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Saturday, May 11, 2013

MATTA Fair 2013 in Kuching.

This morning I dropped by in Boulevard Shopping Mall in Kuching to see  what Matta Fair had to offer!  Today is actually the second day of the 3 days fair and there were some free gifts to be given away for those who made a booking for a vacation locally to West Malaysia or outside Malaysia.As usual, MATTA will offers various promotion, deals that can suit your holiday needs.  Remember to be there as early as you can to grab any of the limited offer.  Amongst others,  the participating company will  offer good deals for  air tickets including Malaysia Airline  travel package , hotels and many more.
Below are few photograph that I shoot @ MATTA fair in Boulverd in Kuching.
Photo by Awang Lumix LX3 Panasonic.
photo by Awang.
MASwings & Malaysia Airline Booth.
Photo by Awang a gateway to Casino Macau Street.
Photo by Awang,
 Most popular booth  due school holiday by end of May.
Photo by Awang.
Travel agency from Kalimantan Barat ,Indonesia.
Photo by Awang
This is a huge bi-yearly event that will eventually force people to used up all their year leave and run away from Malaysia for weeks because the offers, CHEAP!!! Well, compared to normal period, it is quite cheap. BUT, look out for the terms and conditions that comes with all air ticket and packages offer during promotion..
READ THE FINE PRINTS! Can’t find any… ASK! You don’t want to regret later..


willie a.k.a reptoz said...

The offers were good. Unfotunately, I still refuse to spend my money for holiday. Haha!

Awang Kassim said...

Willie>> pegi Kalimatan Barat pun OK lah..(oversea juak) hahaha..