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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Holiday and Weekend trip to Serian.

Kamus Dwibahasa; KOTA k.n FORT;fortified place or building.IBU KOTA k.n. CAPITAL;chief town of a country.

Uniquely in Kuching having three KOTA.Kota Samarahan,Kota Sentosa and Kota Padawan.
Kota Sentosa commonly known as Batu7(7th Mile) and Batu 10(10th mile) for Kota Padawan.

SERIAN TOWN: It's been several years since I visited Serian,so i decided to make a day trip.Weather cloudy but not to wory i'm not flying i drive and the road was so good but nothing when compare to the highway in Semenanjung .They pay toll and Kuching-Serian highway is FREE.Serian is a small town about a hour's drive from Kuching depending on the speed you drive,i drive slowly max 80-90kmph.Peaceful town and the residents lead a leisurely existence.
The bazaar & town centre caters to the needs of the people in town and surrounding areas.
I bought some local breading pond fresh fish and nice kueh mueh(Cake) that can be found easily from the market.I also vsit Ranchan Recreational Park about 3km rom Serian town.It's cool place to visit during holiday and weekend with your family.It's also a ideal place to gateaway from the City.Trip is fun but feel regret about it's facilities and surrounding .The facilities look abandoned and litter can be seen everywhere,It look so awfull.Anyway don't worry,good news is election coming very soon and the Serian local council managed to secure some funding to renovate Ranchan Park.
So that my weekend happening and have a nice day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it was in 2007.

i would like to suggest if u are willing to come again to that place & find if there is any improvement make by the council especially on the accommodation at the recreational park.