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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Very Inattentive To My Blog of Late.Pray For MH370.

I realize that I have been very inattentive to my blog of late.  So much has been going on - at work - otherwise - but - the planes have not stopped - and - I haven't stopped photographing them.  I need to get more posted. but - in the last week or so - there have been  very interesting as I found a new spotting site.
Here is few photos of plane that I spotted as I have said all we can spotted in KCH/WBGG (Kuching International Airport) are air plane of carrier such as Maindo Air,AirAsia and MAS.

 Of course, this weekend has also seen the tragedy that is Malaysian flight MH370.  As of writing this blog entry, the wreckage has not been found and there is so much speculation on what has happened.  I am not going to speculate - to me, speculation breeds rumors and we don't need those.  Until the wreckage is found and the black boxes located, we will never know what happened.  I will reserve all judgements until those two things have happened.......

In the meantime though, more time spent behind the camera lens......and  lets us Pray For MH370.

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