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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday with Orang Utan @Semenggoh Nature Reserve.

For over 20 years,the wardens here trained young orang utans,who had been orphaned or rescued from captivity,how to survive in the wild.The sucess of this programme has left the surrounding forest reserve with a thriving population of healthy adolescent and young adult orang utans,who are now breeding in the wild.They spend most of their time roaming the forest but frequently come back to the centre for free meal.If it is the fruiting season in the forest,some or even all of them may not cometo feed.This in itself is agood sign another step on the way to full rehabilitation. Welcome ..........
Semenggoh Wildlife Center,which is home to over 30 Orang will notice that each orang utan is given a name of their own.....hey!!!not including the last user name ok....

Perhap this is SITI (not our singer) this is Siti Semenggoh.
Don't be shy.. orang utans are goods timekeepers and as feeding time approaches they start to make an appeaance and waiting at the flatform.

Next time you come..don't forget to bring at least PS2 or Xbox games for my kid here.
and blue jean for me....
They descend from the trees of the surrounding forest reserve to offer visitors a unique wildlife experience.

Tourist waiting for feeding time of Orang Utan...feeding time is from 9am-10am.
Local tourist(She my wife)..not dare to come close to watch Orang Utan...who knows orangutan wish to wear or try her tudong.
This is Orang Utan no human allowed.

Perhap you can read the message here.

The trees of the surrounding forest reserve.

Semenggog Nature Reserve.

Venture out of Kuching and you'll be amazed at the little discovery.

Nature's Surprises ..the picture above ,Who knew such interesting knowledge could be gleaned from a short drive out of Kuching City.


Zawi said...

Great post. Would do Semenggoh on my next trip to Sarawak. More local tourists should enjoy the well kept center.

uncleawang said...

Pak Zawi,
Thank for viewing.Just keep me inform & I will be your tour guide.
Just for yr info..Sony A350 DLSR good choice,have stablilizer features at more affordable price Rm2999 with 18-70mm kit len with street price about Rm2699 so grab it now......

Akmal said...

Another missed place! Well, that happens when you write the proposal in a rush, I guess...
Orangutan is just wonderful. They are generally intelligent, and emotionally stable.
Have a nice day.

uncleawang said...

Hi Akmal,
Thank you and don't worry next time you come we go adventure together macam xtreem ..wah larat kah saya ni..naik bukit A'Famosa pun tak sampai 1/2 way cabut lari.
Thank again.