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Monday, April 22, 2013

Malindo Air "It's One Month Anniversary'.

Exceptional Flying Experience at unrivaled value. 50,000 esteemed travelers flown with us, and counting. How about you? say MALINDO AIR to-day.
Congratulations to Malindo Air...
Previously,the AirAsia known for it's lower price.few years back peoples make a comparison between AirAsia and Malaysia Airline (MAS) in fact,the comparison is not fair because this two airlines have different category.MAS for example is a full services airline that flies many large or wide bodied aircraft to a destination around the World where by Air Asia Airline is a budget no frill airline that is manly a regional carrier in South east Asia that flies only medium size aircraft e.g AirBus 320 and Boeing737.
With the introduction of new airline 'Malindo Air' the people now started to compare between this two in fact many says Malindo Air posing threats to both MAS and AirAsia and even Fireflys Airline (MAS sister company).The emergence of the new hybrid airline, the first of its kind, named Malindo Air, in Malaysia may pose threats not only to Malaysia Airlines but also to AirAsia. Malindo offers full service with its brand new B737-900ER complete with IFE and WiFi onboard, surprisingly at a cost lower than AirAsia, something that most of us, the paying passengers are looking forward too.
But the question is, how long can this business model sustain in the long run, while we know for sure that the airline industry is the most sensitive and most affected during vicious cycle of economic downturn, pandemic and force majeure. While common perception may thought it is not sustainable, the costs of these “Passenger Experience” may not be substancial as many would have thought it could be. There are many other primary costs of airline operations, whether direct or indirect which through attentive productivity and efficiency may well contributed to great cost reductions. This is however, remain a question until it can be truly and practically proven that these cost reductions are able to compensate the costs of the “Passenger Experience”.