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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Plane Spotting, Again.

This time I'm not too far  to the plane final approach to land at runway 25 in Kuching International Airport.
 This map show my location for plane spotting and this location is just the end of runway near to the approach lighting.
The Kuching Airport approach landing Lights.
 The danger with planespotting is that nowadays you are at risk of being regarded as a potential terrorist. In some countries you could even be arrested on suspicion of spying but in Malaysia plane spotting is probably safer. Just for information,you don't need have a DSLR for plane spotting at this point because once the plane approach for final approaching its look so near to you and compact camera with zoom lens is just nice .
So below is a set of aircraft photograph that I shoot this morning .

The most common aircraft that land in Kuching International Airport (WBGG) is.
AirAsia airbus 320
Malaysia Airline B737-400 and 800 series
Malindo Air B737-900 series.
Next time you wanted to go for plane spotting lust make sure it's a clear day, otherwise don't bother.


Francis~Dino said...

Hello, how do we get to the Kuching Airport landing lights area? haha

Awang Kassim said...

Francis >> There is a construction activity near to Sungai Rengas bridge..The construction site is difficult to enter now.For info I use to go near to landing light from this constructin site.