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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Happy Kaamatan( Harvest Festival),to all Sabahan and Happy Gawai to all Sarawakian in Malaysia.
 The Sabah fest is an immensely popular cultural event that is held in the state’s capital city, Kota Kinabalu, in early May every year. This event is usually held as a prelude to the statewide harvest festival, the Pesta Kaamatan, celebrated during the first week of May.
 Gawai Dayak is a harvest festival celebrated by the Sarawak state's indigenous people, particularly the Ibans and Bidayuhs, in their traditional costumes. Ceremonial offerings of various local traditional delicacies and 'tuak' (home-made rice wine) are made to the gods of rice and prosperity. This unique festivity is a 'must-see' occasion for local and foreign tourists alike.
Visit SABAH Tourism Board & SARAWAK Tourism Board for more info.

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