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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Where to go plane-spotting in Kuching International Airport Area.

Plane-spotting is fun and pretty much free. Just grab a camera , bring over your grand kids and other family members hanging about, and go scour the skies for interesting aircraft.I am talking about our local airport in my town.Our local airport is not as busy as you think even though its International Airport.Before go for plane spotting make sure be prepare to get some information about air plane schedule of arrival to avoid from waiting etc.etc. Here are some good viewing spots:

 and below are what you get from the above shooting spot.

Just for info : Camera Olympus E620 mounted with Zuiko lens 70-300mm (140-600mm equiv).
Happy plane spotting...



Cyril said...

Nice shot Uncle. Lense perlu panjang mun mok amik gambar cam tok..

Awang Kassim said...

Cyril> Thank You..Mun you makey Bridge Camera with ultra zoom pun boleh from this spot..