraft).Basically a 150 seater,it can carry up to 179 passengers and still set a superb standard of comfort.

In every respect the A320 is the newest airliner in the sky.In the cockpit traditional handwhells are replaced by small sidesticks,and the instruments take the form of coloured electronic display with incredible versatility.The "fly-by-wire" digital computerized controls command the aircraft to do everything perfectly,never to do anything hazardous,and automatically respond to windshear or gust that could endanger older airliners.

An unprecedented proportion of the structure is carbon fibre instead of metal,including the complete tail.The engines,in th 25,000-lb thrust class,maybe CFM56s or V.2500s with speed of 840 km/h.

Wooooo, pretty fast.By the way my next episode is about my journey to Melaka and JohorBahru by express bus.

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