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Monday, June 16, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Retires Boeing 737-400 from its fleet.

The move by Malaysia Airlines to retire all its Boeing 737-400 passenger aircraft will see the average age of its fleet dip from 4.7 years to 4.35 years.The Boeing 737-400 entered MAS' fleet in May 1992, and at one point 54 aircraft were in service, making the company the largest operator of the model outside the United States .The last Malaysia Airlines  Boeing 737-400 was retired on Saturday.
 Above: photos from my album Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-400 in Kuching Airport airspace.22 years is a long time. It really shows how reliable the 734s are.
News coverage are everywhere on the final day of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-400..for example HERE and HERE.
Boeing 737-400 It's an awesome flying machine and very very reliable.I'll definitely miss her .

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