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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sibu Central Market gives the town its colourful character.

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I want my friends from West Malaysia to know what to see and where to go in Sibu Town. I know most of them have booked the air ticket already...In case you haven’t seen the Sibu Central Market before, here I have few photos for your eyes and I bet they are as good as you visit Sibu yourself as firefly Airline have granted our wish from KLIA/SBW/KLIA which will commence on August 1,2011 for detail please visit



Photo from Google

THE Sibu Central Market can be best described as the top tourist spot in town.This is not an exaggeration considering the fact that there are 1,100 hawker stalls in the market on week days and an additional 400 to 500 stalls on weekends when Ibans and Orang Ulus (minority people from the interior) jam the tamu (open-air market) section of this market with their exotic jungle food and fruits.Certainly the largest and best-managed market in Sarawak, Sibu Central Market is vying for the title of Largest Market In Malaysia in the Malaysia Book of Records.An adjacent multi-storey car park built by SMC provides shoppers peace of mind as far as their cars are concerned when they shop or dine at SCM


Photo from Google image..

The SCM market was divided into sections according to the goods sold by the hawkers.The main sections are the wet and dry areas where hawkers sell fish and other seafood, slaughtered chickens and ducks, bean curd and bean sprout At the dry section they sell all kinds of local and imported vegetables, fruits, dried fish and prawns, spices, handicraft, flowers and ornamental plants, sundry goods, drinks, homemade cakes, buns, titbits and other confectionery.




Photo credit to Suhaili.

Every weekend, SCM is overcrowded when the temporary stalls are set up to form the colourful and noisy tamu. It is set up on Saturday afternoon and closes at noon the following day. The natives display for a rainbow parade of jungle and farm products on the floor or low makeshift tables




Photo credit to Abang Abdul Khalid of ABANA Photo.

Hawkers selling live chickens and ducks at the dry section attract the most attention from tourists. It is the way they bundle the feathery creatures that make them popular and famous.Each bird is wrapped in newspaper, tied with nylon strings and displayed in neat lines for customers to choose from


Photo credit to Suhaili

They sell all kinds of local and imported vegetables, fruits, dried fish and prawns.

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Visitors are mesmerised by the activities of the natives, the majority of whom are Ibans from longhouses in Sibu and surrounding districts.
Among the unusual stuff sold are live sago worms, frogs, kasam (preserved fish, pork or venison), fried insect larvae, wild jungle ferns, young palm shoots and wild fruits. One will feel the overwhelming hospitality that Sarawakian natives are justifiably famous for.Everyone is friendly and helpful, and if you ask for permission, they will certainly let you take photographs with them and even allow you to taste some of the exotic fruits.Many local and foreign visitors have made the acquaintance with these natives during their visits to the tamu.

SCM’s upper floor is occupied by food and drink stalls and also stalls that sell fashion and tailor-made items and shoes.

The food and drink stalls are no less attractive, with many of them offering the best kampua (Foochow noodle) Chou Chai Hung Kan (rice vermicelli) Kong Bian (Foochow bagel) Yew Hu Eng Chai (squid with tou fu and kang kong), Wu Wei Tang (five-herbs drink) and Chia Luk (a concoction of jelly, red beans, sago pearls and coconut milk) to name just a few. Prices are competitive here because of the lower rent.

See you in Sibu Town, Cheers.


wa khairul onggon said...

Uncle.. gambar no.2,3 4 dan 5 nang super-kacak. Kmk sik penah terpikir angle gambar market kedak ya.. Last time kmk dtg pun sbb kerja, so kmk sik ambik gambar gilak dari atas.. Kerana gambar ktk, kmk dah semangart nak ambik gambar market tuk agik.. Thanks uncle :)

Ainul Mardziah said...

Looking your blog about sibu remind me my life in sibu at year 2008, the town and the people and about the mee kolok.

AWANG said...

Khairaul & Ainul>>
I would say Sibu is a unique town.
I love Sibu food especially 'Pulut Panggang'& 'Sibu mee kolok'(mee kampua)..Talking about Shopping in Sibu.Well ,most item are cheaper then any other town or city in Sarawak...
Thanks for viewing my blog.