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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Trip to Kg Semban 

I am so excited to go for a adventure and jungle trekking to Kampung Semban and this is all paid trip hosted by Sarawak Tourism Board,Thank You STB and Thanks also to our Sarawak Bloggers Community founder & admin


  To reach Kampung Semban at 1000 feet above sea level, one takes a six-hours’ trek through jungle trails passing bamboo groves, paddy fields, pepper vines, rubber trees, durian orchards and umpteen bamboo bridges,say LinaSoo read about her journey just log on to her blog



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A six-hours’ trek through jungle trails I ready for the task ?...I hope so. What I do now is to do my physical exercises so that I am fit to go on that six-hours trek....

P3120440 P3120442

I know to go to  Kampung Semban trail is not as what you see in the photos here...What you see here is the Sama Jaya Nature Reserve, near Tabuan Jaya  in Kuching.Entrance is RM0.50 per person. It's quite a nice place to exercise.


 P3120460 P3120459

There were jogging tracks through the forest. It was a novelty for me to exercise amidst the forest setting and the trees provided shade.Yesterday ,the trail which I took was 1.6 km long, which took me about 10 minutes to complete. There was another shorter trail which was 1 km in length. The short trail was quite slippery yesterday after a downpour.

The Samajaya Forest Park is a mini-forest reserve at Tabuan Jaya - a large residential neighbourhood in Kuching. Covering an area of 18 hectares, the Park is very popular for jogging and other recreational activities.


fiziskandarz said...

wah cayalah dapat another free trip! i think this is a good way to increase tourism. from words of wisdom from fellow traveller! :D

Mrs.MyGaman BorNeo said...

fuyooo!!! sudah start latihan fizikal geng saya ni ^_^

wa khairul onggon said...

6 jam? Sik kmk maok eh.. Broga ya kurang dari 2 jam ya p[un dah rasa ampuss.. hehe.. No no no.. Ktk sik al Uncle.. pastikan ktk fit takut ktk ampuss juak hehe.. Selamat berjaya Uncle.. :)

AWANG said...

Fizis> kali ni free tapi bukan tinggal di hotel mewah hehe..

MrsMyGaman>>Hahaha..kita coba jangan tak coba haha..

WKO>>Banyak rest point,,sejam jalan lepas ya rest 45mins..Thanks for wishing me gudluck..Coba bah,,jangan sik cuba,kekeke..

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